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Introduction Edit

The game's timeline consists of 3 weeks, each of 7 days.

Neku's partner changes each week; his three partners are Shiki Misaki, Joshua, and Beat.

Each day usually starts around the time Neku gets a mission from the Game Master and ends with Neku having fulfilled the mission's objectives.

Following are the highlights of each day. (story events, opportunities to obtain missable items, side stories, etc.)

The Secret Reports for each day can be found here.

Pre-Game Edit

Unknown pre-Game: Yoshiya Kiryu becomes the composer of the Reaper's Game. The circumstances behind his obtaining of the position are unknown.

Unknown pre-Game: The Producer Sanae Hanekoma, acting as the designer CAT, creates the Udagawa mural, containing the subliminal commands "Enjoy the moment more" and "Gather". These are selected to result in Shibuya becoming a focus point for people with strong Imaginations.

Unknown pre-Game (Another Day only): Neku Sakuraba befriends a classmate, who later dies; Neku feels that his classmate's death is his fault. As he reveals this during the alternate universe of Another Day, it is unknown if this happened in the game universe.

    • However, in Week 1, Day 4, Neku says Rhyme's erasure was "just like that time" which he can't remember - which could possibly have been the dead classmate.

9 days pre-Game: The Composer announces his plan to erase Shibuya to Megumi Kitaniji. Kitaniji offers to fix the people of Shibuya and stakes his life on his ability to do so. Kitaniji's thirty-day timer starts.

1 day pre-Game: The Composer enters the Realground to locate a mortal to use as a Proxy. He finds Neku at the Udagawa mural. Sho Minamimoto, upon learning that the Composer is in the RG, attempts to kill him there, but his attempt fails and he flees. The Composer kills Neku to create a Proxy and takes his memories of his death. He also gives the Proxy a Player Pin.

Week 1 Edit

Partner: Shiki. Game Master: Yodai Higashizawa, acting as proxy for Megumi Kitaniji.

Day 1 Edit

  • The Reapers' Game begins. Notable players:
    • Neku: Murdered by the Composer. Entry fee: His memories. Note that his entry fee is separate from the memories of his death, which were taken by the Composer after said death.
    • Shiki: Died in an unknown accident. Entry fee: Her physical appearance.
    • Beat: Died in a car accident attempting to save Rhyme. Entry fee: Rhyme's love, memories, and affection for him.
    • Rhyme: Died in a car accident at the Miyashita Park Underpass. Entry fee: Unknown; can be inferred to be her dreams from later events.
  • The Producer, Sanae Hanekoma, descends from the Higher Plane to the UG to observe the running of a Game without an active Composer.
  • Mission: "Reach 104."
  • Joshua can be seen watching Neku at the Statue of Hachiko.
  • Neku sees unnamed players being erased at the Statue of Hachiko.
  • Neku meets Shiki at Hachiko, and forms a pact with her.
  • Neku and Shiki meet Yashiro when they complete the mission.

Day 2 Edit

  • Mission: "Set the cursed sculpture free." The sculpture, Hachiko, is "cursed" with Noise that must be erased.
  • Neku and Shiki meet Beat and Rhyme for the first time, outside Shibuya Station.
  • Neku and Shiki meet Uzuki after the mission. She orders Neku to erase Shiki, but the erasure attempt is stopped by Hanekoma.
  • Neku and Shiki meet Hanekoma for the first time. He gives them the Harmonizer Pin.

Day 3 Edit

  • Mission: "Defeat the master of A-East." The master is Vespertilio Canor, which cannot be battled until the A-East lighting system is fixed.
  • Beat and Rhyme complete the mission, not Neku and Shiki.
  • Six players are erased.

Day 4 Edit

  • Mission: "Reach Towa Records."
  • Thirteen players are erased, including Rhyme.
  • Neku, Shiki, and Beat meet Kariya for the first time at the trap set by him and Yashiro.
  • Hanekoma binds Rhyme's Soul to a pin to ensure her and Beat's survival.
  • Beat receives the Rhyme pin, makes a pact with it to stay alive, and goes into the care of Hanekoma at Wildkat.

Day 5 Edit

  • Mission: "Free Spain Hill from the Noise." The Negative Noise being generated by the argument between Ai and Mina cannot be erased until the argument is stopped.
  • Neku and Shiki meet the Game Master for the first time.
  • Higashizawa reveals the Shiki's hidden jealousy and threatens to reveal her entry fee.

