Tin Pin Slammer Poster

The Tin Pin Slammer Poster.

Tin Pin Slammer (Tin Pin for short) is a minigame favored among Shibuya's youth. Tin Pin can be played against NPC opponents in-game or real-life friends; Local Wireless Multiplayer is enabled with the sticker (S) Tin Pin Versus, which can be bought at the Shibu Dept. Store. The post-game chapter Another Day is centered on the game of Tin Pin.


Tin Pin Slammer is played by up to four people who each control up to six pins, one per person at a time. The game is won by a player who has the only pins left on the battlefield or who has the most PP when time runs out. PP, or points, are gained in either of the following ways: 1 PP is gained from stunning an opponent's pin with a whammy, and 2 PP are gained from being the last one to touch an opponent's pin that has been knocked off the field. If all a player's pins are knocked off the field, that player's PP are reduced to zero, that player is given a grave instead of a pin, and the player who knocked that player's last pin off the field is given all the pinless player's PP.

When a player's pin is knocked off the field, it is replaced by the next pin in the player's deck. When a new pin comes into play, it respawns in the middle of the field, flickers, and is unable to act for a short period of time. While in this state, opponents' pins and whammies will pass through it; if another pin is on top of the spawning pin when it loses its invincibility, one of the pins will be pushed to the side, and if an opponent's whammy is on top of the spawning pin when it loses its invincibility, the spawning pin will be stunned.


There are a total of four whammies or special moves, each activated by a different button. Each pin has a set number of times each whammy can be used.

  • Stinger (Right/A): When the player uses the Stinger, the player's pin enlarges and grows spikes, becoming immobile and stopping if it was in movement. If another pin or whammy touches a pin using Stinger, that pin will be stunned, but if that whammy is the Sledgehammer, the Stinging pin will instead be stunned. The amount of time the Stinger lasts and takes to appear varies from pin to pin.
  • Dive Bomber (Up/X): When the player uses the Dive Bomber, the player's pin leaps off the screen and a crosshair takes its place. The player can direct the cross hair with the stylus. After a set amount of time has passed, the player's pin crashes back onto the field like a meteor. If another pin is under the crosshair when the player's pin drops, that pin will be stunned if it is not currently using the Stinger whammy. The amount of time and the speed of execution of the Dive Bomber vary from pin to pin.
  • Sledgehammer (Left/Y): When the player uses the Sledgehammer, a hammer will extend from the player's pin and rotate around it. If the hammerhead strikes an opponent's pin, that pin will be stunned, but the hammer's handle is useless. The hammer's duration, rotation speed, number of rotations around the player's pin, and the handle's length all vary from pin to pin.
  • Helping Hand (Down/B): This whammy can only be used when the player's pin has been knocked off of the field. When the player uses the Helping Hand, a hand will form and knock the player's pin back onto the field, given the player's pin has not fallen far enough.
  • Effectiveness Note: If a Dive Bomber lands on a Stinger, the Dive Bombing pin will be stunned; if Stinger is hit by Sledgehammer, the Stinging pin will be stunned; and if any part of Sledgehammer is hit by Dive Bomber, the Sledgehammering pin will be stunned. This system works similarly to the rules of the common game Rock-Paper-Scissors.

The Pin Info in the Pins menu of the phone menu helps determine the effectiveness of pins.

  • Class: - This is irrelevant for Tin Pin except limiting the combinations of pins available since the pins used must also follow the rules for pins equipped for battle.
  • Weight: Pins with higher Weight are harder to control but also harder to be moved by lighter pins.
  • Spin: Pins with higher Spin are more sensitive to off-center slashes that spin the pin when moved.
  • KO Length: Pins with higher KO Length are stunned for longer after being hit by opponents' whammies.

Panels and ObstaclesEdit

Different panels affect how pins move and look differently. Each panel has unique features which should be taken advantage of.

  • Red L-Block: Pins fully or partially on top of Red L-Blocks are invisible but not invincible. Whammies, dust clouds made when moving, and stars indicating stunning are still visible.
  • Red Fan: Red Fans send pins into the air for brief periods of time. Pins can soar over all obstacles and other pins while airborne, avoiding all whammies but the Dive Bomber.
  • Blue Warping Circle: Blue Warping Circles teleport pins to other Blue Warping Circles.
  • Bricks: Bricks are taller panels that prevent pins from falling off the field. Pins which hit Bricks rebound at a speed proportional to the speed they hit the Bricks with.
  • Metal Panels: Metal Panels are slick. Pins move faster than normal when on Metal Panels.


Different fields are shaped differently and contain different types of panels and obstacles. Each field has unique features which should be taken advantage of.

