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This article contains information pertaining exclusively to The World Ends with You: Final Remix.

Hype-Chan is a fan-given name to an unnamed character that appears at the end of Solo Remix. She also appears in A New Day, an epilogue created for the Nintendo Switch port: The World Ends With You: Final Remix.

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She appears to be a mixture of all of the main characters; Her red skirt and white button-up shirt she wears reminiscences Beat (his white tank top with a red one under it); she has headphones like Neku Sakuraba; she has a plush alike to Shiki's Mr. Mew; her eyes and posture are similar to Rhyme. Her hair color reminds of Joshua.


Very little is known about her aside from her outward appearance; she is only seen wandering the streets of Shinjuku after the city is Inverted. It is reasoned that she is the cause of the visions that Neku sees throughout A New Day.

A New Day

She is first seen in a mysterious vision seen by Neku, following a vision where Shinjuku is erased. While Neku is unable to determine who the girl is, the Mr. Mew in her grasp prompts him to seek out Shiki in Shibuya.

During the chapter's ending, Shinjuku is subject to an Inversion, whereupon the city is Erased and Noise are set upon the RG. The girl is the only survivor of the incident, and Joshua and Hanekoma speculate that she formed a psychic connection with Neku that resulted in his future visions.

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