The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

Threads refer to clothing items in the game. They fill the same role as armor and accessories in fantasy RPGs.


Most threads are obtained from shops, but a number of postgame threads are dropped for free. A player may purchase multiple regular and purple quest threads. Dropped and red quest threads may not be obtained more than once.

There are six types of threads: headwear, top, bottom, "top & bottom" (uniform), footwear, and accessory. Wearing a "top & bottom" thread does not prevent the player from wearing a top or bottom, so this type will be referred as uniform in the article.

Threads are equipped by dragging the item onto one of the four equipment slots of a character, subject to the following restrictions:

  • A character cannot equip two threads of the same type
  • A character cannot equip a thread if its bravery (BRV) requirement is above the character's BRV

Wearing multiple threads and pins of the same brand will boost brand awareness, which will raise pin ATK for pins of that brand. It is generally better to avoid this unless clearing a mission, or if using LASS, because the good threads are spread over multiple brands.

When Shiki and Joshua leave at the end of their weeks, they will take their threads with them. Therefore, it is important to buy multiples of some useful threads, such as Purple Sneaks.


Each item has an unlockable ability. An ability influences gameplay as described in its in-game description; see Ability List. If the info box shows Ability Locked, it means the ability is hidden and inactive. Abilities are unlocked when a shop owner recognizes the thread and the FSG requirement is met. Many threads are unlockable from the same shop in which they were obtained, but some require visiting another shop to unlock their abilities.

It is generally better to equip threads based on their abilities, rather than their stat boosts.


There are 280 threads to collect in the game. As with any collection, some of these threads stand out over the others. Just because an item is expensive or requires high BRV doesn't mean it's good. Below are the all-star selection of threads that one should keep an eye out for.

+Fusion Star and +Regeneration threads are not listed; most of them are postgame only. At that point, it is better to use the puck boosting postgame threads or simply deal massive damage with SOS.

Puck Boosts the puck with either Puck Power or Faster Puck.
SOS Use with SOS setups only. There are many useful SOS threads; the ones listed are the highlights.
Quest Purple quest item. Beware: some threads will require materials before the availability date.
Quest Red quest (one only) item.
Postgame Only available once the maingame is cleared and chapter select is unlocked.
Drop Obtained by completing a secret report task in the postgame.


W1D4: Star Cap
W2D4: San Francisco
W3D7: Pi-Face's Cap
Postgame Samurai Wig Drop
Postgame Your Cap Quest
Headwear isn't particularly valuable compared to the other types. Most of them just aren't that special.
Star Cap is the earliest inexpensive thread that grants ATK +5 to Shiki. Due to her 100% panel efficiency, this immediately boosts her ATK by 50% if she has 10 base ATK. Week 1 will be easy if you equip this on her.
San Francisco has ATK +7, which is the largest boost for headwear in the maingame. It also doesn't require much BRV, making it easy to equip on Neku, Joshua, and Beat. The ability ends up being useful against the W3D2 boss, Vespertilio Canor.
Pi-Face's Cap is the "smart player" check: if the player was diligent enough to raise Neku's BRV to 75 by the end of the maingame, Neku will gain a substantial stat boost against the final bosses for free.
Samurai Wig has Dual Resistance I (prevents ATK/DEF break) and +30 ATK, so it's a solid postgame pick.
Your Cap is the non-accessory thread with the highest ATK in the game. Its ability (+3 fusion stars for Beat) is mostly irrelevant, so it's a matter of whether +5 ATK is preferred over Dual Resistance I. In most cases, Samurai Wig is preferable, but for Final Time Attack, Your Cap is used in an SOS setup with Black Book Bag and Vampire Dress to maximize damage.


W1D3: Brown Baby Tee
W1D3: Peach Turtleneck Puck
W1D5: Cotton Biker Vest/Biker Jacket Quest (3x Rare Metal, Durable Leather) /W2D3/4/5: Patchy Biker Jacket Quest (5x Tektite, 2x Durable Leather)
W3D2: Goth Bondage Coat Quest SOS (2x Tektite, Sleek Silk)
Postgame Pi-Face's Coat Quest Puck
Tops generally boost ATK higher than headwear, so a top is usually equipped on both Neku and his partner at all times. The four maingame tops below are all effective and don't require much BRV to equip.
Brown Baby Tee is a very useful item for the partners. With one less combo panel, partner attack time is shortened, allowing for faster and safer passing of the puck.
Peach Turtleneck, like all the low-BRV Faster Puck threads, is absolutely playable. It gets switched out once better threads steal its glory.
Cotton Biker Vest appears to be average at first. However, this can be upgraded to Biker Jacket, which grants Neku ATK +15, then Patchy Biker Jacket, which grants all characters ATK +21! Patchy Biker Jacket is the non-SOS maingame item that provides the highest ATK boost. 4x Purple Sneaks and 2x Cotton Biker Vest cost ¥39600, which is just short of the ¥40000 required to unlock Patchy Biker Jacket. Buying Double-spiked Cuff solves that issue. Total materials required are 5 Tektite, 3 Rare Metal, and 3 Durable Leather.
Goth Bondage Coat grants the highest maingame item ATK boost at +27, but induces SOS. This is used in many SOS setups, as well as Cosmic SOS in the postgame. Note that Goth Bondage Coat stays at ATK +27 outside of SOS, making it effective in regular builds as long as Neku recovers the lost HP.
Pi-Face's Coat has Puck Power 3 and excellent stat boosts. Obtaining this in the postgame should be a priority, as it is better than every other postgame top.


