Crowd in Shibuya

The following is a list of Thought Fragments found throughout The World Ends with You. To see Thought Fragments, Neku must use his Player Pin to read the thoughts of other humans.


10 x spiceEdit

Ye gods, that curry! I'm sweating like a pig and my whole mouth stings...
Why did I order so much extra spice? Even my mind is on fire!

100% braverEdit

I am so glad I finally worked up enough courage to go in Ten-Four! The excitement still hasn't worn off!

100 yenEdit

How can I make this make me rich?
Lotto tickets, I guess.
Or maybe I should buy a pin and hope it becomes rare later...

300 yen leftEdit

Urrrg. One more week to go.
How am I gonna make it through?
I know! I'll live off free samples at the supermarket!


That is some bite-worthy graff right there.

A, B, or C?Edit

Should I see a movie? Go to karaoke? Or just eat ramen? I can't decide... so I'll do 'em all!


It makes sense.
I go into the shops almost every day.
I should've noticed the owners were brothers: same last name, and they even resemble each other. They're practically triplets


I've been undercover here long enough now that I can finally tell the different types of Shibuya kids apart.
Aha! There's the suspect!


Kyo's boarding at the park the other day
was supremely awesome.
That sweet backside 360 he pulled off? Hot!
Wish I could get air like that...

All betterEdit

That's the spirit, Mr. Moyai! Things are looking up for you, I can tell. Remember, you can always lean on me.
  • (Note: This thought fragment only appears next to the Moyai Statue on Shiki, Day 2 after you clear the wall to Hachiko).

All goodEdit

Wild Boar's a popular brand, huh?
I just got complimented on my clothes.
I only bought them 'cause they're baggy enough to cover my gut...


Huh, there's an AMX here? Maybe I'll check it out. Oh, but I already bought CDs...
Bah, so what! Never ignore a record store. Rule of the hipster, baby!

Any fans?Edit

Man, I am so butt-ugly!
I wish I had a folding fan or something to hide behind...
This is Japan, how hard could it be to find one?

Avast ye!Edit

They say pirate fashion is set to take off!
Better track down a pirate hat ASAP.
Hmm, but then again, I've got that sailor suit...
Maybe I'm covered.


Do these make me look like a B-boy? I'm actually O-positive, so I'm kinda unsure if I can pull off the look...

Bad habitEdit

Whenever I come here, I get carried away and buy a ton of CDs based just on the covers.
But I don't have any place to put 'em! I'm lucky the floor of my apartment doesn't cave in...

Bad ideaEdit

Ugh, these new shoes! My heels are killing me... The fronts are really long, so I bought a size smaller than usual. Urg, bad idea.

Bad noteEdit

Hmm... I really went too far yesterday. Those things I said to her, I didn't even mean them...
How do I face her now?

Bad with mapsEdit

Wait, where's Towa Records again? I take a left at Cadoi, right? I mean a right... left? Ahh! Better go both ways to be sure.

Bar codeEdit

I'm doomed... Baldness is in my genes! I need a solution... but those "bar code" comb-overs look lame.
I know! I'll wear a samurai helm around! No one will pay attention to my hairline then!

Be carefulEdit

J of the M clothes are totally cool, but you have to know which pieces to match together, or you just end up looking sloppy.

Bus bus busEdit

Buses everywhere! Which one am I supposed to ride?
Ehh, guess I'll just get on one and take my chances.


Damn, it's already back?
I just shaved this morning...
Gotta get to a bathroom and
take care of this!

Can't winEdit

Ugh, work is such a pain.
I oughta just quit. Then I can do whatever I feel like as much as I feel like.
Ugh, that sounds like a pain, too.

Captain LoserEdit

"Slammurai" wouldn't be half as good a
program without the loser hero.
Seriously, a show where the team leader's
codename is "Dead"? Guy's screwed!


Guess Gramps will be late since he has to go back to the store...
Seriously, how do you forget your teeth?


CAT's new commercial will be airing soon... I can't wait! No one knows how to floor me with their ideas (or put a smile on my face!) like CAT.


Shoot, I messed up while distressing my jeans and cut them too much!
I hope no one notices... This is my only pair of pants. I've gotta wear them either way...


After seeing that croc at Shinta's place, I really want a pet...
Maybe a chameleon? Wonder how you even take care of 'em... Better ask Shinta.


I bagged the wrong guy the other day...
Three weeks on this stakeout, and now I realize:
Shibuya's look changes so quick, the suspect won't look anything like my photo now.


Heh heh heh... This outfit is perfect. Verily, I am a fashion genius! No one will ever notice the whole thing only set me back 3,000 yen.

Check it out!Edit

That pin's pretty sweet. Where do they sell it?
  • (Note: This thought fragment activates on Shiki, Day 6).

Check me outEdit

Sweet! All the girls looking my way are smiling!
Finally, my Don Juan era can begin—and it's all thanks to these new platform shoes!


If I were taller, girls would think I was so hot...
But I stopped growing years ago.
Maybe I'll get an afro instead!


This Christmas'll be the first one with my girlfriend! I need to get her to slip into a Mrs. Claus outfit... and maybe let me sit on her lap and tell her what I want... Oh, hell yeah! This calls for research!


I like it here. The roads narrow out, and the crowds THIN out. Perfect, peace and quiet!


Bathroom, bathroom, gotta find a bathroom!
I held it all the way here 'cause I don't wanna go in some grody one...


Aw, man... I did it again! I bought the outfit the salesman recommended! And I swore to myself I'd pick out my own clothes this time, ugh...

Clink, clinkEdit

Pavo Real has some great jewelry... But man, they're heavy! After wearing these eight pieces all day, I think I can skip gym.


Bored... Maybe I'll hit the manga café.
But, if I go to Kikuchi's house instead, I can read for free!
Oh, he's still at work. Hmm...
I'll just have to jump him afterwards then!

Coming outEdit

I'm taking my girl to a party and I want her to wear something pretty. If I buy everything Pegaso has in stock, there should be something she'd like, right?


Aieee, so nervous...
I hope the movies was a good idea.
What if she doesn't like the movies?
Or what if she doesn't like guys who can't make up their minds!?


Natural Puppy shirts are casual but still sharp enough to wear to work—a big plus in my book.


The shops around here are super trendy...
A little too trendy.
I don't think I'm cool enough to go inside.


Last week's episode of "Slammurai" was so kickass. I still can't believe the main character lost! I always knew the rival dude was cooler. If I dressed up as any character, it would so be him.


I need something really out there to draw people to the event at my shop... Too bad I don't have on of those big mascot uniforms.
Like... maybe a cute black kitty!


"Hey, you! Don't litter!" That's what I'd like to say, but I'm chicken. If only I had a bigger pair of rocks...
For me to throw.


Oh, snap! I dropped my laptop!
Is the data OK!?


How am I gonna decide?
Today's the girlfriend's birthday, but I'm
supposed to go watch the soccer match.
Sure, I like her and all...but SOCCER!

Dark matterEdit

Today's scientists have only identified about 4% of all matter in the universe.
The other 96% is made up of dark matter!


Today's my date with Dr. Fumiko! She's a real foodie, so I've got to take her to a top-class restaurant.
Urg, this is gonna break the bank...

Dear Hachi!Edit

OK, before I get my lottery tickets, I gotta say a prayer to Hachiko! Urban legend or no, it's just not the same if I don't!


Why don't they put bean paste on pancakes hee'ah?
I can't wait to ge back home to Nagoya whay'ah they know how to make 'em right.


Man, Tigre Punks' designer's got to have led an insane life. I bet she's covered in scars, inside and out. Punk's all about surviving through the pain, right?


Where is my beautiful princess dressed in Lapin Angelique? Your prince is here!


I don't get it. I bought the exact same Natural Puppy outfit that guy on TV was wearing, but it looks totally different... The only thing left is...
Oh. His face.


I want to wear Pegaso to this party, but then the wait staff won't approach me for fear of spilling something on my clothes! Good help is so hard to find...


If everyone here donated just 100 yen each, think of all the good things we could do for the world...


I know it's a hill, but the name really sounds like some old shogun or something... Definitely someone with a beard—a real bushy one, too.

Dog loverEdit

I wonder if I could buy something for my dog here. Dog chains would be smokin'!


Damn! I wanted to buy what the guy on TV had on last night... Shoulda known they'd be sold out already.


Ugh, how can tripe like this be on the racks when my song is so much better?
Guess it's just too sublime for the average person to understand... The poor fools.

Dr. FumikoEdit

Ooh, those glasses, that lab coat... HAWT. I can't go a single day without dropping into Nishimura Drugs just to gaze at her.

