This massive bat reigns amid darkness. Shine light on the situation to turn the tables!
— Noise Description

Vespertilio Canor is a pteropus Boss Noise in The World Ends with You. It is accompanied by Gabba Bats.

Abilities Edit

  • Dark Immortality: When enough Gabba Bats are draining the energy of the wires on the top screen, causing the bottom screen to go dark, Vespertilio Canor is in a state of Dark Immortality. While Dark Immortality is active, Vespertilio Canor is immune to all psychs, including Fusions. Once enough Gabba Bats are erased, lights will resume on the bottom screen, removing Vespertilio's Dark Immortality status. If all Gabba Bats on the top screen are erased, the player will deal double damage.
  • Piercing Wing: Vespertilio Canor quickly stabs its large wings forward into the ground, creating sparks and inflicting damage if either the sparks or the wings hit Neku. Used more frequently when Dark Immortality is in effect.
  • Sonar: Vespertilio hangs upside-down on the ceiling and emits a damage-dealing sonar represented by green circles that slowly drift across the battlefield.
  • Double Shuriken: After 75% of its HP Gauge has been depleted, Vespertilio will begin to use this ranged attack, in which it throws two giant shurikens from one side of the battlefield that return to it like boomerangs. Because this attack covers the entire screen, dashing is recommended to avoid it.

Strategy Edit

When the battle starts, the battlefield will be in complete darkness, so Neku cannot attack Vespertilio Canor. In order to do so, Shiki must defeat the Gabba Bats in her Zone that are draining the power lines; when they have been defeated, the lights come on, blinding Vespertilio Canor and making it vulnerable to attack. If the Gabba Bats in Shiki's Zone are not eliminated and Neku does not continue attacking Vespertilio Canor, the lights will go back off again. It should be noted that the lights will eventually turn back off no matter how many bats have been eliminated (Vespertilio will send out more bats to attack Shiki if she runs out of targets.) The process of defeating the bat Noise on the upper screen and then dealing damage to Vespertilio should be repeated until Vespertilio Canor is defeated.

In Solo Remix, the strategy for this battle changes slightly. Rather than having Neku fight Vespertiilo Canor and Shiki fight the Gabba Bats at the same time, gameplay shifts from Neku to Shiki when Shiki is summoned while the lights are out, and then back to Neku once Shiki's pin gauge runs out. In Final Remix, this can be accomplished in co-op by performing a "Mr. Mew Punch!" combo on Vespertilio Canor. Otherwise, the battle remains much the same; Shiki must take out the Gabba Bats to turn on the lights and make Vespertilio Canor vulnerable for Neku to attack.


  • Vespertilio is Latin for "bat".