The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You


Hello, I am Agent Random of Random HQ! I am a huge fan of The World Ends With You. I first played Final Remix and am currently playing the DS original. I've spent a grand total of too long playing this game. I'm here to add any random thing I see that should be added. Most of the time it pertains to updating things about Final Remix.

I also have a nifty YouTube channel and I may even do a TWEWY video every now and then. There's also a side-channel called Random Stuff where I upload stuff I didn't make. Usually, it's TWEWY music.


Youtube: Random HQ Switch

Discord: Agent Random#7258

Fandom: Yeah, I don't remember that one.

Steam: AgentRandom

Twitch: agent_randoma113

To-Do List That I'm Surely Going to Finish[]

  • Update all images to be Final Remix images.
  • Make a Final Remix Pin Evolution page.
  • Make a page for Kingdom Hearts Union X.
  • Adding OST pages.

Editing Tips[]

  • It's TWEWY, but also The World Ends with You.
  • Please don't reference trailers. Reference it as the media it is.
  • Don't be scared about screwing things up. The undo button exists. Mistaks are always made.