The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

"All that's left in the world is me."
— Tsugumi after the Inversion in A New Day

Tsugumi Matsunae (松苗 亜末 Matsunae Tsugumi) is a Reaper in NEO: The World Ends with You, and a member of the Ruinbringers.

She first appeared at the end of The World Ends with You -Solo Remix-. She later appeared in A New Day, an epilogue created for The World Ends With You: Final Remix.


Tsugumi pissed.png

Tsugumi is a teenage girl with long pale blonde hair, pale skin, and brown eyes. When she is possessed, her eyes are slightly darker and they have a red ring around the pupil. She wears a white button-up blouse with a plaid red-and-white ribbon around the collar and a matching plaid red-and-yellow skirt with a small black ribbon on the front. She wears dark grey stockings. She has wired white and red headphones, sleeker than Neku Sakuraba's headphones. From the beginning of A New Day to the end of NEO: The World Ends with You , she carries Mr. Mew with her.


Tsugumi seems to be closed off, unwilling to engage with others unless she must. She speaks in a very cold, emotionless, and robotic tone. She is generally not very expressive, and only shows emotion when she is in a particularly desperate situation. When troubled, she will become openly distressed. She only shows negative emotions in these rare instances, such as fear and anger. She is very stubborn and refuses to accept defeat in battle until she is completely incapable of continuing to fight.

However, this personality was only that of the possessed version of her Soul inhabiting her body. When she is freed from her affliction and is returned to her normal state, she becomes much more cheerful and kind. She smiles often and is very grateful to the people who restored her. She is rather soft spoken, but can be assertive when the situation calls for it. She is good at communicating with others, and was even able to convince Shiba to lend his aid to the Wicked Twisters. She actually sought to help save Shibuya by sending visions to Players, which displays her kinder true nature.



Tsugumi has been friends with Coco Atarashi in the RG before their deaths.

Tsugumi and her brother were Reapers in Shinjuku. They presumably died in Shinjuku and won the Reapers' Game, choosing to become Reapers. Her brother eventually become the Conductor of Shinjuku. Tsugumi and her brother likely had high Imagination, with Tsugumi's latent ability called "Trailer" which lets her emit visions to others with high Imagination such as Neku Sakuraba and Rindo Kanade.

Around three years before the events of NEO: The World Ends with You, Shinjuku's Composer, Hazuki Mikagi, wished to "cleanse" the city and recruited Angel Tanzo Kubo to carry it out. Instead of Hazuki getting his Conductor's permission, Kubo infiltrated the Reapers and manipulated Shiba Miyakaze to be his pawn. Tsugumi was suspicious of Kubo and allied herself with her brother. Tsugumi kept her friend Coco updated on the situation. Somewhere around this time, Coco gave Tsugumi a Mr. Mew doll, the very same one that Shiki Misaki used during her own Game.

Eventually, in an act of vengeance, Kubo stripped her of her Soul and Reaperhood, causing her to became a Player. Kubo later succeeded in bringing about the Inversion upon Shinjuku, erasing the entire city and its citizens, though the Reapers managed to flee. Tsugumi met up with her brother in the midst of the city's erasure and tried to escape with him, but her weakened brother used the last of his power to help Tsugumi escape by sealing her Soul within the Mr. Mew plush. As the rules of the city decree that a Shinjuku Reaper is erased after losing their status, this was the only way for her to survive. She acted through no will of her own, with Kubo using this opportunity to trap her Soul further with a Plague Noise. However, her true mind was still able to send messages to Neku Sakuraba and Rindo Kanade using her latent Trailer ability. A possessed version of Tsugumi's soul was brainwashed by Shiba and inhabited her body after he granted her back her Reaperhood. The other Reapers noted that it seemed like Tsugumi's personality had changed, not knowing what really happened to her.

Out of entertainment, Shiba would make Tsugumi be a member of the Ruinbringers and rig the Reapers' Game dozens of times so that the Ruinbringers would always win, spreading a half-truth that the Ruinbringers merely wanted to keep playing for the thrill; while it was true for Shiba and Susukichi, it was not for Tsugumi.

The World Ends with You -Solo Remix-[]

Tsugumi's first appearance.

A single screenshot of Tsugumi Matsunae at the Scramble Crossing appeared at the end of the Secret Ending. This marked her first ever appearance in the series.

The World Ends with You: Final Remix (A New Day)[]

Tsugumi in Neku's vision.

She first appears in a mysterious vision seen by Neku, following another vision where Shinjuku is erased. In it, she is seen wandering down Meiji-Dori Avenue in Shibuya after Shinjuku is Inverted. While Neku is unable to determine who the girl is, the Mr. Mew in her grasp prompts him to seek out Shiki in Shibuya.

At the end of the chapter, Shinjuku is subject to an Inversion, whereupon the city is Erased and Noise are set upon the RG. Tsugumi is the only survivor of the incident, and Joshua and Hanekoma speculate that she formed a psychic connection with Neku that resulted in his future visions. It is reasoned that she is the cause of the visions that Neku sees throughout A New Day.

NEO: The World Ends with You[]

Rindo finds Tsugumi familiar.

Tsugumi is first seen after the Ruinbringers are declared the Game's winners on Week 1, Day 7, although she simply stares and wanders off.

On Week 2, Day 1, she retrieves the reward pin for defeating the Houseleon and introduces herself to Rindo and the Wicked Twisters. Rindo finds her strangely familiar, but she leaves after saying little else.

