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Pin 228 To right the countless wrongs of our day, we shine this light of true redemption,
that this place may become as paradise. What a wonderful world such would be...
Pin 228

Well, here's a quick summary: You'll find most of the info on my user pages on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki and the Final Fantasy Wiki. Yup, I'm too lazy to make a proper user page on another wiki. :) However, I do have a Sandbox on this wiki.

I'd be grateful if you're also willing to visit Puzzles Wiki, which I've adopted. If you stay and contribute, I'd be even more grateful!

I can also provide you with the following vital data:

Sorceror Nobody Noise Data Pin stats

Oh, and do feel free to check out my YouTube Channel.

After some experimentation, I have created a reasonably good "template" with which I can turn any 26x26 image into a Pin sprite. If you want to request a Pin, let me know on my Talk Page and I'll see what I can do. It's probably best to link to the image via a file sharing site. Note that, although images bigger than 26x26 can be used, the size reduction I'd have to do will tend to render them... well, a bit rubbish. You can see two samples of my "work" on this page. One is the "Sorceror Nobody Pin" shown in the right-hand image above, which is an original image. The other sample is derived from (and displayed next to) the Sticker below.

Item 411 Minamimoto Pin This is my preferred Mingle Mode icon, and my custom Pin of it. What can I say? I like Minamimoto.

Image InterludeEdit

Shibuya Map 4

Final Time Attack RecordsEdit


These Final Time Attack record attempts are SO ZETTA SLOW!!!

I could iterate the entire FTA in less than a fraction of a yoctosecond!!!

CRUNCH!!! I'll add it to the heap!

All are true, but I don't blame you if you choose not to believe me without proof. Nor do I claim they are remotely impressive. Furthermore, all times are not necessarily my best as I don't always bother to look at the time before exiting the results screen. All FTA attempts have the partners set to Manual, since I never use the Auto any more.

Difficulty Record Next Target
Easy 02 ' 22 " 98 02 ' 15 " 00
Normal -- ' -- " -- -- ' -- " --
Hard 05 ' 44 " 40 05 ' 40 " 00
Ultimate 06 ' 52 " 16 06 ' 45 " 00

The following times were obtained using my Action Replay for the "0% drop rate" cheat. This means that it's purely the time taken to defeat the enemies, unskewed by the time taken for dropped pins to be picked up. Of course, while these are technically the "purest" records, I have still kept them separate because... well, I had to cheat to get them.

Difficulty Record Next Target
Easy -- ' -- " -- -- ' -- " --
Normal -- ' -- " -- -- ' -- " --
Hard -- ' -- " -- -- ' -- " --
Ultimate -- ' -- " -- -- ' -- " --
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