Dry eyeEdit

Urg, I spent too much time in front of the monitor! My eyes are killing me!
I must've forgotten to blink...


Where are you, dear old Mr. Ducky?
Without you, bath time's just no fun!
Whatever I did, I'm sorry.
Just come back home!


アメリカのともだちに にほんのサムライソードを もってかえると やくそくしたのに…
えいごが つうじないから こまってるね
  • (Translates to: "I promised my friends in America I'd bring back a Japanese samurai sword... but who would be selling that!? English isn't getting across... I'm kinda worried...")


I've only been in Shibuya for a week, and already I've had it! Why don't they sell Hiroshima-yaki here?
If I don't eat it at least once a day, life has no meaning!


Here I am, at the perfect people-watching spot.
One look, and you can almost kinda guess what sort of life each of them leads.


My Pegaso room is starting to overflow. Maybe it's time to build another extension for closet space...


It's that time of the year again... The time for festivals, and with it, my time to shine. I'm gonna be a stage-building fiend!

Fired up!Edit

A Tin Pin slam-off? Try a Tin Pin slaughter! I've been hittin' the pins every day and practicin', fools, so get ready for an upset!

Five hoursEdit

Hmm, I'm here way early... Well, that beats being late, right? Nothing wrong with being a trailblazer. Just think! I'm living the future RIGHT NOW.


Was this the way to AMX? Ehh, whatever, I'll get there eventually. A little wandering now and then never hurt anybody.


Does that guy from class really know CAT? Ahh, I am so jealous! How do I get him to introduce me?
Seriously, if he can get me in with CAT, I'll follow him to the ends of the earth!

Free and easyEdit

Ehh, whatever. Why do today what can wait till tomorrow? Why do tomorrow what I can deal with two days from now?
My problem-free life rocks so hard.

Free foodEdit

Pretty sure Rikako works around here...
Hmm, I am kinda hungry. Maybe I'll pop in and say hi.
She might even sneak me some free fries!


I can't shake this impulse to just...break everything!
I need some good punk music to calm me down!


Now that I got a futsal team together, we need uniforms! Ooh, I'll go put something together at J of the M.


I can't believe Gatito's getting so big. It's such a niche brand, but it's all over Shibuya these days... I knew this was the city of trends, but I'm impressed!

Future meEdit

When I was a kid, my parents took me to this department store all the time. Yeah... When I get older, I wanna have a family just like that.


Since Pegaso opened their branch here, Shibuya's been drawing a wealthier crowd. Fashion at its pinnacle can shape a city, even define an era.


I've been so busy, I never got around to opening that New Year's gift I got last year... Wonder what's inside. Hope it wasn't something perishable...
Urg, now I'm scared to open it.


Sucks that I have to wake up at 5 tomorrow to buy that rare item...
But that guy from class won't introduce me to CAT unless I do. No pain, no gain!


Few people really understand gothic lolita fashion. The beauty is hard to grasp because it veers from generic definitions of "pretty" or cute".

Growth spurtEdit

I heard inch-high Issun's magic mallet is hidden somewhere in Shibuya...
Sure, it's probably a myth, but if I had that... Man! I could wish myself tall and get all the chicks!


Hachiko seems troubled, too. Were I only able to polish away the stains on his weary heart! Forgive me, Hachi...
  • (Note: This thought fragment only appears next to the Moyai Statue on Shiki, Day 2 after you investigate Hachiko for the first time. It's required to get through the chapter).


What a first! A cute young lady just told me she loved my clothes! Odd... I've been wearing the same clothes for 30 years.
I wonder what a "hip snake" is...


Ahh, I finally found a good job. I could do it forever! Reaper Creeper's answers are dead-on every time.
Heh, "dead" on. I should jot that down.

Hard to walkEdit

Wait, nooo...
I don't want to go this way... ahh...
Let go of me, crowd!
Can't... control... direction...


Whoa, what a hottie!
She's working that D+B outfit!
I gotta go say hi.


Been so stressed lately, I really need some comfort... but I'm sick of people.
I know—I'll fill my room with potted plants! Wonder where they sell the best ones...

He wavedEdit

So of course I waved back, but the guy just gave me a funny look.
Guess he was waving to somebody behind me.
Ugh, so embarrassing...

Heian beautyEdit

My little sis, she'd be beating the boys away with sticks—heh, if pasty skin and black teeth were still popular!


I told my folks, let's explore and find more unknown restaurants...and they said,
"What's wrong with the family ramen shop?"
Well, there's a difference between "unknown" and "deserted"...


Jupiter of the Monkey rocks!
But do the shop attendants really have to rap when talking to customers?

Home cookingEdit

My girl is a domestic goddess. But why's all her food gotta taste like mayonnaise? At least use some ketchup for a change of pace...

Hong KongEdit

The next time I go to Hong Kong, I'm definitely going to visit the original Dragon Couture store.


Ten days on this stakeout...
The suspect's a blonde with dark skin and gaudy makeup. But there's so many kids like that around here, I can't tell 'em apart!

Host clubEdit

Any place that sells white shoes with lamé trim for only 990 yen? Gotta win over the ladies at work! Heh heh heh...


Whoa, that girl was FINE.
She looked like that idol in those commercials... Whoa!
No way it was really her... was it?
I mean, lots of people look like that...


Your clothes are your identity. That's why I only wear Gatito and I'll keep wearing Gatito till the end!
Just wish I owned more than one outfit.


A lot of people say my older sister is like an idol singer.
The washed-up, failed kind...

I got air!Edit

So, I tried doing some ollies like Kyo. Except I messed up, and messed MYSELF up pretty bad. But it was a worthy sacrifice!
Besides, I only need one to have kids.

I love baseballEdit

If there's a Center Street, does that mean there're Right and Left Streets too? What about Pitcher Street or Catcher Road or First Base Boulevard or...

I'm human!Edit

Just 'cause my name is Hachitaro doesn't mean I want to be nicknamed Hachi, like the dog! Grr...

I'm scary?Edit

I can't believe I made a kid cry the other night! Do I really look that scary with this spiky dog collar?


I think I'll check out the indies selection over at Towa.
I'd rather be out discovering a hot new act at one of the concert spaces around, but this'll have to do.

Joy ride?Edit

Maybe I'll go to the park and ride my board for a bit. Ooh, but I don't wanna ruin my clothes... Or my board...

Just do it?Edit

Uhh, is this the way to Pork City? Who knows...
Guess I'll just have to try it—fingers crossed!

Just in caseEdit

Did I lock the door this morning?
The more I think about it, the less sure I am.
Better go back and check... even if it is two hours round trip!

Just wait!Edit

Yesterday's wedding was nice.
But when my baby and I get hitched, the ceremony's gonna leave the guests weeping.
Heh heh, yeah.
Time to go home and get planning!


I hear you can find knockoffs of the school uniforms those rich St. Michael's kids wear.
Wish I had one... Chicks dig money!


Wonder if Kyo will be boarding at the park today...
I gotta get out there and see his tricks in person sometime.


Crap, late to my first date!
I thought if I gamed through the night I wouldn't oversleep. But then that GAME — I couldn't tear myself away... Dammit!
Aw, screw the date. I wanna go play s'more.

Less is moreEdit

D+B clothes are skim-py! Nothing puts me in a better mood than seeing a girl wearing clothes that barely cover her up. It's times like these that make me glad I was born a man!

Let downEdit

Aw, man...
That guy from class doesn't know CAT.
What a liar. Who am I supposed to trust?
Oh, well. I'll just have to become a famous artist so I can rub noses with CAT myself.

Little touchesEdit

Hey, these new banners rock pretty hard—'specially compared to the old ones.
Funny how little things like that change the feel of the whole street.

Love phoneEdit

If I ask her out from the phone booth in front of Molco, she's SURE to say yes!
OK, here goes... I'm gonna do it!
I'm really gonna do it!

Love planEdit

Where is this phone booth people keep talking about?
If I use it to ask her out, she's 100% guaranteed to say yes, right? Gotta find that phone!

Lunch breakEdit

I think I'll go to the park and take a nap!
Hope my favorite bench is open...
Probably not, though.
Lately that seat's a hot contest.


Some maid in pink just passed by here... Wonder what café she works at. Hmm, but she was headed for the upscale neighborhood...
Wait... are there REAL maids!?


I'm bored with my hair color... Maybe I'll bleach it white like a big woolly sheep.


I can never get over how big the bookstore here is! And they keep it nice and cool, so I can escape the heat and dive into some great stories. The place was made for me!