  • Basic: A round field with no special panels or obstacles.
  • Jungle: A strangely shaped field with multiple bouncy Brick-like obstacles, including trees, rocks, and grass. Instead of normal tan panels, the panels on this field are grass-like and green in appearance.
  • Large Field: A long oval-like field containing Bricks.
  • Red L-Block Field: A round field containing Red L-Blocks.
  • Metal Field: A wider version of the Basic field containing Metal Panels over a spacelike background.


This is a list of all pins with Tin Pin-related information. This table is sortable using the arrows on top of each column. Note that only the values listed by the game are given; pins' Dive Bomber speeds, Sledgehammer lengths, and other similar values are not listed.

 NameClassWeightSpinKo lengthStingerBomberHammerHand
Beat Partner Pin
Highest Damaging Pins
Joshua Partner Pin
Pin 001Ice BlowA90413501
Pin 002Ice RisersA91513340
Pin 003Frozen CoolReaper92315400
Pin 004Blizzard CoolReaper93416001
Pin 005EarthshakeB9447541
Pin 006Sexy DB9546840
Pin 007Sexy +B9669471
Pin 008Sexy BB9744590
Pin 009StraitjacketB9850792
Pin 010Blown KissAngel9934750
Pin 011D+BA910401142
Pin 012Happy BeamA30460120
Pin 013Natural MagnumA3137501
Pin 014Wonder MagnumA32311050
Pin 015Beauty LauncherA3345841
Pin 016One Love MagnumA3333580
Pin 017Hounder MagnumA3434570
Pin 018Bear Hug MagnumA34401161
Pin 019Sparkle BeamA3458532
Pin 020Lil' Terror BazookaA3547770
Pin 021Angel MagnumA3536380
Pin 022Cutie BeamA3544851
Pin 023Lovely BeamA35510403
Pin 024Sexy BeamA36301090
Pin 025Superfine BeamA3644541
Pin 026Playmate BeamA3635071
Pin 027Purity LauncherA3745940
Pin 028Innocence BeamA3736450
Pin 029Pop PendulumA3753653
Pin 030Casual PendulumA3857233
Pin 031Love Me TetherA38410450
Pin 032Pamper Me TetherA38413071
Pin 033Sweet Talk TetherA38515402
Pin 034Natural PuppyA3944760
Pin 035FranticC80340170
Pin 036Blink StepC8047541
Pin 037First GearC8045352
Pin 038Top GearC8146660
Pin 039Egg BombB8158880
Pin 040Meteor MagnetB81431231
Pin 041Meteor HookB82401540
Pin 042Meteor SpikeB82451600
Pin 043Strong HeartC8255243
Pin 044Strong SpiritC8320460
Pin 045Strong BodyC8349631
Pin 046Strong 'n ProudB84411070
Pin 047Poison ScorpionA84561002
Pin 048Poison SkullA85410340
Pin 049Poison BonesA8545771
Pin 050Poison ChainsA8646480
Pin 051Rapier GlanceA86431041
Pin 052Love ChargeAngel8743333
Pin 053Guardian AngelAngel8748580
Pin 054ArchangelAngel88410700
Pin 055Energy FactorAngel8835051
Pin 056Speed FactorAngel8943770
Pin 057Supply FactorA89301090
Pin 058ChaosA81044851
Pin 059Pavo RealA81245831
Pin 060Lightning MoonA50419100
Pin 061Lightning StormA5047381
Pin 062Burning CherryA51451200
Pin 063Burning MelonA51501252
Pin 064Burning BerryA52431230
Pin 065Aqua MonsterB5245481
Pin 066Aqua GhostB5348640
Pin 067Aqua DemonB5348431
Pin 068Cornered RatB5435470
Pin 069Blast WarningA54401161
Pin 070Candle ServiceA55431430
Pin 071Shock WarningA55471001
Pin 072Kinetic WarningC56451030
Pin 073Impact WarningB56502302
Pin 074Storm WarningC5744661
Pin 075Electric WarningB5846740
Pin 076Teleport WarningC59410070
Pin 077ShoutA5940691
Pin 078Psych SupportA51033770
Pin 079Stopper SparkA511401042
Pin 080Mus RattusA51235560
Pin 081MasamuneA7049081
Pin 082OnikiriA7054732
Pin 083NenekiriA7159990
Pin 084KanesadaA7130581
Pin 085EnjuA7246840