Day 6 Edit

  • Mission: "Dominate the Scramble Crossing view at 3:00." This refers to the Q building screen, which must display the Red Skull pin. 
  • The Composer contacts Hanekoma to request upgrades to his phone.
  • Beat tries and fails to use the Rhyme pin to summon Rhyme's Noise form. Although Hanekoma imprinted him with the knowledge to do so, he lacks the power required to use it.
  • The Red Skull pins are popularized among the Shibuya RG because of the mission. This is part of Kitaniji's plan but is put in motion by Higashiwaza, acting as Kitaniji's proxy.
  • The mission gives Makoto Miki the confidence to change his career path during Week 2.
  • Neku and Shiki run into Shiki's friend Eri, who mentions that she plans to give up on her intended career as a fashion designer because she feels inadequate without Shiki.
  • Neku encourages Shiki to forge her own identity.

Day 7 Edit

  • Mission: "Defeat the Game Master."
  • Beat flees WildKat to ask Uzuki and Kariya how to summon Rhyme's Noise through her Pin.
  • Higashizawa is erased by Neku and Shiki at the Shibuya Underpass.

Aftermath Edit

  • Beat chooses to join the Reapers, believing this is necessary in order to save Rhyme.
  • Shiki is chosen for reincarnation, but rather than being brought to life is taken as Neku's entry fee for Week 2. Kitaniji would not have been able to bring her back to life without the Composer's help, even if she were not taken as Neku's entry fee.

Week 2 Edit

Partner: Joshua. Game Master: Sho Minamimoto.

Day 1 Edit

  • Week 2 of the Reapers' Game begins. Notable Players:
    • Neku: Re-entered. Entry fee: Shiki.
    • Joshua: Abnormal entry. No entry fee.
    • Sota and Nao: Partners who died sometime after the Red Skull pins were distributed in Week 1. Entry fees: Unknown.
  • A notable Reaper is Beat, who changed his allegiance at the end of the last week in order to save Rhyme. As he was one of the surviving Players at the end of Week 1, his previous entry fee of Rhyme's memories was returned.
  • Mission: "X = 30 + 74". Since "X marks the spot" and 30 + 74 = 104, this is an instruction to reach the 104 Building.
  • Joshua forges a Pact with Neku.
  • Neku scans Joshua, coming into contact with a portion of Joshua's memories of Neku's death. This is possible because Joshua does not possess a Player Pin.
  • Hanekoma completes the tracking application for the mobile phones, and calls Joshua to let him know it is ready.
  • Minamimoto reveals himself to Joshua and Neku and realizes Joshua's identity.

Day 2 Edit

  • This is the second of two missions to be completed by Players other than Neku and his partner (in this case, Sota and Nao).
  • Neku scans Joshua again, this time bringing up a memory of what appears to be a sleeping or dead Neku at the CAT mural in Udagawa. Neku begins to suspect Joshua of being his killer.
  • The Producer Sanae Hanekoma tells Sho Minamimoto how to create Taboo Noise and thus becomes a Fallen Angel. Minamimoto was chosen because of his conviction against the Composer and his reputation for behaving bizarrely. Minamimoto subsequently ceases creating missions, instead focusing on creating Taboo Noise.
  • Kitaniji orders Beat to attack Neku directly. As Neku is the Composer's proxy, his defeat would save Shibuya.

Day 3 Edit

  • Due to Minamimoto's distraction, no missions are set for the next few days. The focus of this day is rescuing Ramen Don from the competing Shadow Ramen.
  • Joshua visits Hanekoma to collect the tracking application he ordered during Week 1. While Joshua tells Neku that it tracks the Composer, it in fact tracks the Conductor. This is done by Joshua in an effort to understand exactly how Kitaniji plans to change Shibuya for the better.
  • Beat attacks Neku, following the orders he was given prior.
  • B.J. calls Uzuki from the Phone Booth of Love at Molco, Tenho hides 777's microphone, and Sho swaps that microphone with his megaphone.
  • Makoto's boss pleads to Hanekoma regarding an unknown issue.

Day 4 Edit

  • No mission today. Neku and Joshua spend the day helping the Support Reapers search for their band's microphone, which distracts them from their personal goal for the day, which is to reach Udagawa.
  • Kariya and Uzuki begin searching Shibuya for irregularities.
  • Sho completes his Taboo Refinery Sigil but is spotted by Neku, Joshua, Kariya, and Uzuki.
  • Neku scans Joshua for the third time, bringing up more memories of his death. Neku concludes that Joshua is his killer.

Day 5 Edit

  • No mission today. Kariya and Uzuki set up an involved series of Walls to block the Players on their way to Cat Street to meet Hanekoma. Kariya reveals that this is to test not Neku but Joshua.
  • Taboo Noise are unleashed on the city, attacking both Reapers and Players.
  • The tracking application is modified. Although Joshua claims this is a revision to fix the "bugs" from the days prior, the tracker has been specifically rewritten to detect the Shibuya River.
  • Beat attacks Neku for the third time. Neku gives back the pendant Beat dropped.
  • The tracker and Joshua lead Neku to the Station Underpass and the entry to the Shibuya River, but they are blocked by a wall.
  • Joshua is forced to use his power as a Composer to erase a Trance Rhino at the Station Underpass. Kariya sees this but, as he is unaware of the Composer, assumes that Joshua is playing the Game illegally as a living person.

