Shibuya Map - Tipsy Tose Hill
Tipsy Tose Hall is a location in The World Ends With You. It is connected to the AMXSpain Hill, and Shibu-Q Heads.

The area is significant in several chapters including week 2 day 4 and week 3 day 3.


Stride is a unique location within Tipsy Tose Hall. Stride is a Tin Pin Slammer arena available in a few days during the story where you can earn pins for winning matches. It is available during Week 2 on days 3,4,5 and 6, and also on week 3 day 3. Some of the pins earned can only be obtained here, and several are necessary for quest items in stores around Shibuya. Below are the days Stride is available and the rewards for winning. If you successfully defeat the final match in any day a second time, you receive a 500 yen pin, but by resetting the say you can return for another reward pin.

Week 3 Day 3 is notable for being the hardest tin pin match in the game, significantly harder than matches in Another Day. The match is a grand slam against 3 opponents all using the best pins for tin pin which the player can earn in the Another Day chapter. It is recommended you complete Another Day first to earn Tin Pin Golem, Tin Pin Shiva, Tin Pin Ifrit, and Tin Pin Bahamut to increase the chances of victory. Unfortunately this match is necessary for full completion of the game as its reward pin is only available here.

Day Opponent(s) Matches Reward Unique Pin?
Week 2 Day 3 Yammer 1 Tin Pin Custom No
Week 2 Day 4 Shooter 1 Tin Pin Wheel No
Week 2 Day 5 Yammer &


2 50 Yen & Tin Pin Hellfire Yes
Week 2 Day 6 Yammer &


2 Tin Pin Sunscorch &

Tin Pin Wind

Week 3 Day 3 Pin Prof, The Don, &

Vice Wizardof Slam

1 Tin Pin Artist Yes

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