Yodai Higashizawa (東沢 洋大 Higashizawa Yōdai) is a character in The World Ends with You, and a Reaper Officer. He's a minor antagonist in the main story and the main antagonist of Another Day.


Higashizawa is a 20-year-old powerhouse overflowing with power and ferocity, Higashizawa can shatter concrete with his fists alone. Although physically dominating, his emotions often get the best of him.



Yodai Higashizawa's appearance in the opening cinematic.

Higashizawa is a dread-locked giant and the Game master during Shiki's Chapter. He chose to follow tradition and wait until late in the game to make his appearance in the game, as opposed to Minamimoto and Konishi who both revealed themselves to the Players early on. His Noise form is a giant, bipedal ram with wings. He is shown to be the only high-ranking officer (Gamemaster and up) to regularly don reaper wings, while most others only reveal them when converting to Noise forms.

He takes great pride in his overwhelming strength and ability to split the ground in two. He also speaks with constant references to food. He has a soft side among the group, as he gets very emotional very quickly. He and Minamimoto didn't get along very well. When he is in a battle, he has several quotes such as "Time for a taste test" or "I'll pound you!" This most likely shows that he treats his battles like he is cooking a meal. After being defeated, unlike the other game masters, he congratulates the players before being erased.

His love of food is referenced in Another Day with Rhyme calling him a "Great Chef."


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Nothing is known of his background except that it is hinted that he may have been a student of Megumi Kitaniji.

During the first week of the Reapers Game, Higashizawa acts as Game Master and creates the missions for the players to accomplish. During this time, he sets his sights on Shiki, fascinated by her jealousy of Eri. Higashizawa visits Neku and Shiki on Day 5 and informs Neku that he's dead. On Day 7, he is slain by Neku and Shiki.

In Another Day, he was formerly one of the original developers of Tin Pin Slammer along with Ken Doi (and presumably, Sho Minamimoto). After the failure of the (New) Solid Slammer line, he watched as Tin Pin Slammer became flooded with what he referred to as "generic, mass-produced fiascos" and became obsessed with "purifying" the game. He would ultimately side with the Black Skullers and serve as a "booth babe" at the Molco Slam-Off and took part in the pin theft that ensued.

When the Kindred Spirits finally caught up with the Black Skullers, he finally revealed that he wasn't on the Skuller's side either. He revealed the executive meddling that ultimately resulted in the (new) Solid Slammer's failure, and still held to his plan to purify Tin Pin Slammer. However, Sho Minamimoto arrived with a new Solid Slammer: Omega Kaiser Phoenix. With it, Shuto Dan was able to defeat Higashizawa. Only then did Higashizawa see the error of his ways, and returned to Tin Pin development along with Ken and Sho.


Higashizawa is loyal to Kitaniji, treating him with respect and a mentor, even after he has become Game master. He seems to be infatuated with Shiki, saying that her jealousy will make her a "delicious meal." Although Minamimoto has made fun of him, he seems to give no reaction to the insults.all though at the end of the first week he remarks that shikis jealousy has vanished.

Abilities Edit

Noise91 - Ovis Cantus

Higashizawa's Noise Form, Ovis Cantus

His Noise form is a giant, bipedal ram with wings called Ovis Cantus (オウィスカンタス Owisu Kantasu, Latin for "singing sheep"). He is an immobile boss. He does nothing except for inhaling (which absorbs Neku's psychs and prevents Shiki from attacking) until enough damage has been dealt, after which the screen will flash (at which point he is invincible), where he will say, "Now we're boiling!!" and start attacking.

His attacks include:

  • "Time for a taste test." - He inhales, breathing in Neku and Shiki's psychs (if Neku uses a pin, the gauge will act like the pin had been used but the actions of the pin will not be executed, nor will Ovis be damaged, and Shiki's moves won't do anything either). Unavoidable, though the best thing to do would be to stop attacking until Ovis stops inhaling. Most ranged pins, if absorbed, will heal Ovis.
  • "I'll mince you!" - He swipes his claw across the screen, knocking Neku to the other side of the screen, dodged by moving to the bottom or other side of the screen.
  • "I'll pound you!" - He pounds his fist to the ground, creating a small shockwave, dodged by moving away from his fists. He also attacks Shiki with this by chopping her with his hand.
  • "I'll char your bones black!" - Expels balls of energy from his mouth, dodged by dashing away from the energy balls; follows by summoning lightning bolts that damages and immobilizes Neku, dodged by dashing everywhere until the lightning bolts stop coming. He also hits Shiki with a move like this.
  • "We've preheated LONG ENOUGH!" - He says this once his health bar has been depleted to just the green one. Does nothing, but show that he is almost erased.
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The kanji for Higashi-zawa Yo-dai literally translates to: East, swamp, ocean, big.

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  • A scene in the manga shows that Higashizawa has poor arithmetic skills, and even confuses arithmetic with mathematics, allowing Sho Minamimoto to make fun of him.
  • Like the other two Game Masters (Minamimoto and Konishi) including Kitaniji, Higashizawa's name has the kanji affiliated with his noise form hidden inside it. In this case, the kanji affiliated with Yodai's noise form is part of a kanji in his name (the 洋 (Yo) in Yodai contains the Japanese kanji for sheep (羊).
  • Out of the three Game Masters, Higashizawa is the most loyal to the Conductor, Kitaniji, to a point that Higashizawa could be considered Kitaniji's right-hand man. Ironically both Minamoto and Konishi are anything but loyal, as they seek to betray Kitaniji.
  • In the Another Day side-chapter, when Neku first enters Molco, Higashizawa is the "booth babe" and refers to Final Fantasy VII by saying "Dilly dally, shilly shally," a line originally said by Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII.
  • He resembles the hard rock/heavy metal artist and actor Meatloaf.

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