The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

"Konishi's Noise form. She can manipulate her shadow at will. If you're clever, you can turn that against her!"
— Noise Report

Tigris Cantus (ティグリスカンタス Tigurisu Kantasu, Latin for "singing tiger") is the final boss of Week 3 of the Reapers' Game and Mitsuki Konishi's Noise Form.


  • Form 1:
    • Shine Pit: At the bottom-left part of the lower screen exists large pit of bright white that absorbs all, including Noise and obstacles (Neku merely takes damage while standing on it). Noise entering the pit will have different effects on Tigris Cantus:
      • Gracious Meal: Upon having a normal Noise enter the pit, the pit will consume the Noise and Tigris Cantus will be healed.
      • Obstacle Reinforcement: An obstacle which enters the pit will disappear and shoot out at Tigris Cantus on the top screen.
      • Foiled Taboo: A Taboo Noise which enters the pit damages Tigris Cantus. By taking damage, Tigris Cantus cannot use Shadow Maneuver and can thus take damage from Beat.
    • Shadow Maneuver: Tigris Cantus, upon being attacked by Beat, will teleport to dodge his attacks. She will not dodge his attacks for a short while after every lunge.
    • Shadow Lunge: Tigris Cantus will lunge forward, sending a shadow of herself out to charge forward. If this hits Beat, it will inflict damage. Tigris Cantus will use only this to attack on the top screen.
  • Form 2:
    • Shadow Swap: Tigris Cantus can swap from top screen to bottom screen, leaving behind her shadows, which attack Neku or Beat.
    • Shadow Lunge: Tigris Cantus and her shadows will lunge forward and charge. If this hits Beat or Neku, it will inflict damage.
  • Form 3:
    • Steal All Your Worth: During this form, Tigris Cantus will rob Neku of all his pins, including the Harmonizer Pin, and presumably all his stickers, as he is unable to dash during this form.
    • Blight: A single light rotates slowly clockwise around the bottom screen, creating shadows behind Neku and Tigris Cantus.
    • Shadow Tag: With Neku unable to use his pins, the only way he can damage Tigris Cantus on the bottom screen is by stepping on her shadow, which causes all the clones from Shadow Duplication to disappear. However, while she is on Neku's shadow, Neku will take damage.
    • Shadow Lunge: Tigris Cantus will lunge forward, thereafter sending a shadow of herself out to charge forward. If this hits Beat, it will inflict damage. Tigris Cantus will only use this to attack on the top screen.
    • Shadow Duplication: On the top screen, Tigris Cantus will make clones of her shadow every time she lunges. Beat cannot deal damage to her while at least one shadow remains on top. Neku can help Beat erase the shadows by stepping on Tigris Cantus' shadow on the bottom screen. Rarely she shoot a blue ball of energy at Beat but it happens so rarely it is not a problem but when it does it can eliminate a large figure of your health.
  • Form 4:
    • Steal All Your Worth: During this Form, Tigris Cantus robs Neku of all his pins, including the Harmonizer Pin, and presumably all his stickers, as he is unable to dash during this form.
    • Summon Rhyme: Neku obtains the Rhyme pin after defeating Form 3. He can use only this Pin's psych to attack the Blight from Blight Escape, and this pin is not affected by Steal All Your Worth.
    • Blight Escape: Tigris Cantus is in the form of the Blight, teleporting around, and starts on the lower screen, changing screens every time a finisher is inflicted on her. Since all Summon Rhyme's attacks are finishers, she immediately teleports to the top screen once attacked by Neku but stays while Beat attacks her until he lands a combo finisher. Since she is the Blight, she casts light and can be found by observing Neku or Beat's shadows.
    • Shadow Lunge: Tigris Cantus' shadows are capable of lunging to charge forward, inflicting damage to either Beat or Neku. Every time they lunge, they change location.


Tigris Cantus has the most forms of any boss in the main story, lasting four forms. Before the battle begins, a text like a mission mail is sent to Neku's phone. The text, while somewhat cryptic, details how to defeat Tigris Cantus once deciphered.

Form 1[]

A large white pit will form in the bottom-right corner of Neku's battlefield, and various powerful noise will spawn on the upper right. The pit attracts Noise and obstacles, albeit slowly. Some of these noise will be Taboo Noise, but none will spawn on the top screen. In this form, Tigris Cantus only appears on the Top Screen. She will attack Beat, but will teleport away if Beat attempts to attack her. Neku must defeat the regular Noise on the bottom screen and lure the Taboo Noise into the pit, by using Psychokinesis or by standing on the pit. If a regular Noise walks into the pit, Tigris Cantus will calmly state "Thank you" or laugh and say "Fools!" and will heal. If a Taboo noise walks into the pit, she will take damage, angrily shout "You!" and for a brief period of time will not teleport away when Beat attacks her. Tigris Cantus will attack with a lunging move where she sends her shadow after Beat, but it is generally easy to avoid.

Form 2[]

All noise except Tigris Cantus vanish off the field, as well as the pit. In this form, Tigris Cantus will teleport between the top and bottom screens. On the bottom screen, she leaves behind her shadow, which cannot be damaged and is capable of attacking. She continues to attack by lunging. This is overall her easiest form.

Form 3[]

Once Tigris Cantus' yellow health bar has been fully drained, she will steal all of Neku's pins and say "Claim it if you can". Neku is incapable of attacking during this form. She will appear on both screens simultaneously. In this form, Tigris Cantus is capable of creating multiple shadows of herself on the top screen. They will attack Beat and can be damaged. You cannot attack Tigris Cantus until all of the shadows are defeated, but she constantly will create more. Run into Tigris Cantus' actual shadow with Neku on the bottom screen to destroy the shadows on the top screen. Tigris Cantus will appear on both screens. She continues to attack while lunging.

Form 4[]

Neku gains the Rhyme pin, and the battlefield changes to a completely white landscape. In this form, both screens will be occupied by 3 of Tigris Cantus' shadows. In this form, they cannot be damaged but will attack. Tigris Cantus herself is a small yellow spark that can be found opposite the direction of Neku's shadow. Use the Rhyme pin on Tigris Cantus to defeat her and teleport back to the Shibuya River.

In Solo Remix, this battle is significantly changed to accommodate the removal of the top screen. In Form 1, Tigris Cantus appears on the battlefield, but is invulnerable, only becoming open to attack briefly whenever Taboo Noise falls into the pit. In Form 2, both Tigris Cantus and her shadow appear on the battlefield, and Tigris Cantus will periodically switch places with her shadow. In Form 3, Neku can still use Beat's partner pin, and must use it to damage Tigris Cantus; Neku needs to remain on top of her actual shadow to prevent her from generating shadow selves. In Form 4, Tigris Cantus remains on the battlefield at all times, and can be damaged by either Rhyme or Beat.