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First, I'm going to hand free pins out, and fill Shibuya with walking billboards! Hmm... and to get people's attention, I need some "hip" one-liners like that book suggested. Let's see... how about "Totally gnarly!" "Come get some hot stuff!" "Unreal, bro!" Perfect! The slang of the moment!
Makoto about the red pins


  • Using Imprinting, Neku and Shiki help a businessman Makoto sell the Red Skull pins in Shibuya.
  • Shiki reveals her entry fee was her own body, and she’s using Eri’s appearance for the Game.
  • Beat, wanting to figure out how to use Rhyme's noise pin, runs away from WildKat Cafe.
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When the day starts, a man dressed in a blue suit will sit to the right of the scramble. Talk to him, then scan him. Scanning him again will reveal he’s plagued by Noise; fight the Noise, then Neku will get three memes; “Totally gnarly!”, “Come get some hot stuff!”, and “Unreal, bro!”.
Once Neku’s received the memes, talk to Nao or the businessman and imprint “Totally gnarly!”. When the conversation ends, this businessman, Makoto Miki, will move to Center St. Entrance. There’s a wall up by a Reaper who will do a Reaper Review; the answers are "Edoga the Shop", "High heels", and "Bubbles".
In Center St. Entrance, talk to Shooter or Makoto. Imprint on Makoto “Unreal, bro!” and walk up to AMX. A Reaper has set up a wall, and will only take it down if he gets three Rare Metal pins; fighting Noise No. 58, the Decadraven, will drop the pins. When the Reaper lets down the wall, move to Spain Hill. Talk to Makoto or the Futoshi, and imprint “Come get some hot stuff!” on Makoto. Follow Makoto back to the scramble.
At the scramble crossing, Shiki will run off. Talk to her at the right of the crossing, and she’ll move to the other side. Talk to her there, then go back to the right of the crossing and talk to Makoto. With the Red Skull pin equipped, fight battles until Gatito is the top brand in the scramble. Makoto will move to 104; make Gatito the top brand like in the scramble. Shiki will move to the scramble again, like the first time she runs off. Talk to her to end the chapter.

Noise Edit

No. Noise Pic. Location
02 Bigbanfrog
Noise 2
Every Map
10 Bigbansprog
Noise 10
Every Map
12 Garage Wolf
Noise 12
Scramble Crossing, 104 Building, Towa Records, Spain Hill, AMX
15 Mosh Grizzly
Noise 15
104 Building, Cadoi City, Towa Records, Molco, Spain Hill, Tipsy Tose Hall, AMX
33 Hard Corehog
Noise 33
Scramble Crossing, Towa Records, Molco, Spain Hill, Tipsy Tose Hall, Center St. Entrance
58 Decadraven
Noise 58
Scramble Crossing, Shibu Dept. Store, Cadoi City, Towa Records, Tipsy Tose Hall, Center St. Entrance

Secret ReportsEdit

  1. Collect the report for Shiki, Day 5.
  2. Collect the report for Shiki, Day 3.
  3. Track down and eliminate all of this chapter's Pig Noise symbols.
  4. Get the Solid Slammer. ("Totally gnarly!")

The Secret Report for this day can be found here.

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