Every time I go home, my dog pees on my leg. What the hell do I look like, a telephone pole?

Meeting upEdit

Standing around here is fascinating... Watching folks meet up and talk—even just the expressions on their faces tell amazing stories. Who cares if I've been waiting for her over an hour?

Miss UEdit

Wonder which drugstore has that super-hot pharmacist... If she won her university's beauty contest, she must be bangin'!


I've got a date, but man, that Korean barbecue smells so good! Grilled garlic, mmm...
Guess I know where I'm takin' her!


Blarg, this street is so narrow... There's barely room to get by. Even the stores on the street are cramped!


Ahh, so that's the Moyai statue. Wonder if it's got a story behind it like Hachiko does... I'll have to check it out. It probably has some connection to the Moai.

Mr. FutureEdit

When I asked her out, she said, "Sorry, but modern times will never catch up with you".
That shows how awesome I am, right? Yup, waaay too awesome to score!


If Hip Snake sold instruments, I'd buy me a white acoustic guitar. Sure, I don't know how to play, but for Hip Snake? I'd practice my butt off!

My dreamEdit

Look at all these fancy skyscrapers...
Someday, I'm gonna be rich and famous and live in one!
And every night, I'll lounge in a smoking jacket and carry a brandy snifter...
Hurr hurr hurr!

My idolEdit

Yamazaki, the Tigre Punks designer, is 60, but she still dresses punk. She's freakin' badass! I wanna be just like her when I'm old.
...Except male.

My lookEdit

There aren't a lot of guys who wear Sheep Heavenly clothes. Whenever I see another dude wearing them, I feel this weird sense of solidarity.

Need a rubEdit

Oww... my tootsies are killing me!
Wonder if there's a place around here I can get a decent foot massage...
Gotta watch out, 'cause if it's done poorly, I'll end up hurting even more.

New lineEdit

All the shirts from their new line are so cool... How can I choose just one?
Hell, I'll just buy them all!


Shibuya's so crowded.
I wish I could throw on some ninja garb and just leap from rooftop to rooftop.
Aw, but I already wore mine on Tuesday...

No energy...Edit

I'm so tired, I have, like, negative energy... I hear red viper and ginseng can really help, but what kind of drink has that stuff in it?

No rainEdit

The weather report was wrong again! When am I gonna get a chance to use my new umbrella?
I know! I'll use it as a parasol!


I can't believe I made Mom cry! I didn't know wearing these clothes would remind her of Dad when he was young...

Not fairEdit

Hmm, lunch, lunch...
Oh, what about that beefbowl fair that just started? I could splurge and order extra rice and an egg...
Nah, gotta think healthy... Salad again.


CAT's commercials totally throw convention to the wind. The ideas are so fresh! If only I could make such groundbreaking films...

Oh, baby!Edit

A pin, on a business suit? Now that takes stones. I want stones. I want that pin!
  • (Note: This thought fragment activates on Shiki, Day 6).

Oh, duh!Edit

It just clicked: Ten-Four and 104 are the same thing!

Old or new?Edit

At a glance, Hip Snake looks almost second-hand, but the stitching is amazing and the fit is perfect. It's cool to see old styles make a comeback, but as better-quality clothes!

On topEdit

I found my new hideout—the roof here! Man, I just love being up high and looking down over all of Shibuya. But it's awfully crowded... get your own hideout, punks!

One trackEdit

Dammit, song, get out of my head!
I keep singing out loud by accident, and the people around look at me like I'm nuts!
Why do "denpa" tunes have to be so deliberately weird?


It takes a keen eye to know what colors work well with each other, but sometimes you need the guts to wear a shirt that clashes with your pants.


Stupid me!
I gotta make tonight's party a smash, but I forgot my secret weapon: nose glasses!
Arg... Pulling this off will be a trial.


You know what we need for Sports Day? A cheer squad! That means uniforms... Wonder if I could pick up something like the squads' head honchos wear at one of these stores...

Out of luckEdit

Cripes, I forgot my cell! Gotta find a public phone... Ah, there we go.
Wait. Without my cell, I don't know anyone's number...

Out of whackEdit

This is crazy. I can't figure out what hell is out of whack.
  • (Note: This thought fragment can only be found from Futoshi on Shiki, Day 3, in the Concert Stage).


This place is always full of pretty young things, waiting to catch a glimpse of the performers as they leave.
Me, I just like to watch THEM...
Hurr, hurr, hurr.


So thirsty... And all the drink machines are out of change, so they won't take my bills.
Dammit! All this over ten yen!

Part-time jobEdit

Where should I apply?
Between this and that other place, it's hard to make my mind up.
They both look fun...
I know! I'll ask the Reaper Creeper!


I wanna put together a party, but who should I get to DJ?
Hmm, the Yosh-man over at Cyco Records DJs from time to time, right? Maybe I'll ask him.

Peas in a podEdit

I can't believe all of us wore J of the M to last night's party...
What can I say? Great minds think alike!

Pet foodEdit

I haven't fed the goldfish in a while... or myself, for the past three days.
Damn, I am so broke.
But the goldfish could make a very tasty m—No, no, arrrgh!

Plan BEdit

Tomorrow's the big game.
I haven't been sleeping well, so I'll probably be feeling way out of it.
Maybe the girlfriend's special garlic cake will give me a boost...


Huh, that Italian place looks pretty good. Sweet, next date is set! Now, to plan our NEXT next date!

Plastic worldEdit

Dang it, forgot my wallet!
Well, no worries. As long as I've got my train pass, I just swipe it and—WHAT!?
Did I drop it somewhere?
How the heck am I supposed to get home?


If I died, I wonder if my Pooch would come to the station and wait for me?
...Yeah, he would. He'd know my soul wasn't stuck at some grave!

Poor thingEdit

Oh, poor Mr. Moyai... You're feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place, I can tell. People put you up on a pedestal, birds poop on you... What a life.
  • (Note: This thought fragment only appears near the Moyai Statue on Shiki, Day 2 before you clear the wall to Hachiko).


There's just something about Shibuya...
All these people coming together,
wrapped in their own hopes and dreams...
It's just a powerful feeling.


Pop's birthday's coming up... What I should get him? I'd better swing into Cadoi. If I don't at least get him something small, I can kiss my allowance goodbye!


My girlfriend's birthday is coming up. Maybe I'll get her some new D+B threads.
Time to hit the pachinko machines for extra dough!


Augh, the girlfriend wants a Pegaso watch for her birthday... Geez, I haven't bought it yet, and my wallet's already crying uncle!


My girlfriend looks just like Eiji Oji. Wait.
Is she really a woman!?


When I was younger, I thought that only adults were allowed to shop at department stores. That's why I was always in such a hurry to grow up!


Punk's an attitude. Shredded clothes don't make you punk. It comes down to whether or not you got punk in your soul.


This place is unbearable! Everyone's dressed up all pretty, begging for attention... Time for a good old-fashioned punk-style kick to the junk!


Ramen, ramen... I guess I eat it every day.
Maybe I should try something new...
What am I thinking?!
Unless it's greasy, it's just not food!
Yup. Ramen's the way to go.


Damn, all the rhymes I think of
are played out. But I need something
I can't lose to Okada in the next rap battle.
That backpacking, no-talent clown!

Rare treatEdit

Shibuya Special Sauce—score!
This'll make the perfect gift, does it taste?
I'm gonna give this to my buddy anyway...
He won't care if I try a little.

Real dealEdit

I never put much stock in urban legends, but I guess some really are true. I asked her out from that phone by Molco, and sure enough, I got me a date!


The guy in that movie yesterday was rocking head-to-toe Dragon Couture. I really want that outfit, but I don't know if I can pull it off...

Real menEdit

Hell with all that fancy crap. Wild Boar talks straight from the junk! That's what real men are all about!

Red pinEdit

Hey, that pin... I didn't get a really good look, but wasn't that a CAT design?
  • (Note: This thought fragment activates on Shiki, Day 6.)


I've been eatin' at a café every day—highfalutin, fancy stuff, just like an
honest-to-goodness city person!
But folks is still gimmin' me the evil eye.
It's my clothes, ain't it? I just know it!


So nice to be away from the crowds. For Shibuya, this place is like an oasis!


Whoa, this is so much more low-key than by the station! I can hardly believe this is the same Shibuya.


Sometimes when you're thinking really hard about a problem, the answer just pops into your head.
Wish that happened more often...


That feller sure does take his time walkin'. What a hick, hyuck hyuck... You gotta walk fast here in Shibberya! Ahh! Golly, I think I just figgered it out! People only pegged me as a rustic 'cause I walked too durn slow!


