Uzuki Yashiro (八代 卯月 Yashiro Uzuki) is a major character in The World Ends with You and is a Harrier Reaper.



Uzuki Yashiro is the hotheaded partner-in-erasing of Koki Kariya. She wears a gloved sweater that shows her navel, with a white corset and a pair of black shorts along with knee high white boots. The players call her "Pinky" because of her short pink hair and vibrant lipstick (though she's apparently touchy about this, telling Beat to "leave my hair out of this" the first time he uses the nickname to her face). She has been working as a Reaper for two years.

Unlike many of her colleagues, Yashiro is completely obsessed with her work. Though she has a low rank among the Reapers, she is a perfectionist in every aspect when it comes to her occupation. When she is restricted from working hard, it drives her crazy. Yashiro, like all of the Harrier Reapers, has a total disregard for the lives of Players. She values each competitor as little as trash or a Noise. This only aids her in her zealous demeanor. Though this is common among all Reapers, she takes it to a whole new level as she gets angry when Neku and Joshua saved her from the taboo noise, and later when Beat and Neku defeat her in a fight but chose not to erase her she gets even angrier and tries to get them to keep fighting even though it would have killed her. Both times Koki Kariya has to step in and calm her down. 

She has a close bond with Koki Kariya, who is always trying to get her to calm down and enjoy death. Despite her status, she remains incredibly arrogant and obsessive at all times. However, after confronting Kariya about turning down his promotion, he explains that the life of an officer is far too boring and that she should stop to "smell the concrete roses". After that, she relaxes a little and instead pledges to rise through the ranks to make the game more rewarding for all Reapers, with Kariya's help. She also shows a dislike in the way the higher ranked reapers use and manipulate the lower ranking ones.

Uzuki always calls Kariya by his last name, while Kariya calls Uzuki by her first name. This further shows the difference between the two, since calling someone by their last name is more formal than calling someone by their first name.


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First WeekEdit

Uzuki (Cinematic)

Uzuki persuades Neku to kill Shiki.

Uzuki appears many different times in the story. She first appears to taunt Neku and Shiki at the end of Day 1. On Day 2, she tries to manipulate Neku into killing Shiki, but is stopped by Sanae Hanekoma.

On Day 4, she appears alongside Kariya, following orders from the Game Master to set a trap for the Players. Beat nearly falls into it, but is saved by Rhyme, who is erased as a result.

Uzuki's final appearance in Week 1 is when she and Kariya get a surprise visit from Beat, who has somehow not been erased despite his partner being lost. Instead of seeking revenge, however, Beat wants to know "how they do it", by which he most likely means how they can awaken Noise from pins.

Second WeekEdit

Uzuki's first appearance in this week is right at the beginning alongside Kariya, where she gets angered when she gets a call from the new Game Master, who has issued orders for all Reapers to remain on standby. What adds to her anger is the fact that she already has little love for how he runs things.

In Day 2, Uzuki and Kariya are investigating which Routes are open to them, as it seems the game master as sealed off a lot of them. Uzuki is still angered about being left on standby, and idly considers jumping over to the RG to "recruit" a few new players. Kariya quickly reminds her that's illegal, but they are suddenly attacked. When that attackers turn out to be Taboo Noise, the creation of which is a capital offense, Uzuki calls it in. Later, Uzuki receives an anonymous phone call, which seems to be mostly gibberish. Later it's revealed the phone call was actually from BJ, although Uzuki herself never learns this.

On Day 4, due to the lack of missions, Uzuki begins to get bored. Kariya suggests they trail Neku and Joshua, which, on Day 5, eventually leads to the discovery that Joshua is playing the Game while alive.

On Day 6, she and Kariya are attacked by Taboo Noise, but can be saved by Neku and Joshua.

Third WeekEdit

In Week 3, Uzuki talks to Kariya about Konishi's position as Game Master and worries about making a good impression. It's shown that she is obsessed with getting promoted to officer rank. Later Konishi (who is going into hiding) contacts Uzuki and Kariya and tells them to try to erase Neku and Beat, promising to promote Uzuki if they succeed. She gives them a fake Rhyme pin to bait Neku and Beat. Neither Uzuki nor Kariya knows the Rhyme pin is fake.