Day 6 Edit

  • Mission: "Beat the bosses of 2.2360679's 0+5." This translates to defeating Boss Noise at the Scramble Crossing and Udagawa (2.2360679 is the square root of 5, thus "route 5", which refers to a numbering system used by Reapers to identify routes through the city; 0+5 indicates the "zeroth" and "fifth" locations along that route, which are the Scramble and the Back Streets).
  • Taboo Noise run amok across Shibuya, attacking both Players and Reapers.
  • The Producer and Composer both observe that the Red Skull pins have the effect of imprinting Kitaniji's mind upon their wearer.

Day 7 Edit

  • Kitaniji overrides the mission distribution system and sends a specific mission to the Players: "Erase the Game Master at Pork City."
  • More of Neku's death is revealed, but the contents of the memory lead Neku to assume Minamimoto is his killer.
  • Minamimoto uses a level i flare in his battle against Neku and Joshua to try to defeat the Composer.
  • Joshua pretends to sacrifice himself to defend Neku from Minamimoto's final attack, but in fact flees to an alternate universe (where the Another Day chapter takes place) to wait for Hanekoma.
  • Kitaniji again has to avoid admitting that he can't reincarnate Neku without the Composer, but does so by ruling Neku's partnership with Joshua as illegal. Kitaniji also forbids Neku from playing the Game a further time after his third, as Kitaniji's own timer will run out at the end of the following week.

Week 3 Edit

Partner: Beat. Game Master: Mitsuki Konishi.

Day 1 Edit

  • The third run of the Reapers' Game begins. Notable Players:
    • Neku: Re-entered. Entry fee: Other Players.
    • Beat: Voluntary entry after abandoning the Reapers. Entry fee: Rhyme's pin.
  • Mission: "Reach 104."
  • Kitaniji initiates a Game with only one Player, because an unpartnered Player cannot survive. The mission to reach 104 is impossible, since 104 is protected by a Wall which can only be opened once a Pact has been made.
  • Beat betrays the Reapers to form a Pact with Neku, thus saving him. Beat also plans to attempt to defeat the Composer, in order to become Composer and bring back the human Rhyme.
  • Hanekoma finds Minamimoto's Taboo Noise Refinery sigil in Udagawa and corrects the errors in it, ensuring Minamimoto's revival. As this is forbidden, he reports that he was attempting to deface it.

Day 2 Edit

  • Mission: Find and defeat Konishi, who will hide in a single location (time limit: 6 days).
  • Kitaniji issues the Emergency Call, suspending the Composer's authority, and requires reapers to wear Red Skull pins, known to them as as O-Pins, for the first time.
  • Konishi forcibly changes Rhyme's form to a pin and takes the pin from Beat as his entry fee. She issues the mission and hides in Beat's shadow.
  • Konishi gives a fake copy of the Rhyme pin to Uzuki and Kariya, but she does not tell them that it's a fake.
  • Neku and Beat spend the day searching for Konishi and end up fighting 777. After sparing him, he gives his keypin to the two, and is subsequently erased by Konishi. As Beat and Neku investigate the stage where he was erased, they are forced to fight the Noise Pteropus Canor.

Day 3Edit

  • Uzuki attempts to play tag with Neku and Beat, with the reward being the fake Rhyme pin. Beat, however, forgets or does not know that that "Reaper Sport 4" refers to Tag; he believes it's Reaper Creeper and tries to play it with several people in the RG while Uzuki is running away. Uzuki directly attacks Neku and Beat after they figure out what the game is and tag her, but she loses.
  • Makoto is inspired to quit his job and begins preparations to open Shadow Ramen.
  • Kariya makes an appearance and tells the Players to beat him in order to get the pin.

Day 4 Edit

  • The Red Skull pins are activated and Kitaniji's Imagination begins to impress itself on Shibuya.
  • Kariya sets up a series of puzzles for Neku and Beat, with the fake Rhyme pin as bait.
  • Neku learns about Beat's death. They move to Towa Records in order to fight Kariya. They note that they can't read people's minds.
  • Kariya attacks Neku and Beat directly, then teams up with Uzuki for a second attempt. Only after they are both defeated do they realize the Rhyme pin is fake. As compensation, Kariya gives them his Level 4 Keypin.
  • After the Players leave Kariya and Uzuki are possessed by their O-Pins.