I hope my girl likes it...
It's old, but most family heirlooms are, right?
I know Gram would be happy I'm giving it to someone who means so much to me.


The real star of "Slammurai" has got to be the rival character, the Black Slammurai.
Some things never change.
People are more drawn to the dark and mysterious guy than the straight shooter.


They'll be here any minute!
Wonder what they all look like...
This is gonna be so rad. A Slammurai costume party with all my best online slamigos! LOL


I can't get her out of my mind...
How am I supposed to concentrate at work when I've got it this bad?
Oh! Maybe it'd be easier if I just broke up with her!


Man, he's late... We were supposed to meet in front of the round building, and... OH! Ten-Four's round, too! Arg, which one is right?


Guess I should buy myself some clothes...
But I'd rather get some for my online avatar. OK, I'll get myself something cheap from Mus Rattus, and something swank for my character!

Safety netEdit

This CD was sold out over at AMX.
Having two music shops in the neighborhood is pretty convenient~


What are the odds? I helped that girl find her grandfather's place, and it turned out to be the herbal medicine shop! Now I can finally shop there.
Guess the old guy was just screening his customers because he cares...


My girlfriend bought me these clothes but I don't think they're for me... I look like a wannabe scenester.


"Recycle shops"? What the hell is that all about? Take a bunch of trash and try and dump it on other people? The nerve of it!


My little brother never takes his sunglasses off, even in the house...
We're related! It's not like I don't know what he really looks like. Wait, do I?

She rocksEdit

My girl rocks! She's smart and fun to be with! Now if only she looked good in D+B... Or is that asking too much?

She smiled!Edit

Dr. Fumiko smiled when she spoke to me!
I think she's got the hots for me.
I'm totally gonna ask her to dinner!


Pretty neat...
You can see the big signs up close here.
Funny how different they seem when you get up next to them like this. More personal...

Silver streakEdit

What was that glint in the sky just now? A plane?
Wait... Not a UFO!?
Better take a picture just in case!

Single screenEdit

Maybe I'll check out a movie at Shibukyu.
They always show films you can't see anywhere else.

Small faceEdit

I wish I had a smaller face.
Wait, what if I wrapped it every day before I get in the tub?
I bet that'd shrink it down!
Ah, I'm a genius!


About time we found a team to play against! Masuoka had better show this time, or we're doomed.
Why's he suddenly so interested in other sports?


The couch they have at that Dragon Couture store is awesome! Wonder if it's for sale. Doubt it, but it never hurts to ask!


That Tin Pin toy they sell, the Solid Slammer—the one that looks like a pin launcher...
Does it actually help your game?
Nah, it's probably just to get in the mood.


I'm covered in Lapin Angelique but something's missing... It needs a little something extra—maybe some bandages? An eye patch?

So that's whyEdit

Aw, dammit!
My clothes are on backwards!


Blarg, forgot the souvenir I got for Frank the exchange student. Guess I'll have to buy another...
What a waste. What the heck am I gonna do with a samurai wig?

Space cadetEdit

Seems like it'd be real hard to get with the girl who wrote that blog I read yesterday...
I mean, what the hell is "princess training"?

Special treatEdit

Urrrg. So hungry... Guess it's 100-yen insta-noodles again. Just once I'd like to try the 300-yen kind.
But I don't have 300 yen, so I'll just eat three of the 100-yen ones I've got at home!


Man, who thought making ice cream scoops round was a good idea?
I asked for two scoops, and the top one rolled right off!

Spoiled bratEdit

I just saw some kid dressed in Pegaso, tearing around and making messes like he wasn't wearing the most expensive clothes out there. What a rich, spoiled brat!

Starting pointEdit

Standing here and figuring out where to go is my favorite part of Shibuya.
It's like the whole town grew right out of this intersection!

Sticking outEdit

Funky clothes can only get you so far. Hmm, maybe I'll dye my hair. I could go green, or maybe pink... This is gonna be awesome!


Urg, my stomach... I need some of that Chinese herbal stuff. There's a good place
around here, but I hear the guy who runs it is a pain in the ass.
What if he won't sell to me?

Stuck hereEdit

What... the... hell?
Where'd they go?
I'm too scared to get on a motorcycle without my lucky biker gloves!


Too bad...
She looked good from afar, but up close?
Far from good.


It's cool how I can just chill in Natural Puppy. Every day's a Sunday in these clothes.


Urg, I feel like death warmed over... I should've just stayed in bed.
Arg, no! I finally conned myself a date—I've gotta tough it out! Drugstore, you're my only hope!


Now that I'm comfortable with being the only grown man in the sweet shops, nothing can stop me!
Today... I think I'll try that taiyaki parfait.

Tank topEdit

Man, this D+B tank top was made for me! The fit is perfect—I know I look good.

Tenth jobEdit

Aw, geez, fired again... What am I doing wrong? I smile at the customers and everything...

That a robot?Edit

What a cool-looking police box! Better stop staring, though, or they might get the wrong idea...

Third eyeEdit

I have eyes on the back of my head.
I can FEEL what's happening behind me—so when a celeb shows up in Shibuya, I'm always the first to ID them!

Tin PinEdit

This time I'm gonna win for sure!
I can't face the shame of ten straight losses.
Man, what am I doing wrong?


This... this tingle! I think I'm in love. That pin. Its fiery, passionate red... it burns! Ohhh gimme gimme!
  • (Note: This thought fragment activates on Shiki, Day 6.)


I'm so tired of plain old hamburgers. If only there were gourmet burgers... Like, a caviar burger, or a foie gras burger... or a truffle burger!


Hoo-wee, the big city sure can spook a feller. It's like everybody's gimmin' me the evil eye. Do I look that outer place? Is it my clothes? It's my clothes, ain't it?

Too crowdedEdit

Yowza, where do they all COME from? Don't these people have anywhere else to go?
For that matter, don't I?

Train fare!Edit

Oh, no! Sold out!?
I was dying to play that game!
Plus, I wasted money on the ride over...

Triple threatEdit

The Iwata brothers are freaks, all three of them.
Of course, their folks are pretty weird too...
Guess it's genetic.


At the singles party yesterday, some girl was like, "Hey, you remind me of Mt. Fuji!"
Is that supposed to be a compliment?

Two hoursEdit

What the hell! A line that long, I figured the place would be great.
Boy, was I wrong.
Now I need a drink to get rid of the aftertaste. Hmm, let's see which café has the longest lines!

Um, 'scuse meEdit

Everybody's in such a hurry...
No one stops long enough for me to ask for directions!
Guess I'd better wait for a red light...


Pavo Real jewelry even looks good with THIS outfit. So versatile! How does the designer do it?


I wanna buy some vintage clothes, but I can't afford them! I wonder if the jeans I wore in high school count as vintage...

Walk and learnEdit

I think the guy I just passed was wearing Sheep Heavenly. Man, he looked sharp!
Walking around Shibuya is wild. You learn a ton about fashion trends.

War of flyersEdit

The Towa Records and AMX guys both write some passionate reviews in those store flyers—too passionate. They're way off base!

War of flyersEdit

Now the Towa Records and AMX guys both claim they're on a "road trip" to perfect their writing.
Um, what? As far as I can tell, they're both still behind the counter every day.

War of flyersEdit

Those record store guys decided to settle their stupid rivalry, but not with a truce—ohh, no, they're gonna hit the stage, get a whole bunch of guests and TALK it out.
Where do I get tickets?


Where are all the game shops?
Comic shops? ARCADES!?
How do these people live?


Wish I could find a one-of-a-kind watch—something nobody else has got. I wanna play the whole outfit safe with Puppy, then throw 'em with a wild timepiece.


Pegaso watches are excellent! Anything else is just trash.


Uhh, I'm not good with crowds... Crowds bring out those symbols—the weebers! I can see them everywhere! There! Clinging to that guy's back — WEEBERS!!! Weebie weebie weebie...

What is that!?!Edit

Why didn't anybody tell me there was a new pin!?! I only got a quick peek, but it looked buff! If I had one, I bet I'd crush Shooter... maybe.
  • (Note: This thought fragment is only found from Yammer on Shiki, Day 6.)

What now?Edit

Ugh, my poor stomach.
What's the point of having a good store around for herbal medicine if the guy has to LIKE you? That's not fair, I say!
Just not to him, 'cause he's scary.

What to do?Edit

Guess I'll kill some time at the arcade. Man, seems like I'm there all the time... I keep on like this, I'll be considered a pro!
A pro loser.

