The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

Item 319 - Vanilla Soft Serve (Solo Remix).png

Item 319.png

Number 319
Name Vanilla Soft Serve
Description Everyone's favorite: sweet vanilla soft serve. Its rich, creamy flavor delights young and old alike.
Effects Goes down in 5 bytes.

Eat this to boost your sync rate roughly 5%.

Once you digest it by fighting battles, your Bravery will increase by 2.

Like/Dislike Levels
Sold by {{#if:Burger Shop - Shibukyu Main Store|
Comments This item is small enough to keep feeding to Neku and his partner after the daily 18 byte cap is met. As it is cheap and available early on in the game, it can be a useful way to continually increase characters' Bravery after eating other stat-boosting food earlier in the day.