Day 5 Edit

  • Neku and Beat decide to use the new Keypin to look for Konishi in Udagawa.
  • Minamimoto is revived as Taboo noise via the corrected Refinery Sigil.
  • People and Reapers alike are now trapped in the cycle of Kitaniji's thoughts.
  • Kariya and Uzuki, now possessed by their Red Skull pins, attack Beat and Neku again.

Day 6 Edit

  • Hanekoma finds the Composer playing Tin Pin Slammer in the alternate Shibuya of "Another Day" and leaves WildKat to go and get him, leaving behind the Keypin for Neku. During this time, he meets up with that world’s Neku and “tests” him by fighting against him in his Noise form, Panthera Cantus. The Neku of that world is also tested by the original Joshua, who had been waiting within the Room of Reckoning for Hanekoma to pick him up.
  • Minamimoto attacks WildKat in search of the Composer, but upon failing to find Joshua or Hanekoma there just trashes the place.
  • Neku and Beat decide to visit WildKat in search of Konishi and/or Hanekoma, who Beat and to some extent Neku believe to be the Composer; they find the café destroyed, but they also find Hanekoma’s keypin.
  • Beat and Neku encounter and fight Minamimoto in Cadoi City.
  • Almost everyone is possessed by the Red Skull Pins.

Day 7 Edit

  • The imprinting via the Red Skull Pins is complete. Shibuya is 100% homogenized in thought, and the city's ubiquitous crowds are frozen.
  • Minamimoto breaks through the Shibuya River Wall, but cannot proceed further, as Konishi has placed an unbreakable wall at the Rubicon.
  • Beat and Neku pass through the broken Shibuya River Wall, bringing Konishi to Minamimoto. Minamimoto asks her to remove the barrier, which she does upon the condition that he make her his Conductor. Konishi then attacks Beat and Neku, but is defeated.
  • Before her erasure, Konishi reveals that Rhyme's memories were Beat's entry fee.
  • Minamimoto passes through the barrier and battles Joshua. He is defeated and knocked unconscious, but not erased.
  • Beat and Neku meet Shiki in the Shibuya River. Shiki, devoid of her Player Pin, is imprinted on by her Red Skull pin. She fights Neku and Beat with Kitaniji, but they are defeated. Beat is knocked unconscious in the process of guarding Neku from Shiki's attack, and Neku destroys her Red Skull pin.
  • Neku continues to the Room of Reckoning alone. He calls out to Hanekoma, whom he believes to be the Composer. Kitaniji reveals himself and destroys one of Neku's Player Pins. As Beat and Shiki enter, Kitaniji attacks Neku with his Noise form Anguis Cantus.
  • Joshua arrives after the battle and is absorbed into Kitaniji's Noise form, which Neku eventually defeats with a Fusion.
  • As Neku has defeated him, Kitaniji has failed to complete his mission. His timer reaches zero, and though he is erased he claims to have no regrets.
  • Joshua reveals himself as the Composer and returns Neku's full memory of his death, revealing that Minamimoto's shots were aimed not for Neku but for Joshua, who shot Neku after chasing off Minamimoto.
  • Joshua challenges Neku to a final duel for the fate of Shibuya. Neku refuses to fire and is shot. As he loses consciousness, the last thing he sees is Hanekoma standing beside Joshua.

Post-game Edit

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  • The changes in people brought about by the game reconfigure Shibuya. Joshua abandons his plan to erase it, and Hanekoma believes it has now become the ideal parallel world.
  • Rhyme, who had been erased on Day 4 of Week 1, is restored to life. Presumably, Joshua chose to reincarnate her.
  • 1 day post-game: Neku awakens in the Realground Scramble Crossing, and cries out in frustration as he believes he is being forced to play a fourth game.
  • 7 days post-game: Neku, Beat, Shiki (in her true form, rather than Eri's) and Rhyme meet in front of the Hachiko statue in the Realground.
  • Unknown time but presumably 7 days post-game: Hanekoma and Joshua watch the four former players from atop of the 104 building. After a short conversation, Joshua flies off and Hanekoma follows.
  • Unknown time post-game: Neku and Beat are thrown into an Expert Mode Reaper's Game with a mysterious Reaper, Coco Atarashi. In the jumbled Shibuya, Neku has visions of Shinjuku being destroyed, Rhyme being erased again, a mysterious girl with a Mr. Mew plush, and Joshua with a gun. After learning the Shibuya was just a massive noise created by Coco, Beat and Neku defeat it. They return to the Realground, but shortly after Neku is shot and killed by Coco - Joshua appears to stop her. Shinjuku is Inverted, and Coco in the River of Shibuya revives Minamimoto with a Taboo Refinery Sigil. Meanwhile, Hanekoma and Joshua discuss Coco and Shinjuku's Inversion and the mysterious girl Neku saw in his visions is seen on the Scramble Crossing with "New 7 Days" in the background.