What's hipEdit

Do some people get dressed in their sleep?
Their clothes are so tacky!
They should wear Hip Snake!
Basic colors are the best, no joke.


The restaurant should be around here somewhere... but it's impossible to find!
Which of these side streets do I turn down?

Where is he?Edit

He shoulda been here ages ago. Is it really that hard to find? Unbelievable.
  • (Note: This thought fragment can only be found on Shiki, Day 3, in A-East.)

Where is he?Edit

I can't believe he's not back yet! How long could it possibly take to track down one little fuse?
  • (Note: This thought fragment can only be found on Shiki, Day 3, in A-East.)


I don't get why that place is so popular.
The taste is nothing to write home about.
  • (Note: This thought fragment can only be found from Ken Doi on Joshua, Day 3, in Dogenzaka.)


I wonder if this "Wizard of Slam" character is for real...
How can anybody be that good at Tin Pin?
I'll have to keep an eye out for the signature red glasses.


Whew! I agreed to go shopping with her, but I didn't know we'd be walking around all day! I'm gonna pretend I'm lost and take a break.


I'm dreading tomorrow's meeting...
Ooh, why don't I wear my Dragon Couture suit and spice things up a bit?


Oh, crap! Did I leave it at home? But I'm Supermask! I can't be a masked wrestler without the mask! What about my match today?
I know—I'll run out and get a knockoff!

Wrong ideaEdit

Crap, how could she mistake that for a pickup line? The only thing I want to slam with her is some Tin Pin!
I gotta practice for the slam-off!


Ahh, the start of another beautiful day!
I'm so psyched about my amazing posture.
That full-body cast really is working!


Girls in yukata robes are really hot, yup yup...
But guys look pretty slick in 'em, too.
That's it...
I'm spending my whole summer in one!


1... 2... 3...Edit

I wonder how many sheep exist in sheep heaven.
One sheep, two sheep, three sheep... ZZZZZZ...

100% CATEdit

If I go with a cell phone designed by CAT, there's no point in me sticking decorations on it...
But if CAT designed it pre-decorated?

1,000 yenEdit

Aw, man... I can't find anything for my baby's birthday...
Guess I'll have to up my budget.


I am so looking forward to 777's gig! Maybe I'll mosh today...
Mmm, he's so shadowy, so mysterious! I swear, he has to be the hottest man alive.


I wonder where 777 lives...
I hung around after his last show to ask, but he just smiled and changed the subject.
Next time, I'm gonna follow him home.


No way, I must be imagining things... I was stalk—er, following 777, but the moment I took my eyes off him, he vanished!
I swear, there was no place for him to hide...

90 caloriesEdit

All right, I can have another
90 calories today.
Should I go for ramen? Ice cream?
Ooh, if I'm getting ice cream,
I should hit that dessert buffet
90 minutes, all you can eat!


I'm glad my friends care enough to ask me if I'm getting enough sleep, or if I'm feeling sick... but I'm totally fine!
What, is my face puffy or something?


I changed my hairstyle to match my Wild Boar threads, but it's such a pain to maintain! Maybe I should just style it the way it was before...


Arg! Why do the salespeople have to bug me? If you want me to buy something, then shut up so I can actually look at stuff!


It'd be so sweet to live in Shibuya—I could ride everywhere on my bike! But rent's what, 200,000 yen a month for a two-bedroom? I should just save up for a car.


Bored... Guess I'll go to the arcade! Where is it again? Oh, this way.


Bah, that "expert" had no clue what he was talking about. I know a suit of samurai armor when I see it. Well made, too—I bet you could take a lot of punishment with that on.


Heh heh, the guys can't take their
eyes off me today.
I must look stunning in this outfit
I just bought at—huh?
Oh, I forgot to take the tags off...


That adorable uniform I saw at the Shibuya Game Show is up for auction!
I knew I could get one if I looked hard enough! I am so going to bid on it.

Bad boysEdit

I love how people who are punk look so dangerous. It's so true that girls like bad boys!

Bad girlEdit

"Don't get any thinner," he said. Well, I don't want to let my honeybear down... so from now on, it's three full meals a day and snacks every two hours!

Bad girlEdit

My honeybear said, "Don't get any thinner", so I got fat.
When he saw me, he was, like, "Sweet! I'll get fat, too!" Heh, unreal!

Bad girlEdit

My honeybear said, "Don't get any thinner", so, like, both of us got fat.
But that's OK.
Now there's more of us to love!

Battery coverEdit

Ahh yeah, this is where we took the sticker picture on my phone.
Man, were we young...


The crowds sure thin out when you get this far from the station.

Big breakEdit

I look so good in Natural Puppy! Hee, what if I'm scouted by a modeling agency? I should practice saying yes now!

Big screenEdit

How awesome would it be to sing karaoke on that giant monitor?

Black speck?Edit


Blew it?Edit

Ugh, my poor hair... Frizzy hair is the worst!
Well, at least it's nice out...
As soon as it rains, I turn into Afrodite...


Wonder if the Prince has posted anything new on his blog. Checking it every day is what I live for!

Box setEdit

That hot new game will be out soon! I'm sooo getting in line for the limited edition. Heck, just lining up with everyone is like a big party!

Box setEdit

I can't find the game anywhere... Wish I managed to reserve a copy. I tried! But even the presale sold right out...

Box setEdit

The game sold over a million copies in just one week.
Now that's what I call momentum.

Boy next doorEdit

That sweetie in the ads for the Gag is TOTALLY my type, but no one ever believes me!
Maybe it's 'cause I always hook up with roughnecks...


Oh! My misanga broke. My wish had better come true now. Three years... I should've wished the damn thing would break sooner.


Hip Snake's belt buckles are always so distinct! It's fun to see just how far they can push it.


Cadoi has so many cute items. I love this place! If only they sold food—I'd never need to go anywhere else!

Can't go homeEdit

Ohh, why does my place have to have roaches? They're so creepy! Can't someone get rid of them for me? Wonder if Dad'll do me this one favor...

Career womanEdit

When the going gets tough, the tough still dress sharp and look their best.
It's the mark of a woman in control!


CAT won't do interviews that show his face.
Why not? Is he that butt-ugly? Or...
Don't tell me CAT's actually a cat!?


This is the hundredth time I got snapped for a fashion mag. Go me! I bought all thirty copies I could find to pass out to my friends!


Urg, I'm out of shampoo again... I've gotta find some, and cheap. Wonder if there's a drugstore around...


Hmm, if I just used the listening stations here at AMX, I'd, like, never actually have to buy a CD.
But... wow, would I be lame...

Chubby bunnyEdit

Yumi's performance the other day was wild!
She ate ten marshmallows at once, without choking or anything!
She really has changed since starting this play—for the better.


So then, CAT's this group of twenty different creators... all with the same face?
Makes sense... I think?
Is that even possible?


Clubbing is so much fun! You never know what sort of people will turn up! What better place to people-watch?

Come on...Edit

Seriously, when is this misanga bracelet going to fall off?
I want my wish to come true!
I didn't even know they made thread this strong...


I'm so happy! The guy I like said something nice about me.
"Kids and pets must love you". Hee hee!
Wait a sec, what about GUYS!?


That trio from Shibu-Q Heads is playing today. I like their sound, but it's the funny between-song banter that does it for me.
Hmm, what was the band's name again?


Hmm, where should we have the singles party? Definitely should be a place I've got a coupon for... Good thing I check the circulars. I know all the best places, and save money in the process!


Seeing Hachiko reminded me—I forgot to feed the dog!


I can't believe the Shibu-Q trio broke up! Everybody but Iwata quit! You can't have a band with just vocals...
It's probably his fault, though, for hogging the spotlight...


Ooh! I just thought of a new move!
I gotta call Miki and tell her!
Oh, wait—I guess she's still at work.


Another mail? Get it through your
head, man; I don't like you!
Besides, I already promised another guy
I'd go see fireworks with him.
Speaking of which—I'd better hurry
home and fire up that dating sim!


I have to turn that draft in soon...
But I don't want to face it, so I'm out here instead...


My submission deadline passed.
But I don't want to think about it, so I'm out here instead...


The deadline for my manga's come and gone, but no one's tried to contact me at all...
I wasn't... fired, was I?
Nah, that's impossible, right?


Arg, I can't take it anymore! I'm gonna find that man and confess to him right now!

Denim pantsEdit

I love how flared these jeans are! They kinda remind me of what people practice kendo in. Maybe I should take it up, too.


I wish I could track down that gentleman who escorted me to Grandfather's store...
Thank goodness for the few chivalrous men still left in the world!
If only I'd inquired about his phone number...