Pin 086YoshimitsuA7230880
Pin 087IchimonjiB73410430
Pin 088NikkariB73611861
Pin 089MikazukiB74412340
Pin 090ShiroB74514402
Pin 091UnjoB75415020
Pin 092IzanagiB75516051
Pin 093MurasameA76407100
Pin 094RakuyoA7649901
Pin 095KusanagiA7744770
Pin 096OhabariA77414051
Pin 097ZantetsuB78310340
Pin 098MitamaB78404150
Pin 099IzanamiA79301050
Pin 100OnmyoA7945451
Pin 101KonohanaA71063434
Pin 102Konohana SakuyaA71048450
Pin 103Jupiter of the MonkeyA71257092
Pin 104Long Live the RockC10035531
Pin 105Long Live the IceB101409100
Pin 106Long Live the FloeB10243472
Pin 107Eyes Full of HopeB10333341
Pin 108Eyes Full of LightB10449801
Pin 109Hot GazeC105451400
Pin 110Sizzling GazeC106501442
Pin 111Cold StareB10738360
Pin 112Icy StareB10855453
Pin 113Wassup Thunder!B10943970
Pin 114Wassup Lightning!B101040961
Pin 115Wassup Voltage!B101143661
Pin 116Indestructo ManA1013401042
Pin 117Hip SnakeA1015450101
Pin 118Octo SqueezeReaper71437100
Pin 119Snail SqueezeReaper72407120
Pin 120Vacu SqueezeReaper73440131
Pin 121Gimme Dat SheepReaper74408140
Pin 122Gimme Dat ElephantReaper75460150
Pin 123Gimme Dat HippoReaper75400181
Pin 124Crackle Pop BarrierA76401170
Pin 125Splish Splash BarrierA7644732
Pin 126Creepy Weepy BarrierA77410041
Pin 127Whirlygig JuggleC78361000
Pin 128Healing BunnyA7863653
Pin 129Healing FlamingoA7862753
Pin 130Healing WhaleA7951553
Pin 131Croc LeisureA7935560
Pin 132Monkey LeisureA7949061
Pin 133Bear LeisureA7104101000
Pin 134Squirrel LeisureA71046461
Pin 135Sparkle ChargeAngel71255713
Pin 136Handsfree HealingAngel71224900
Pin 137Sheep HeavenlyA715450102
Pin 138DistortionB6030880
Pin 139Velocity AttackA6147551
Pin 140Velocity TackleA614010100
Pin 141Demon's HatredA62431531
Pin 142Go 2 HellB62412600
Pin 143Go 2 HeavenB63412340
Pin 144Lightning AngerB63534152
Pin 145Lightning RageB64404180
Pin 146LIVE!A6448461
Pin 147Peace FullA6561664
Pin 148ThanxA65410341
Pin 149D.I.Y.A6646731
Pin 150Tigre PunksA6735750
Pin 151One Stone, Many BirdsB4048072
Pin 152One Stroke, Vast WealthB4130790
Pin 153One Grain, Infinite PromiseB4248901
Pin 154Self Found, Others LostB43350100
Pin 155Fiery Spirit, Spirited FireA44401261
Pin 156Flames Afar, Foes AflameA45431240
Pin 157Final Pyre, All ExpiredA45401441
Pin 158Blue Blood Burns BlueB46441600
Pin 159Live Slow, Die FastB4647082
Pin 160Local Fire, Distant SeaB4745850
Pin 161June Hearth, January FanB4733680
Pin 162Swift Storm, Swift EndB4857991
Pin 163Black Sky, White BoltB41057072
Pin 164Follow Suit, Fall in TurnB41240990
Pin 165Dragon CoutureA41549091
Pin 166Lolita BatA5055532
Pin 167Skull RabbitA5143870
Pin 168KaleidoscopeB5234850
Pin 169Lolita EmblemB53414401
Pin 170Lolita ChopperB54416060
Pin 171Link SpiderC5540991
Pin 172Web SpiderC5635650
Pin 173Network SpiderC5748081
Pin 174Lolita MicA5848850
Pin 175Spider's SilkB59431130
Pin 176LeopardA51065604
Pin 177Lolita SkullA511310700
Pin 178Black RoseA51245641
Pin 179Lapin AngeliqueA51543851
Pin 180Thunder PawnA1030690
Pin 181Lightning PawnA1043771
Pin 182Aqua PawnB1136900
Pin 183Swing BishopA1154543
Pin 184Pegaso BishopA1255363
Pin 185King ArthurA1340991
Pin 186ExcaliburA1443960
Pin 187Thunder RookB1545452
Pin 188Lightning RookB16411700
Pin 189Jack's KnightC1746471
Pin 190King's KnightC1849090
Pin 191Queen's KnightC1933740
Pin 192Her Royal HighnessAngel11044940
Pin 193PegasoA11347081
