The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You
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"Geez, why not go ahead and crush my entire soul while you're at it? Guess I've gotta work on my delivery."
— Fret to Kanon Tachibana

Tosai Furesawa (觸澤 桃斎 Furesawa Tōsai), nicknamed Fret (フレット Furetto) is a Player, a member of the Wicked Twisters, and a main character in NEO: The World Ends with You. He is Rindo Kanade's classmate from high school. Fret seemed to have died in a mysterious truck accident and was entered into the Reapers' Game after, along with Rindo.


Fret Hand To Heart.png

Fret is a boy with violet eyes and brown hair with blond highlights. His hair is styled in an undercut with most of it brushed away from his face, save for a small section he lets fall down at the front. His outfit consists of a white, v-neck shirt, black vest, gray scarf, red plaid capris, and white shoes. He accessorizes with a black and white wristband, as well as a white, beaded necklace, a thin black choker, two white helix earrings, and a golden earring with two crossing arrows. He has a black snapback cap strapped at his rear.


Fret is a happy-go-lucky and easy-going boy. He boasts the ability to get along with just about anyone and enjoys talking to people. While he styles himself as a natural conversationalist, he prefers to keep things light, subconsciously avoiding subjects that are too serious. He enjoys walking around town with his buddy Rindo, and sometimes has fun teasing him in a light attempt to draw him out of his shell. He is very outgoing, extroverted, and quick to introduce himself and try to make a friend or ally.

Unlike Rindo, Fret can be impulsive and tends to speak and act before thinking, leading him to sometimes say and do things that are silly or obnoxious on the spur of the moment, like spending all of his money on pins or scanning Noise without giving Rindo a warning. Fret is a curious person, like when he deduced there were different types of Reapers from Uzuki Yashiro saying Shibuya Reapers. Kariya calls it an "inquisitive streak".

However, Fret is actually secretly very cynical about relationships, feeling no one really appreciates the quality of being "genuine" from people. After a tragic friendship where Fret was hurt, Fret began to try to make himself likable to everyone with an often forced happy attitude, suppressing and sidelining his real emotions like anger and sadness.

It is heavily implied Fret has a crush on Kanon Tachibana, a woman 7 years older than him, with Fret even saying "Daaaaaayum" when he sees her in Another Day and in the main universe, he says he was "serious about her" before her death. Fret wants to trust her, although Rindo does not understand Fret's trust of Kanon and writes it off, suggesting during an argument that Fret would throw himself off a building if Kanon asked. This causes Fret to become upset and offended, feeling Rindo views him like a fool.

Fret admires Kanon, and so she gives him some friendly advice when she becomes upset after he claims he will follow her to the "ends of the earth", saying he "really means it". She notes that Fret says the kindest, most encouraging things, but that they are almost too nice that they start to sound disingenuous, and that it feels he does not really mean what he says. Kanon implores Fret to be genuine not with others, but himself. This causes Fret to re-evaluate the way he talks to others. At the end of the game, Fret decides to play Elegant Strategy, hoping Nagi's favorite game will help him become a better communicator.



Fret once had a male friend. Fret tried to be there for him, asking about his problems, but Fret was unable to help. This friend suddenly disappeared without saying goodbye even though they were supposedly best friends, and it is unclear if Fret was ghosted, if this friend died in an accident, or if this friend killed himself. Afterwards, Fret began to wonder what the point was of taking anything seriously and began to hold serious topics at arms length.

Fret was also a fan of Eiji Oji and used to read his blog "F Everything", although he mentions he "grew out of it" and that the Prince's apathetic lifestyle did not jive with him any more.

NEO: The World Ends with You[]


On a regular day in Shibuya with Rindo, Fret meets Rindo at the 104 Building which he nicknames "wunafo". Fret gifts Rindo a Reaper Pin. The duo grab lunch together, where Rindo is contacted by his FanGO friend Swallow who is in Shibuya, and points Rindo in the direction of an in-app monster he wanted to catch. Fret encourages Rindo to meet Swallow, but the plan is quickly derailed when they inadvertently enter the Reapers' Game.

Fret before being crushed to death.

Initially thinking the colorful explosions and fighting must be some sort of movie set, the two realize that the danger might be more real than they thought. Rindo is suddenly struck with a vision of Shibuya in ruins, though he snaps back to the present moment. He and Fret attempt to run away, and Rindo feels a sense of deja vu. As they flee, Fret is crushed by a truck thrown by a stray Noise, leading Rindo to scream in shock and horror as he is suddenly transported to a green, void-like space. After this, time rewinds, and Rindo is once again standing with Fret in front of the fight. This time, he guides Fret in the opposite direction of the truck and is able to prevent him from getting crushed. After this, they enter the Reapers' Game more directly.

Week One[]

On Day One, Rindo and Fret encounter Shoka Sakurane, who sets up the RNS or "Reaper Networking Service" for them, and Susukichi, who explains scanning and fighting Noise. He solves Day 1's puzzle with Fret, but on their way to defeat the target at Shibuya Hikarie, Fret gets them into an overwhelming Noise fight. Sho Minamimoto rescues them and berates them for their weakness. While Fret idolizes him and thinks of him as a new teammate, Rindo is apprehensive about Minamimoto's help. They defeat the boss, but their team isn't mentioned in the results.