I can't believe that gentleman who helped me knew Grandfather!
If Grandfather likes him, he must truly be a wonderful man. Could this be fate?


Mmm, what is that delicious smell?
Crepes? Donuts? Muffins?
Arg, now I'm hungry.
Dieting is hard... Can I get away with dried sweet potatoes?


Mmm, I want to eat some fancy Italian... Or some five-star French—that would be good, too!
Too bad I'm being delusional. My food budget is, what, 500 yen a day?


It's probably time to redo my lipstick...
Why aren't there any bathrooms around?
Whatever, I'll just check it here.
Oh! My lips have chocolate on them!


Ugh, my throat is trashed.
It's gotta be the karaoke overload.
Why do I sing so much when I'm not even a singer? Think, girl, think!

Dream mealEdit

Mmm, that divine, spicy spell! Must... resist... pull... If I keep pigging out on hot dogs every time I pass by, I'm gonna gain a ton of weight...


If I go to the beauty salon now, I'll fall asleep for sure.
But then again... at least in my dreams I can hit on that hunky stylist!


If I go to the beauty salon now, I'll fall asleep for sure.
But then least in my dreams that hunky stylist actually talks to me!


Is it true taking photo stickers with your boyfriend in the Center Street booths will make your love last forever?
Better take some just in case!


Wonder if there're shops with skimpier clothes around...
I really wanna find out how much skin I can get away with showing!

Fancy burgerEdit

All those toppings make them too thick to fit in your mouth!
If you have to take the things apart to eat it, why make the burger in the first place?


Ack! I flew out of the house this morning 'cause I was late, and forgot something really important—drawing in my eyebrows!
I'd better head back...


I love how Dragon Couture makes me look slim. I can see why the Chinese Circus chose them to make all their costumes.

Fine with meEdit

So what if CAT's really a cat? Cats are cute. I like cats. We could have a beautiful life together. Why let a little fur stop me from marrying the man of my dreams?


Hee hee, my new scent turned out perfect!
One splash of this and I'll be irresistible!

Finishing touchEdit

Sheep Heavenly is to die for! Although...hmm. I shoulda worn more pink... I coulda looked like a complete angel!


They say cleaning the toilet makes you lucky with money. OK, look out, world!
Soon as I get home, I'm grabbing that toilet brush and scrubbing!


I tried out a light-colored foundation today to match my white blouse, but it's so pale! I look like a ghost!


Why can't everyone see why Gatito is so great?
...Not that I'm sure I totally get it either, but still.


What is wrong with me lately?
I'll be pondering something important, and then some random word shoves its way into my head...
It throws me off for the whole day!

Game showEdit

The Shibuya Game Show last month was such a blast! And those uniforms the floor staff had on were super-cute. Ooh, I want one...

Girly girlEdit

I don't know why I've never been into frills and ribbons before—they're so cute!


That go-kart race was amazing!
I wasn't half bad, either...
Maybe my destiny is to become a racer!


I know Grandfather's store is around here somewhere, but the streets are so crowded... Really, does he have to slog through this rabble every single day?


Yesterday I got the nastiest present.
They told me it was a delicacy, but come on!
The thing was a bug with a plant growing out of it. Eww!
Am I really that hated?


Wow... he likes me! He really likes me! Now we can be together forever and ever!
I feel like I’m skipping through Shibuya on the clouds!


Some people really know how to work the hat look. I should pick one up so I can be more like them.


Shopping for the right hat is tough... I can't find anything that works for me—but I'm not buying a hat unless it's the right one!


I've been searching like crazy, but I can't find a hat I like.
Maybe the problem's not the hat.
Maybe it's my head...


This headdress is kinda dull. I should go home and spice it up a little.


Ugh, this place is just too noisy!
I need to go somewhere with some peace and quiet...
Wonder if there'd be less people over by the station underpass.

His and hersEdit

Woo! Matching his-and-hers J of the M striped tops, and tickets to watch the martial arts tournament with my boyfriend today! I'm the luckiest girl in the world!


I hope goth lolita fashion becomes as popular in Shibuya as it is in Harajuku.

Host clubEdit

Any place that sells white shoes with lamé trim for only 990 yen?
Gotta win over the ladies at work!
Heh heh heh...

Hot guysEdit

Yowza, Jupiter monkeys are so my type! I'm gonna pop by the store again today just to check out the hot guys shopping there!

Hot itemEdit

Wonder if they've still got any left...
They had plenty on the shelves last week, but that was before they showed it on TV...


Why'd I come out here again?
Something important, but I can't for the life of me remember what...


Come on, not this place again...
The roads here are so confusing, I can't find where I'm trying to go...


Gatito doesn't have its own store,
so if you want to buy their clothes,
you have to go search other shops for
them. It's like hunting for treasure!


What have I done?
I was so busy checking the guy out that I signed a really sketchy contract.
Thank goodness for Japan's "cooling-off" laws—I can still bail!

If a dog can...Edit

Come on, I was one hour late! That's no reason to leave without me... Take a lesson from Hachiko, would ya?

I know!Edit

I'm going for a boyish Sheep Heavenly look today, but tomorrow, I'll do more of a young, fresh thing.
Sheep Heavenly's stuff is so fun—my closet's like a toy chest!

I'm getting...Edit

Goosebumps! What's all this bad energy I'm picking up? It's like something else is here. Something...not human...

I'm getting...Edit

Goosebumps! What's all this bad energy I'm picking up?
It's like something else is here.
Something...not human...but something that USED to be human!

I'm getting...Edit

Goosebumps again!
This bad energy is creeping me out!
It's been like this day after day...
I had no idea we were so close to the hellmouth.

I'm onto youEdit

Hey! You there!
Peeping at my thoughts, huh?
I know you are!
Well, if you think you can mind-control me or something, you're sorely mistaken!

I've had it!Edit

Must not cry... must not cry...
Just wait, you JERKS!
'Cause I'm gonna quit your stupid company!
After I get my next bonus.


I'm so tired of looking "normal". I should pick up something really out there—maybe an accessory?
I know! What about a book bag?


The Dragon Couture store always smells so good... I should burn incense at home, too, to make my place smell nice.
Hopefully without burning it down...


Hmm, what should I get for a gift? Cakes work, but donuts and waffles also have their charms...
Eh, you know what? I'm getting 'em all! It's the least I can do for myself!

Inside infoEdit

Man, Gatito threads are so slick. I mean, it figures... CAT's their buyer.

It's the smellEdit

Whenever I go by Cat Street, I get the urge for a cup of coffee. But the café there is always closed!


Real punks keep that leather jacket on no matter how hot it gets!


Augh, Pork City is right there—why can't I cross the street!?
There should be a crosswalk!
So close, and yet so far...

Just like thatEdit

No waaay! Where'd the shop that was here go? The stores here change way too fast...

Just like thatEdit

Huh? Where the heck am I?
No waaay! How am I supposed to find my way around if even the landmark stores keep changing?


Everyone has their share of problems. I just want to lift their spirits a little by singing great punk songs.

Male friendEdit

Ahh, it's so nice to be taken out by a
guy who isn't trying to prove anything.
But then again, if the guys who ARE
interested mistake us for a couple...


No way! That girl is wearing the exact same outfit as me! Why is D+B so popular!? Ugh, I'd better make sure to keep my distance.


Oh... I broke up with my boyfriend at this movie theater.
... Toshi? Akio? Which one was it?


Whew, I'm beat. I want to sit down and have some tea—but nah, that's a waste. Better I save the money than drink it away!


Whew, I'm beat. I want to go home—but nah, my room's a mess.
Better I hit a manga café and READ about cleaning than waste a real mop!


I'm going to Milan this year to hit the original Pegaso store. I'm going to buy everything in stock! The shop staff will never know what hit them.

Mind gameEdit

Maybe I should get a Cadoi card... I can earn points with all my purchases.
But, if I have a card, I'll be tempted to buy more stuff since I'll be "saving"...


Turns out CAT isn't twenty people, and definitely not twenty folks with the same face.
Guess I should've figured as much. Durff!


Today, I'm gonna make 100 people happy. What goes around, comes around!


Oh, no...
I'm not even close to reaching my goal of making 100 people happy!
At this rate, Shibuya will become full of sad people...


I missed my 100-person goal, but I got close!
I'll satisfy myself with that for now.


Pavo Real uses moonstones in their jewelry. They're cute AND they bring you luck! Bonus!


I can't believe he said I look more like a cheerleader than a real hip-hop dancer! Punk hater ain't got a clue! I'ma practice up, then show him I got more moves than he ever will!


