"The Taboo grizzly employs a fierce dual-clawed attack to tear its prey to ribbons!"
— Noise Report

The Wall of Grizzly is the Taboo grizzly Noise in The World Ends with You.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Predatory State: Once ~40% of Wall of Grizzly's health is depleted, it will receive the ability to utilize Howl. When Howl is used, Wall of Grizzly will attain Predatory State, temporarily increasing its attack power up to triple of what it's normally. Multiple Howls will only reapply Predatory State.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Grizzly Slash: The Wall of Grizzly raises one of its arm, thereafter slashing its target with one of its claws. This attack will also throw any obstacles in the way of the slash; Neku will receive damage from such thrown obstacles if they come in contact with him.
  • Grizzly Back-Slash: When Neku stands in a perimeter behind Wall of Grizzly, it will draw its arm back to perform an underarm back-slash with one of its claws. Like Grizzly Slash, this attack will throw any obstacles in the way and inflict damage to Neku if the obstacles come in contact with him. This attack's execution is faster than Grizzly Slash.
  • Somersault Crusher: The Wall of Grizzly slams its claw into the ground, inflicting damage to player if close enough. Thereafter, it will somersault into the air and land with ferocity as it slams its claws into the ground again in an attempt to crush the player into the ground. Due to its quick initiation, dashing is the best option in avoiding it. Only applies to the bottom-screen.
  • Howl: After about 40% of its health has been depleted, Wall of Grizzly attains the ability to use Howl. This allows it to go into Predatory State temporarily, increasing its attack power up to triple of what it is normally, causing the Wall of Grizzly to be even more dangerous than before. Multiple howls will not anymore attack bonus; it will only reapply Predatory State.


The Wall of Grizzly is slow and reasonably predictable; with careful timing, Neku's partner can block or evade its attacks. However, the player should be mindful of being faked out by the delayed timing of its Slash attack. Keep passing the Light Puck and performing combos to finish it quickly. Since it is a Taboo Noise, all psych attacks do significantly less damage than normal. In order to do real damage to a Taboo Noise, the attacking character must have the Light Puck. Equipable items that make the Light Puck move more slowly between Neku and his partner can therefore be helpful when fighting any Taboo Noise.

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The Wall of Grizzly's name is a play on "wall of death", combined with "grizzly".