The wallet is a device used in-game to hold yen. Each wallet can only hold a certain amount of Yen, and acts as a limit to the sort of items that the player can buy. For example, the beginning wallet can only hold ¥99,999, but several items cost millions of yen (such as Pegaso jewelry).

Wallets with larger capacity are available as quest items and, since they do not require friendship levels with the storekeeper to unlock (but do require items, that may only be bought by making friends with certain shop keepers), can be bought as soon as the store is accessible. Once obtained, they are listed as Swag under the item menu.

Item 339339My First Wallet---A wallet with room for up to 99,999 yen, and not one jot more. Hardy nylon construction means you can count on it to last.
This is your old wallet. Aww, ain't it cute? You'll just have to wait till you're older to really spend big.
  • From game start
Item 340340Trendy Wallet---A wallet with room for up to 999,999 yen, exactly. Everybody's after this design, put out by one of the big names in accessories.
This adult-sized wallet knows the harsh realities of our market economy. Now you can buy items over ¥100,000. A yen saved is a yen earned!
  • Real Life Solutions 1F - Shibu-Q Heads for 8x Rare Metal
Item 341341Fat Cat Wallet---A wallet that holds precisely 9,999,999 yen-what are the odds! Crafted from sinfully sleek snakeskin and sure to improve your fortunes.
Only the créme de la créme have use for this massive wallet. Now you can buy items over ¥1,000,000. The world is your oyster!
  • Glamour Selects - Shibu Dept. Store for 3x Orichalcum; 1x Dark Matter;