Those Mowzy shirts are sooo cute! I'm going to get one in every color, and wear them every day!


Ooh, what's that song playing?
It really gets my blood pumping!
Bum-chicka, oomph, yeah!
Music just ain't music unless you can dance to it!

My fixEdit

I feel faint... I need a dose of Lapin Angelique! I simply must run to the store and see Princess K this very moment!

My salt!Edit

Hmm, I could use a snack.
Good thing I picked up those fries.
...Oh no! I left my can of salt at home!
Good thing I have some miso paste on me. Better than nothing!

My wishEdit

Pavo Real accessories are so gorgeous! It's a shame they don't make clothes... What I would give to be covered in Pavo Real from head to toe!


Huh... No one knows who the designer for Gatito is? How mysterious!


Natural Puppy clothes are so cute and sweet! Like real puppies!

Natural PuppyEdit

The girl working at Natural Puppy dresses so cute. Wish I could be friends with her. Maybe she'd give me her mail address...

Need sleepEdit

If I go to the beauty salon now, I'll fall asleep while they're shampooing me.
Shame I can't go... That stylist is a total hunk.

New lookEdit

Ugh, I'm so sick of how these glasses look. Maybe I'll get a new pair at Cadoi. Mmm, next time I want red frames for sure!

New phoneEdit

I really want a new cell phone. I'm definitely springing for that CAT design if I get one. The thing is round! It hardly looks like a phone.
Unless... it's not?

New Post!Edit

Ooh, the Prince posted on his blog!
Let's see... "Today I had ramen for lunch."
Ramen, huh...
Hey, the shop he went to is here in Shibuya!
I'm gonna go check it out.

New Post!Edit

Ooh, the Prince posted on his blog!
Let's see...
"Today I had ramen for lunch."
Huh? Ramen again?
That can't possibly be healthy...

New singleEdit

The Prince's new song is the best ever!
He barely stays on key, but that's what makes it so mesmerizing.
I can't get it out of my head!


Geez, why's it written so big?

No question...Edit

Every day the voices in my head get louder...
OK, that's it.
From now on, I'M gonna talk to THEM first!

No returnEdit

Finally, I bought my costume!
Now I am sooo gonna steal the show at tomorrow's party.
Beware, mortals!
The goddess of laughter cometh!

No salt!Edit

Hmm, I could use a snack. Good thing I picked up those fries.
...Oh, no! I left my can of salt at home! What are fries without that extra layer of white, salty death?

Not againEdit

I don't see my bus anywhere... Is it at the East Exit?


I love how Pegaso bags weigh almost nothing. It's as if they have wings! It's little wonder they named the brand after Pegasus.

Oh yeah!Edit

Now I remember! Crap... I have to return those CDs I rented!
What's the point of a half-price sale if I pay three times as much in late fees!?

Old shirtEdit

Hoo boy, not good...
I figured, what the hey, I'd try wearing this shirt from two years ago...but it's way too tight!
Hmm, maybe if I stop breathing for— OH, NO! It ripped!

One brandEdit

Tigre Punks is the only brand that matters. Everything else is rags. The whole world should just go Tigre.
...So I don't catch all these stares.


Pegaso's cool and all, but nothing beats Dragon Couture for casual chic!


I love how original Hip Snake is. Their clothes aren't for everyone—they're for hipsters who like lurking in small, cozy cafés reading poetry.

Other worldsEdit

First I started seeing things. Then those voices in my head... I thought I was going nuts. But maybe... Maybe there's more to life than what the eyes can see.


Ooh, my neck is so stiff...
I feel sluggish, too. That's it—next free day I get, I'm heading to the hot springs to relax!
Wait, that's how my neck got sore in the first place. I slept on it funny at the resort.


Am I tired or what? I keep seeing people vanish into thin air and then materialize right back out of it...
Something like that happened the other day in Udagawa, too...


I knew dressing as a girl would be fun!
And not one person has caught on- proof that my beauty passes the test!
Ooh, I could get used to this...


Pegaso shop attendants are amazing! One look at a customer and they know exactly if they're there to buy, or just window shopping. You have to know these things when you work on commission.

Perfect mateEdit

If I have to marry, then CAT's definitely the one. That uncompromising style, those brilliant ideas! Now I just have to hope he's actually a man.


Check me out!
My hair is, like, totally perfect today!


I'm gonna try making my own scent: the smell of cute! People will love it!

Pet powerEdit

Aww, that puppy was adorable! I want a dog... How hip would that be, me and my little poochie marching down the street together?


Blech! This crepe is filled with custard cream!
You use whipped cream in crepes, everybody knows that!
Ugh, if I wanted to eat custard, I'd buy pudding...

Played outEdit

The Prince is putting out another "best of" disc? He doesn't even have that many songs to begin with! How're these the "best"?

Please winEdit

I only shop at department stores during the super-cheap victory sales after a pennant win.
Does that make me a tightwad?


J of the M doesn't make ladies' sizes, so their stuff's a little big, but...that means it covers up the extra gut action, so it's all good.


If I go with a cell phone designed by CAT, is there really any point in me sticking decorations on it?


I love the Prince's new hip-hop album! I MUST have the J of the M jacket he's wearing on the cover! I just HAVE to!


My Pegaso room is full to bursting. Guess it's time to kick my husband out of his bedroom!


I spent all my savings on this Gatito jacket, but it doesn't go with any other clothing brands!
Guess once you start wearing Gatito, you gotta go all the way.


These clothes look retro but hip at the same time. The colors and patterns are so psychedelic!


Why do their clothes wear out so quickly?
Or...maybe I just need to take better care of my clothes.

Rain danceEdit

Come on, rain clouds! Grrr... I can't watch my soap unless the game is cancelled.
Stupid baseball, trying to knock the Prince out of his rightful time slot!

Real ageEdit

Oh ho ho...
Incredible, isn't it?
See the restorative powers of royal jelly?
No one realizes that I'm really 58!


They say the guy who runs the café on Cat Street vanishes now and then...
Vanishes? Sounds like laziness to me.


CD rentals are all half-price now. Now's my chance to rent everything I wanted to listen to!
I was smart to hold off.


Tora Ana Yamazaki, you are my idol! Tigre is blessed to have you designing. I'm gonna keep wearing these clothes, even when I'm old and wrinkly like you!


Sure are a lot of places to eat around here. How am I supposed to choose? Guess I'll follow my nose... And it says today's lunch is ramen!

Retail therapyEdit

So bored... I know! I'll go shopping at Molco! I'm sure that some cute new outfits will lift my spirits!


Rich women wear rich-looking brands like Pegaso to lure in rich guys who make them even richer and richer and OHH I can't keep up.


I so want that D+B limited edition ring! My friends would be so jealous if I got my hands on one! I've been hitting the store daily, but they're always sold out... Today makes what, three months now?


The name of this place means "Uda River"...
So... where's the river?
Ancient History

Royal growthEdit

The Prince wrote in his blog that he quit voice lessons.
Guess he's gained more confidence...or come to grips with his suckiness.

Royal worriesEdit

The Prince wrote in his blog that he's starting voice lessons.
Guess he noticed he was off key...
But still, that's what he's known for!
I don't want him to change!


Hey, Dragon Couture is having a big sale! But their regular prices are so high, I still can't afford anything...


Hmm, I could use a snack.
Good thing I picked up those fries.
...Oh, no! I left my can of salt at home!
Good thing I have some ketchup packets on me. Better than nothing!


This is the first time I've had a boyfriend for Christmas. Finally, I can fulfill my fantasy: to have my own personal Santa!
If he dressed up in the suit... and maybe let me sit on his lap...


I finally got the Wild Boar limited edition ring!
'Course, now I have to subsist on bread and water for the next three weeks, but it's totally worth it!


Hey, I've finally saved up enough store points to buy 100,000 yen worth of stuff here!
Geez, how much does that mean I've spent!?


Yes! I've finally been approached!
Next stop, idol city!
I don't care how much I have to suffer, I'm gonna do this!


Once you're scouted by an agency, you have to pay them, like, all the time...
But... they're teaching me a lot, right?
I gotta stick with this!


Guess the rumors were false. Swarming with talent scouts? Hmph.
I've been here all week, and not a single person has approached me.


Whoa! This place is, like, famous—this intersection is on TV all the time!
Wow, so cool!
Ooh, what if they're shooting a movie here right now? Maybe I'll be in it!


Oww... My throat's all scratchy. I must've caught a cold or something. Just great... Now how am I going to regale people with my totally angelic voice?
  • (Note: This thought fragment can only be found on Shiki, Day 3, in Dogenzaka.)