Pin 194Lazy BomberA2040990
Pin 195Flower of FlameA20531502
Pin 196Flower of FireA20501651
Pin 197Kewl LineB21470110
Pin 198Dope LineB21434111
Pin 199Wild LineB22405130
Pin 200Fly LineA22304140
Pin 201Fresh LineA23430151
Pin 202Microcosmic PullB23441730
Pin 203Cosmic PullB24401950
Pin 204Macrocosmic PullB25511922
Pin 205DissA26411700
Pin 206Wild BoarA2857143
Pin 207Big BangB6343771
Pin 208Big CrunchB6137460
Pin 209Swift as the Wind---61404101
Pin 210Hushed as the Wood---6235480
Pin 211Fierce as the Flame---6257491
Pin 212Stalwart as the Mount---6333390
Pin 213Black MarsA6347641
Pin 214Black JupiterA6440772
Pin 215Black UranusA65461130
Pin 216Black VenusA66471001
Pin 217Black SaturnA66407100
Pin 218Black MercuryB6734840
Pin 219Righty CatA67461101
Pin 220Brainy CatA6846491
Pin 221Lefty CatA6846092
Pin 222One Jump from Eden---6920450
Pin 223One Skip from Eden---6933570
Pin 224One Hop from Eden---61043941
Pin 225One Step from Eden---61034660
Pin 226Eden's Door---612470101
Pin 227Visionary BlendAngel61260654
Pin 228Red SkullA61554682
Pin 229GatitoA615401171
Pin 230Tin Pin FireC5443451
Pin 231Tin Pin CustomB5544540
Pin 232Tin Pin WindA6646330
Pin 233Tin Pin BladeB6345441
Pin 234Tin Pin WheelA4747601
Pin 235Tin Pin DashA5240681
Pin 236Tin Pin ThriftA7547441
Pin 237Tin Pin HellfireA6140871
Pin 238Tin Pin SunscorchB5447460
Pin 239Tin Pin RockerA7149182
Pin 240Tin Pin ArtistA2247571
Pin 241Tin Pin DevilB2345961
Pin 242Tin Pin IfritA7049791
Pin 243Tin Pin ShivaReaper4449951
Pin 244Tin Pin GolemB544510102
Pin 245Tin Pin BahamutReaper66475132
Pin 2461 Yen---2545670
Pin 2475 Yen---3949081
Pin 24810 Yen---4033850
Pin 24950 Yen---54450101
Pin 250100 Yen---6448831
Pin 251500 Yen---73510902
Pin 2521,000 Yen---87306110
Pin 2535,000 Yen---97408100
Pin 25410,000 Yen---101523350
Pin 255Scarletite---8050663
Pin 256Rare Metal---83401090
Pin 257Tektite---8648091
Pin 258Adamantite---8848730
Pin 259Orichalcum---81255362
Pin 260Shadow Matter---81544850
Pin 261Dark Matter---81545931
Pin 262Rhyme---5650882
Pin 263Lucky StarC100541002
Pin 264Lady LuckC2656632
Pin 265Lucky PandaC1230980
Pin 266PyrokinesisA5944951
Pin 267ShockwaveA4145851
Pin 268Cure DrinkA6457073
Pin 269Force RoundsA4347551
Pin 270PsychokinesisC7530970
Pin 271ThunderboltC21243751
Pin 272The Eyes Have ItB84301070
Pin 273I Live for FoodA9453673
Pin 274Walk on, Walk offC1636450
Pin 275Me Time is Free TimeReaper82540161
Pin 276Fuji YamaB31048460
Pin 277DarumaB78401450
Pin 278SushiB5045760
Pin 279ShinobiA444100100
Pin 280TigrisReaper45417050
Pin 281CorehogAngel5344770
Pin 282JellyReaper66401160
Pin 283SharkReaper810450150
Pin 284LeoReaper2848640
Pin 285OvisReaper312401042
Pin 286CornixAngel78441701
Pin 287PopguinAngel5148441
Pin 288PteropusAngel6953553
Pin 289MinkReaper59404180
Pin 290BoomerAngel47618003
Pin 291SprogReaper8039350
Pin 292FoxAngel52451301
Pin 293BatAngel6350943
Pin 294RhinoReaper612440161
Pin 295ShrewReaper7748550
Pin 296WoollyReaper8647071
Pin 297RavenReaper8653862
Pin 298DrakeAngel511401700
Pin 299AnguisReaper106360100
Pin 300PigReaper5757632
Pin 301CarcinReaper76451201
Pin 302GrizzlyReaper815453100
Pin 303WolfAngel33401061
Pin 304FrogAngel65450120
Pin 306Green DragonA44401150
Pin 322Morganite---82419101
Pin 323Taaffeite84490100
Pin 901100,000 Yen---10331010100
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