On Day 3, she confronts Neku and Beat, saying that Konishi made her the 'substitute Game Master' and challenges them to Reaper Sport 4. However, Beat accidentally sneezes loudly when she says what Reaper Sport 4 actually is. Unwittingly, the two fulfill the requirements of the game, following Uzuki through several areas. When the find her and their ignorance of the purpose of the game is revealed, Uzuki becomes enraged and reveals that it's tag. While she's ranting, Neku tags her and thus wins. Angered, she battles them and loses, retreating.

On Day 4, after Kariya loses to Neku and Beat, both she and Kariya fight them (Uzuki fights Beat in the top zone, while Kariya fights Neku on the lower zone). However, they lose. They give the fake Rhyme pin to Beat, discovering that it is fake and that Konishi was playing them to buy time for herself. To apologize, Kariya gives them his keypin. Although bitter about the turn of events, Uzuki apologizes to the two for leading them on during the previous day. While talking to Kariya later, she is inspired by his words and decides to get promoted not for personal gain, but rather to benefit the lower-class Reapers who are used as pawns by the game Masters. However, moments later, she and Kariya are possessed by their O-Pins.

On Day 5, Beat and Neku encounter the possessed Uzuki and Kariya and are forced battle them. While possessed, they are much stronger. Beat and Neku defeat them, but decide not to erase them and instead leave them unconscious on the ground. As a result, they seem to have survived the events of the Game and released from the O-Pin's control, although they are not seen afterwards.

Another DayEdit

In Another Day, Uzuki, Kariya, and Yodai Higashizawa host the tin pin slam off to steal everybody's pins. Here, she acts as if she was the boss such as when she scolds Yodai for rhyming multiple times. She is available to fight in a tin pin match. Also she leads a group of Prince fans, the Black Diablos much to the chagrin of Shiki who leads a rival group. Upon meeting in their tin pin match they both react to each other by (as Neku describes it) "wigging out" or making grunting and/or screaming sounds. She is surprised by Higashizawa's true intentions as she had planned to sell the stolen pins online. After the battles she is offered to join Shiki's fan club but instead decides to become "another 777 stalker".


Uzuki uses a gun to fight in battle, but like all Reapers is usually forbidden from directly erasing Players and must create Noise to fight. She can fire pink flower-shaped bullets from her gun that, after the initial hit, split up into multiple bullets and then merge again to do high damage to Players. She can also shoot a light blue flower-shaped bullet which swirls around and cuts the defense of the target upon contact, and is like a locked-on missile that follows you. She uses her wings to restore her HP, so don't leave her alone.



  • BJ, a member of Def Märch, has a crush on Yashiro, he calls her from the "Phone Booth of Love" in Molco but is rejected.
  • Uzuki has been a Reaper for two years, yet she is called a "spring chicken" by Koki Kariya, indicating that he has been a Reaper a lot longer than Uzuki. This is further supported by how she has never worked two weeks in a row before the events of the game, while Kariya claims to have done so "a long time ago".
  • Uzuki is the polar opposite of Koki Kariya as she is hard-working and determined to get promoted. On the other hand, Kariya wants nothing more than to lay back and let the other reapers do all the work. She also has a short temper, while Kariya never seems to get angry.
  • Uzuki and Kariya are the only two Reapers shown to use a light puck between them, they also have their own Fusion attack. However, they are both capable of fighting by themselves if they choose to do so.
  • In comparison to Uzuki having lipstick that matches her hair, Kariya's eyes, lollipop and hair color also clash.
  • At one point in the game, Uzuki pulls out a gun much like Joshua's and says she should go "recruit" some new players from the RG - in other words, killing living people. Kariya reminds her that this is forbidden, although (unbeknownst to him) Joshua has done exactly that.


The kanji for Ya-shiro U-zuki literally translate to: Eight, substitute, rabbit (Chinese Zodiac), moon.

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