Second lookEdit

I never really took a hard look at Hachiko before today.
I'm almost glad the guys have been keeping me waiting this long; life's full of eye-opening experiences.

Shake itEdit

I can't explain it, but when I wear Wild Boar, it makes me want to shake it like a wild woman!


Finally, I made it: Shibuya, the glimmering Emerald City in every country girl's eye!
Ooh ooh, 104 is right over there.
Big city shopping, here I come!


Sheep Heavenly clothes are like fluffy pieces of bliss! It's like I'm this sheep? Covered in a fuzzy coat of happiness?


... Oh, wait, never mind.
My extensions came off, that's all.


Ohh, my throat!
It's all that karaoke. Guess I overdid it with a week straight of eight-hour solo sessions...

Singles partyEdit

Oh no, someone cancelled last minute! Now what? I need an even head count... Maybe Mika?
She's got a man... but hey, you can never have enough of those, right?

Smells goodEdit

Ooh, that person who just walked by smells great. Wonder what scent...
I should ask so I can pick some up, but talk about awkward! "Excuse me, I was just smelling you..."

Smells... good?Edit

Oh, it's that perfume from the other day.
Wait, it's a little different...
Like it's developed... evolved?


What is up with that scent? Appealing, but DANGEROUS. Like... "Get any closer and you will get burned". It's very... interesting?


With people packed this tight, their hopes and dreams must be all smushed together, too...
Kind of exciting, when you think about it!


Brr, my feet are freezing!
Poor circulation is the pits.
Better head to Mus Rattus and buy their
3-for-1 socks—and wear all three pairs.

Sold outEdit

That Shibu-Q Heads trio's concert was completely sold out. Are they about to make it big?
Really, their vocalist, Iwata, carries the band.


Coming to Shibuya always calms me down. All the people, the glittering lights—it's like nothing in this world!


Sparkly clothing is, like, the hottest stuff out there.
I'm totally gonna get a shimmery outfit and then be the sparkliest girl in Shibuya!


What a spooky place to walk through alone... But eek, it'd be worse if somebody else was here...sneaking up behind me... Brr!
Gotta stop imagining things!


Ack! What did I just step on?
Wh-wh-what's this gooey sensation?
Stay calm, play it cool...
I'll just scrape my shoes against the ground as I walk...


Yumi's stage debut is coming up. How dedicated is that, to attend rehearsals even while part-timing? She always manages to steal the show.

Starts soonEdit

Hmm... Today's show is at the place on the corner? The shows there are always staged so well, and who can say no to fantasy? But, they've gotten so popular, tickets sell out quick...


I wanna buy that, and that, and that...
Too bad the only shopping my budget allows is window shopping.
But the more I look, the more I want...


Today's the first day of the Prince's concert tour, and I forgot to order tickets!
Ahh, there goes my grip on reality.


Darn, today's the first episode of that new soap starring the Prince, and I didn't set my VCR!
I'll just have to stand in the electronics store and watch.


I forgot the Prince was MC'ing that radio show today...
Why didn't I set the recorder?
I'll just have to head over to the studio and peek in.

Such a liarEdit

Mina is such a liar! That WAS her yesterday! Otherwise why would she be hiding something from me now?
  • (Note: This thought fragment is only found from Ai on Shiki, Day 5.)


Sunglasses are a must-have accessory when wearing Hip Snake. Preferably something with big, round lenses à la aviator shades.


I tied on a misanga bracelet because there were really in...three years ago. When is this damn thing gonna fall off? I want my wish to come true!

Sweet toothEdit

I should hit the shops down on the basement floor and check out the sweets. Walking around and snacking on the cakes and candies down there rules!


I can't believe that girl's wearing D+B!
She's showing way too much skin—it's tacky! Doesn't she know that D+B looks good on chicks like me, not her?


They say that going over the things you're thankful for while mopping the floor brings good luck. OK, look out, world! Soon as I get home, I'm scrubbing the place from top to bottom!

That guy's pinEdit

The pin that guy was wearing had a pretty design... It was like, skullicious. Or skeletacular. Or something.
  • (Note: This thought fragment activates on Shiki, Day 6.)

The 60sEdit

Hip Snake is gonna release a new line of pants all in 60's style. I can't wait! Hmm, wonder if a search through my closet would turn something similar up...

The lookEdit

Gatito clothes are so funky, I'm probably the only one who can wear them and look good. Well, me and maybe the staff at the Shibuya Game Show?

The real CATEdit

So then, CAT was a group of twenty different creators?
Makes sense. CAT covers so many genres, and releases new work all the time. One person could never be that prolific.

There she goesEdit

There she goes. Once Ai gets like this, it never ends. Hmm... I wonder if she caught me with Makoto yesterday...
  • (Note: This thought fragment is only found from Mina on Shiki, Day 5.)

Too muchEdit

Ugh, why is my throat still killing me? Karaoke?
I'm still doing eight-hour sessions, but I started bringing a friend to split the time!
Shouldn't that help?

Too much?Edit

I thought my new perfume turned out perfect, but people are giving me a wide berth...
Geez, is it that powerful?

Too slow!Edit

Nooo! The new arrivals that I saw in that magazine are already sold out!

Top brandEdit

Sheep Heavenly is definitely the brand of the year! The other guys don't even count as clothes.

Tote bagEdit

Hrm, my bag is already full of stuff. I should've brought that tote I got at the Shibuya Game Show.
It could fit all kinds of swag.

True callingEdit

Watching Yumi's stage show convinced me she'd make a better comedian than actress.
Hrm... Wonder if I should tell her that.


What is WRONG with that girl? Is she gonna pass out or something? Seriously, have a sandwich!


Shoot! Where'd the time go? I'm gonna be late to the big D+B event! This time, I'll make 100 friends for sure!


I put my eyeliner on thicker today to hide the lines under my eyes, and everyone said I looked cute, like a panda!
That doesn't make me feel any better.


They say taking out the trash makes you super lucky. OK, look out, world!
Soon as I get home, I'm throwing out, like, half my apartment!

Urban legendsEdit

Hee hee, finally!
I caved and bought that book of urban legends. Let's see what's inside.
A river running beneath Shibuya?
Pfft, yeah, right! This book is junk.

Veiled insult?Edit

People keep telling me my makeup looks great...but is that something I should be proud of?
I mean, isn't that basically saying I'm good at not looking like me?


Pavo Real is Spanish for "peacock." I wonder if they sell any peacock feather-shaped accessories... If not, I can always try to make my own!

Wanna sit...Edit

Wish I could take a look at the stuff I bought.
Isn't there a bench or something?


What happened? I was crazy about the guy when it was just a crush, but as soon as we started going out... nothing.


Where to shop, Cadoi or Molco? Hmm... Whatever, I'll just go to both!


Was today's date with Tokio? Or Atsushi?

Why not?Edit

I'm a celebrity—why doesn't anyone seem to recognize me!?
I'm not in disguise... I've even been on TV a few times! Maybe they're just too shy...


There are an awful lot of rumors surrounding that café on Cat Street...
I wonder why.


Window shopping at Shibukyu always gets me excited! Someday, I'm going to own awesome stuff like that!


I thought I saw someone with wings the other day...
No more caffeine.


Geh, I had the wrong date for the band I wanted to see!
I waited so long to see them live, and their show was yesterday!


So he comes up to me and says, "You're venom, baby, and I've contracted your poison".
What is that!? A compliment? A put-down? I don't know what to feel!


I should hit Dragon Couture and pick up some workout clothes for those yoga classes.
But... hmm, DC's based in Hong Kong, right?
Maybe their stuff's a better fit for Tai Chi.



Why do I have to be their gopher? I belong center stage, not backstage. That punk doesn't appreciate me one bit! Ugh... I don't wanna go back...


Ohh... It's no use. I'll never get my hands on a ticket. Man, I can't do anything right. Work... life in general...


I thought I had Shooter this time... But he just keeps getting stronger! I'll just have to mod my pins and hope no one catches me...

Ken DoiEdit

One taste! That's all it would take. If people just gave my ramen a chance... Instead they line up next door like sheep to the... to the noodle! Arrrgh!

Eiji OjiEdit

Ugh, that beefy ramen makes me broil! All I want is something simple... like the ramen Sebastian used to make.

All of Shibuya (When possesed by O-Pins. Thought fragment entitled: "...")Edit

To right the countless wrongs of our day, We shine this light of true redemption, That this place may become as paradise. What a wonderful world such would be...
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