W2D3/4/5: Black Jeans Quest (3x Tektite, Durable Leather)
Postgame Pi-Face's Jeans Quest
Bottoms generally boost DEF, so most of them aren't as useful as the tops.
Black Jeans is the only maingame item with Dual Resistance I. This is an absolute lifesaver when playing the maingame on hard difficulty with little to no grinding, as Sho and many of the week 3 bosses inflict ATK break (halved ATK) and DEF break (double damage taken). Buying Brown Jeans for the Natural Puppy mission on W2D3 helps towards the trade.
Pi-Face's Jeans is the non-accessory postgame item after Your Cap and Samurai Wig with the most ATK. Some people like to equip this on Joshua in order to lengthen his combo map for his finishers.


W1D6: Green Warm-ups Puck
W3D2: Vampire Dress SOS
Lavender Lotus Puck
Postgame The Dead Slammurai Quest Puck
The uniform (top & bottom) is an uncommon maingame type. Many dropped postgame threads are uniforms.
Green Warm-ups is the maingame uniform with Faster Puck 1, and gets the edge over Peach Turtleneck because of its type. When this and Purple Sneaks are worn on both characters, the puck will pass almost instantaneously. It's available on W1D6.
Vampire Dress is the key item on all LASS and postgame SOS setups due to its juicy +50% SOS ATK. The 152 BRV requirement may be tough to swallow, but this is definitely one thread where having high BRV in the maingame is rewarded handsomely.
Lavender Lotus provides Puck Power 3. However, its ability is only unlocked at Bel Airplane FSG Lvl. 5. The high price of the item itself along with the ability unlock requires exorbitant amounts of money. While technically available in the maingame, the amount of grinding required is generally not worth the return. Even in the postgame some prefer The Dead Slammurai for its much lower cost and marginally higher stat boosts.
The Dead Slammurai provides Puck Power 2, thus obsoleting nearly all other postgame uniforms, even though they may have better stat boosts. Pairing it with Pi-Face's Coat starts the puck at 4.5X, so that one blazing return increases it to 5X.


W1D5: Purple Sneaks Puck
W2D3: Ribbon Shoes SOS
Purple Sneaks is a must-buy, and you'll notice the immediate impact when both Neku and his partner wear it. It has Faster Puck 2, is available early (unlock Molco by purchasing (CD) Track 1 @AMX), and requires little BRV! Almost none of the other footwear is worth mentioning, and it even has postgame merit! 4x (one for each character) should be purchased for ¥20400, as that will immediately unlock the ability.
Ribbon Shoes is the only other footwear that can challenge Purple Sneaks. It has Jinxed EXP Boost, which is equivalent to EXP Boost 3. It's part of EXP LASS.


W1D4: Nylon Waist Pack
W2D3: Naraka Puck
W2D5: Gold Band/Postgame False Teeth Drop
W3D2: D+B Ring Quest Puck (3x Adamantite, 2x Stunning Crystals)
W3D2: King Pendant (3x Sparkling Silver, 6x Rare Metal, Wild Boar Pendant)
Postgame Biker Gloves Drop
Postgame Black Book Bag Drop SOS
Accessories are home to some of the greatest items and abilities in the game, along with impressive stat boosts. The selection is so competitive that many postgame accessories that would otherwise be considered excellent (such as My Phones and Angel Feather) are actually inferior.
Nylon Waist Pack serves the same role as Brown Baby Tee, and is replaced once better accessories are available.
Naraka has Puck Power 1. The puck will start at 3X if both Neku and his partner wear it.
Gold Band has EXP Boost 2, which is +20% EXP. It's an alternative to Naraka for Neku if you wish to level up faster during the maingame. Total cost is ¥55000; Blink Step must be purchased to raise FSG to Lv.2 before buying it. EXP Boost only activates when the equipped character lands the erasing blow, so don't buy two Gold Bands! The postgame upgrade, False Teeth, has EXP Boost 3, which is +50% EXP.
D+B Ring, featuring Puck Power 2, is a substantial upgrade over Naraka. Dual D+B Rings start the puck at 4X, making week 3 a cinch. However, after materials and unlocking, it is the most expensive maingame item on this list at ¥77700, though obtaining a second one is less costly. Instructions for obtaining it are rather complex; consult Puck Power for details.
A speedrun favorite, King Pendant grants Beat a whopping ATK +16. This is the best maingame accessory for Beat after D+B Ring and Cat Deck, but those two require Adamantite, which is not obtained in the speedrun. Make sure to obtain the 3x Sparkling Silver on W2D6.
Biker Gloves is basically an upgraded Purple Sneaks, which is already one of the best threads in the game. It's easy to obtain, so this should be one of the first secret report tasks to complete.
Black Book Bag grants +30 ATK and +50% SOS ATK, and in terms of raw damage potential, is the most powerful item in the game! Both this and Vampire Dress are equipped in postgame SOS setups for massive damage.