Week Two[]

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Week Three[]

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Fret using Remind to jog a Reaper's memory.

Fret's unique psych, Remind, jogs people's memories and helps them to remember things they have forgotten. A minigame will start when Remind is activated in which the player must tilt the left and right sticks in the correct positions to reassemble the scattered memory.


Wicked Twisters[]

Rindo Kanade[]

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He has been friends with Rindo for some time, and the two are classmates at the same high school. They often hang out together in Shibuya, and frequent various shops and restaurants together in their free time. They are quick to form a team upon joining the Reapers' Game, and seem to work well together.

Nagi Usui[]

Main article: Nagi Usui

Nagi as a very perceptive person and notices Fret's subconscious avoidance of serious topics. She finds him disingenuous and dislikes him for it. However following the events of week three day three, Nagi reacesses her opinion of him and concludes him to be human. After the events of the game Fret starts playing ElecStra and she requests updates on his progress and has started calling him Lord Tosai.

Sho Minamimoto[]

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Rival Teams[]


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Deep Rivers Society[]

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Shinjuku Reapers[]

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Shibuya Reapers[]

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  • "So what are we thinkin' here?" (Using Remind)
  • "Let's get down to business!" (Using Remind)
  • "C'mon, think!" (Successful Remind)
  • "Try to remember!" (Successful Remind)
  • "Man, I am starving!" (placing order)
  • "Aw, man! that really hits the spot!" (eating loved food)
  • "Hey, can't spell "confusion" without "fun", right?"
  • "Really grinds my gears that those liars are still winning."
  • "For flavor, Rindude! Ya gotta immerse yourself if ya wanna have fun. C'mon! Ye olde treasure await-eth!"
  • "Geez, who are you - Doctor Zoolittle?"
  • "If Mr. Minami were here, he'd say something like, "We need to biggify our numbers, 'cause math, kid!""
  • "...Daaaaaayum." (seeing Kanon in Another Day)

Battle Quotes[]

  • "Feel the burn!"
  • "Alright! Who wants a piece of Fret?" (entering battle)
  • "Ready? Galaxy brain, activate!" (entering battle)
  • "No sweat for Fret!" (entering battle)
  • "Think we bit off more than we can chew here." (entering battle with low HP)
  • "Uh... we sure we can handle this?" (entering battle with low HP)
  • "Exquisite timing!"
  • "Burn, baby!" (when using Fire affinity pin)
  • "How was that?" (attacking)
  • "Was that cool or what?"
  • "We're on a roll!"
  • "It's gonna blow!"
  • "Like a boss!"
  • "Let's keep it going!"
  • "Was that cool or what?!" (Rindo: "Not bad, I'd say.")
  • "Did I do that?" (Rindo: "You sure did!")
  • "Nice one, Nagirl!" (Nagi: "Uuuuuugh.")
  • "That went pretty well!" (Nagi: "I suppose.")
  • (Nagi: "No foes can fell me!") "Or me! Don't forget about me!"
  • (Minamimoto: "Eh. Coulda gone worse.") "You think so?"
  • (Shoka: "That didn't totally suck.") "I know right?!"
  • "Where you going, Rindude?" (running away)


The kanji in Furesawa use traditional kanji. 觸 fure in his last name has the kanji 蜀, "green caterpillar", following on a trend of The World Ends with You characters having radicals for animals embedded in their names. 桃 tou means peach, and 斎 sai is Buddhist in its origins, meaning "religious abstinence" or "purification". Martial arts experts end their name in -sai and has a similarly dated feel. This stern, antiquated forename creates an ironic contrast with his carefree attitude.

His nickname, Fret, could be after a guitar fret. Like Beat, he is an ally of the protagonist with an antiquated full name who uses musical themed nickname which also happens to be four letters and end with a t, although it is unknown if this was intentional. In Japanese, "Fret" is "Furetto" which seems to be a combination wordplay on the first letters of both his surname and first name: the "Fure" in Furesawa and the "To" in "Tosai".


  • Fret was designed by Gen Kobayashi.
  • According to the director of NEO regarding the cast's food preferences, Fret prefers his food to be a little out of the ordinary.
  • Fret's basic white shoes mirror Rindo's and are supposed to be a visual metaphor for the two friends being connected. The two major protagonists having clothing to represent their connection is similar to how Neku Sakuraba and Shiki Misaki wore yellow wristbands.
  • In the Japanese version, Fret occasionally calls Rindo "Rindo-chan".
  • Concept art shows Fret's hair may have been blonde or black.[1]
  • Fret sometimes says "Kweh?" when he is confused. This is a reference to the sounds chocobos make in Final Fantasy.
  • In the English localization, Fret mentions someone "acting kinda sus" and that they might be an "impostor". This is most likely a reference to the video game Among Us, where players must find suspicious players who might be impostors. The Japanese version does not reference Among Us or the idea of there being an "impostor", which can be seen as somewhat spoiling a plot twist.
  • In the English localization, Fret says, "And I oop!". This is a reference to Jasmine Masters.[2]
  • Fret was born on 4/20.


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