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  • I am nonbinary (he/him or they/them pronouns)

Hey, I'm Sarcosmic, and I have an unhealthy habit of shoving Vanilla Soft Serves down Neku's throat every five fights.

I played The World Ends with You in 2010 and immediately fell in angst love; it yote itself straight into my list of favorite games and stayed there. And now, in the year 2019 of our lord and #1 public menace, I'm finally playing Final Remix. (Specifically, my best friend and I are playing the game on co-op, and that's been quite the fun new UG experience.)


  • draws・pixels・writes・etc.
  • lives on fanart, memes, and timely reaction images
  • Neku's existence makes me uwu
  • @ me on Discord: Sarcosmic#8496
  • yell at me about anime and games on twitter
Wiki stuff

Wiki editingEdit

Editing experienceEdit

I'm a mod for the My Time at Portia wiki and have been editing since January 9, 2019, so I have some familiarity with editing on an active, growing wiki.

My main skill is making words flow better and fixing grammar and punctuation, though adding links to make navigation easier is another itch I need to scratch. I have limited experience making templates and am still very inexperienced with CSS, HTML, Wikitext, and transclusion-type stuff, but I'm learning as I go.

My goalsEdit

I aim to help make this wiki:

  • Less disorganized
  • Easier to navigate
  • More aesthetic
  • Perform better on mobile

To-do listEdit

Inconclusive, basic list:

  • Read through every relevant article to get a clearer idea of the wiki's current state
  • Check out all relevant templates currently in use
  • Make new templates and/or revise old ones
    • Prettytable, infoboxes, etc.
    • Need to figure out switch and if/then functions
  • Figure out how to reorganize entire site
  • Learn about Semantic MediaWiki properties and how to change how and which data is displayed
    • Consolidate lists into a minimal amount of pages; rename some if necessary (will always leave redirect links behind in consideration of user bookmarks when renaming pages, particularly due to age of this wiki)
  • Make and implement defined Manual of Style
  • Figure out how to make front page, navboxes, infoboxes, etc. prettier and more effective
  • Make new topnav Done!

Wiki issuesEdit

Mobile compatibilityEdit

Please see my profile on the MTaP wiki for some of the issues with templates and such not displaying properly on mobile. We have a lot of custom templates, so not everything is applicable, but it's good to keep in mind (such as infoicons linking to image files instead of item pages on mobile).

Large tables are terrible for navigation on mobile, and some of the pin tables are actually too large for easy viewing on both PC and mobile. Additionally, the pin images currently do not display in a size that are visible on mobile.

More issues will be noted here as I discover them, though my main priority is currently familiarizing myself with the wiki.

User wall messages not always sendingEdit

There's a browser cache glitch where Fandom can't save the message if one of the users' displayed edit count doesn't match up with their actual edit count, so your message doesn't send.

Method to avoid the glitch
  1. Add ?action=purge to the message wall's url and enter it to purge the page's cache and reload the page.
  2. Copy your entire message to your clipboard before sending.
  3. Send message; if it disappears and does not appear on the page, it has not sent. Repeat step 1 and paste message into text box to try sending it again.
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