The Velocity Crash psych is very similar to the Velocity Attack psych; the difference being that Velocity Crash will send enemies flying into the air when hit, and any enemies that collide with each other will receive additional damage.

Therefore, it can be useful against larger groups of enemies, but it is impossible to juggle single enemies with Velocity Crash unless you pin them against a wall. Therefore, most people prefer Velocity Attack.

# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Lasts Boot Reboot Info
Pin 140c140Velocity TackleTigre Punks A P Velocity Crash D Attack 82451274.5s2.23Drag Neku into a dash and smash him into enemies. Inflicts damage and knocks enemies into other enemies for chain damage.
Pin 235c235Tin Pin DashUnbranded A P Velocity Crash D Attack 88451302s03A special Tin Pin used in slam-offs. The American champ uses the same kind of pin. Drag Neku to activate the pin's psych.
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