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The Wizard of Slam is a character that appears in Another Day. He was the producer and endorser of Tin Pin Slammer, and was the one that caused the events of Another Day, giving the impression that he has divine powers.

He first appears in Reaper attire and provides Neku with information about the Tin Pin Slammer. He later appears with the Black Skullers at Miyashita Park and faces Joshua as the first opponent. Joshua recognizes him after he says his signature line. He then throws the match, leaving Joshua suspecting him.

After the player's match with Shuto Dan, he will appear in Molco in his regular outfit and explain who he is. Then he will challenge the player to a game of Tin Pin Slammer. If the player wins, he will give the player the Wizard's Glasses and Tin Pin Bahamut before departing.

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