Tsugumi is seen again on Week 2, Day 2, where the day's mission is to find the mysterious individual presumed to be Neku Sakuraba. The Wicked Twisters seek to recruit "Neku" to their team, but Tsugumi manages to find and defeat "Neku" before the Wicked Twisters can. Before Tsugumi erases "Neku," Rindo uses his Replay ability to turn back time, narrowing the possible location of Tsugumi and "Neku"'s battle to the West Exit Bus Terminal. They save "Neku" from Tsugumi by fending off her Mr. Mew dolls, after which "Neku"'s identity is revealed to be Beat. Susukichi then appears to rein in Tsugumi for the day.

Tsugumi refuses to give up.

On Week 2, Day 7, the Variabeauties assist the Wicked Twisters in a plan to defeat the Ruinbringers, distracting Tsugumi while the Wicked Twisters go after Susukichi. At first, Susukichi manages to delay the Wicked Twisters long enough for Tsugumi to defeat the Variabeauties, but after Rindo turns back time, the Wicked Twisters defeat Susukichi quickly enough to arrive before Tsugumi defeats the Variabeauties. Tsugumi fights them with her Mr. Mew dolls again, but after the dolls are defeated, she refuses to concede defeat and transforms into Grus Cantus. The Wicked Twisters prevail again, only for Shiba to reveal that the Ruinbringers, Tsugumi included, are composed of Reapers and that they had been rigging the Game in their favor. Soon afterward, Coco discovers Tsugumi's Mr. Mew doll, heavily damaged.

Tsugumi trapped in her own mind.

On Week 3, Day 5, per Neku's request, the Wicked Twisters meet Coco on Cat Street, whom they learn about Tsugumi's situation from. Coco discovered that Tsugumi's Soul was trapped inside her Mr. Mew doll, and worries that her Soul would stay trapped inside if Mr. Mew was not repaired, with the only person capable of repairing it being Shiki Misaki. In order to communicate with Tsugumi, the group dives into her mind within the doll using Nagi Usui's ability and defeat the Plague Pachy there. Tsugumi thanks them for saving her, revealing herself to have been the one emitting visions to Neku and Rindo in order to save Shibuya from being Inverted like Shinjuku had been. She wishes the group good luck in doing what she was not able to do.

On Week 3, Day 7, Coco met Shiki in order to repair Mr. Mew, and Tsugumi's Soul is returned into her real body. She, alongside Hishima Sakazuki, reason with Shiba to convince him to fight against the Plague Noise alongside everyone else. In the ending, Shiba tells Tsugumi about how he plans on rebuilding Shinjuku and she decides to return to Shinjuku to help him do so, along with Hishima and Kaie Ono. Tsugumi thanks Shibuya and wishes to return someday.

Party in the 'Buya (Another Day)[]

In the alternate universe, Tsugumi helps to run the Reapers' Romp and gives out stamps at Miyashita Park. She appears to be much more outgoing with an obsession for Lord Ishimoto of the Death March, rivalling Nagi's own obsession. It is mentioned she met Nagi last Christmas during Ishimoto's dinner show and they have not talked since then. Tsugumi purchased all 5 versions of Ishimoto's latest album just so she could get the unique covers. She also bought exclusive t-shirts and towels. Rindo describes Tsugumi's interaction with Nagi as a "pissing contest" to see who's the bigger fan. Tsugumi takes amusement that Nagi does not have tickets to Ishimoto's latest show and refuses to stamp her card. After a boss fight with Tsugumi's Noise form, Tsugumi is impressed and stamps the card, although she seems to momentarily fate out of existence.


As a Reaper, Tsugumi is very powerful and has her own Noise form. She is also capable of telepathically sending visions to other people using a psych known as Trailer.



Main article: Ruinbringers


Main article: Kaichi "Susukichi" Susuki

ot much is known about Susukichi's and Tsugumi's relationship other than the fact that the two are teammates. According to Kanon, Susukichi acts as Tsugumi's bodyguard, protecting her when she's in trouble and even speaking up for her against their boss when she acts on her own or fails a mission.

Shiba Miyakaze[]

Main article: Shiba Miyakaze

To be written.


  • "I am Tsugumi Matsunae. A Ruinbringer."
  • "Goodbye."
  • "I can't lose."
  • "I must fight."
  • "I have orders. I'll complete them!"
  • "Target acquired!"


Like many characters in the series, both her first name and last name are uncommon names in Japan.

"Tsugumi", written with the katakana ツグミ, is the word for a type of bird known as a thrush, though the kanji for her name (亜末) is different from the kanji used to write "tsugumi" meaning "thrush". Her name is similar to other bird symbolism in NEO, with her own Noise form being based on a crane.

Her surname Matsunae (松苗) means "pine seedling". Her full name creates the imagery of a small bird on an extremely small tree.


  • Prior to the reveal of NEO: The World Ends with You, Tsugumi had no official name and was often called "Hype-Chan" by fans due her appearances in Solo Remix and Final Remix being used to create excitement for NEO. Her name was revealed as Tsugumi Matsunae in the NEO: The World Ends with You announcement trailer released November 23rd, 2020.
  • Nomura drew Tsugumi with the assumption that she would be the new heroine for NEO. However, her role was later scrapped and Shoka became the new heroine instead. Despite this, Nomura still considers Tsugumi to be the heroine of the Shinjuku side of the story.
  • There are some potential plot holes regarding Tsugumi, specifically regarding her acquisition of Mr. Mew. She had to have had it during the Inversion of Shinjuku for her brother to place her Soul within it. However, Shiki is shown to have the doll not long before the Inversion of Shinjuku. This means that there is a very small time frame for the doll to be given to Tsugumi. Additionally, it is not stated if Shiki gave up the doll or if it was taken by force.
    • An interview revealed that the Shibuya Reaper that took the doll to Tsugumi was Coco. According to the director, there was a story behind why Mr. Mew was given to Tsugumi through Coco, but due to the sheer length of the scenario, they made the decision to omit it.[1]


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