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I made significant contributions to this site years ago.

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Decks (since I don't know where else to put mine)Edit

Disaster AreaEdit

Disaster Area (Pegaso)Edit

Disaster Area (Mus Rattus)Edit

Disaster Area (Gatito)Edit


Set obstacles for enemies all over the field. This works well against fast enemies.

Thunder StormEdit


Spam Thunderbolt indefinitely.

Extinction MeteorEdit


Slightly complicated. First drag all enemies into 1 spot with Me Time is Free Time (MTIFT). Then, use Follow Suit, Fall in Turn (FSFIT) and rapidly press the L/R buttons to get in quite a few hits before your Apport T pins come up. When you can use your Apport pins, rapidly tap where the enemies are to Apport them to oblivion. For bosses, replace MTIFT with FSFIT. This pin deck works well against normal enemies, stationary enemies, and stationary bosses.

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