The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

(Clockwise) Rhyme, Beat, Neku, Joshua, and Shiki.

This article lists the characters of The World Ends with You.

Main Characters[]

  • Neku Sakuraba - Neku is a fifteen year old boy. He is antisocial and doesn't care much for other people. It is worth noting that Neku is never seen without his headphones, not counting the brief scenes at the beginning and end of the game. Throughout the course of the story, Neku learns the importance of having people in his life and becomes very close to Beat, Joshua, Rhyme, and Shiki, as well as Sanae Hanekoma. Neku is very good at utilizing psychs, and can use every pin.
  • Shiki Misaki - Shiki is Neku's first partner. Appearing generally friendly and nice, she harbors jealousy for her best friend, Eri; because of her jealousy, her entry fee for the Reapers' Game was her appearance. Due to this fact, Shiki's true appearance is only ever seen at the end of the game, and her face is not shown. Shiki is one of Neku's best friends by the game's end, although the two do not get along at the beginning of the first week. In the second and third weeks of the game, Shiki is made Neku's entry fee.
  • Joshua (Yoshiya Kiryu) - Joshua is Neku's second partner. He is sly and clever, deriving enjoyment out of teasing others. He is Shibuya's Composer, and is Neku's killer; he brought Neku into the Reapers' Game to be his proxy in his game against the Conductor. Joshua uses High and Low Cards in battle, and utilizes his cell phone while levitating.
  • Beat (Daisukenojo Bito) - Beat is Rhyme's elder brother as well as Neku's third and final partner. He dreams to be the best skater in the world, and can skateboard very well; while he acts tough in front of others, he is truly caring and open. After Week 1, Beat joins the Reapers; however, when he is asked to attack Neku and Joshua, he does not erase them as he should, and joins Neku in the third and final week.
  • Rhyme (Raimu Bito) - Rhyme is Beat's younger sister as well as his partner. Her entry fee for the Reapers' Game is unknown, although it is implied it was her ambitions and dreams, while Beat's was her memories and love for him. On Day 4 of the first week, Rhyme is erased. Mr. Hanekoma then binds Rhyme's Soul to a pin, with which Beat forms a pact.


  • Uzuki Yashiro - Uzuki Yashiro is a short-tempered and self-centered Reaper focused intently on being promoted to an Officer or higher. Throughout the game's story, she shows vicious tendencies toward Players; however, she does apologize to Beat and Neku at one point in Week 3. Koki Kariya is arguably her best friend, and the two are most often seen together.
  • 777- 777 is a harrier Reaper, and is also the leader of the three-piece band Def Märch, which also features support reapers Tenho and BJ.
  • Futoshi - Futoshi is the tech for Def Märch, 777's band (Note: is only a Reaper in The Animation).
  • Koki Kariya - Koki Kariya is a very laid-back and carefree Reaper, spending much of his time making up 'games' to play with his partner, Uzuki Yashiro. Kariya is shown to be not entirely villainous, as he does help Neku and Beat, and has Yashiro refrain from attacking them several times. He is always seen eating a lollipop.
  • Yodai Higashizawa - Yodai Higashizawa is the Game Master (initially by proxy) of Week 1. He often makes food analogies when referring to many situations as well as Players. He is the first to note Shiki's jealousy towards Eri, and causes her to think about this. Higashizawa's Noise form, Ovis Cantus, is a bipedal ram that specializes in close-range attacks. In Another Day, Higashizawa co-created Tin Pin Slammer.
  • Sho Minamimoto - Sho Minamimoto, originally a Reaper, was the youngest Officer in Reaper history and noted to be a genius. He is obsessed with math and enjoys making large heaps of metal and trash scattered throughout the underground. Minamimoto is erased in Week 2, but returns when he is revived through Taboo with the help of Sanae Hanekoma. After being erased again, he is again revived by Coco to be Neku's new partner.
  • Mitsuki Konishi - Mitsuki Konishi acts like a secretary to the Conductor, Megumi Kitaniji, and specializes in analysis and forming plans. She is the Game Master of Week 3, and hides within Beat's shadow for its duration; her Noise form, Tigris Cantus, resembles a winged, humanoid tigress.
  • Megumi Kitaniji - Megumi Kitaniji is the Conductor of the Reapers, and one of the most powerful in their ranks. Prior to the story's start, he initiates a Game with the Composer that would decide whether or not the Composer would destroy Shibuya. He pretends that the Composer is not absent from the UG much of the time. Kitaniji has two Noise forms: Anguis Cantus, a large, red serpent, and Draco Cantus, a dragon-like serpent.
  • Coco Atarashi - Coco is a Reaper that appears in Solo Remix as the secret shopkeeper. She also appeared in Live Remix as a guide character. Coco later played a major role in A New Day in Final Remix. She speaks with abbreviations often used in texting. Over the course of A New Day, Coco is shown to have immense power with abilities that transcend almost every other Reaper.


  • Sanae Hanekoma - Hanekoma (also known as Mr. H) acts like a guardian of the players, and always makes sure that the game is fair and everyone follows the rules. He is a sort of mentor to Joshua. He also runs a cafe called WildKat.
  • Mr. Mew - Mr. Mew is Shiki's homemade stuffed animal, which Shiki animated using psychomancy. She uses him as her weapon in battle.
  • Eri - Eri is Shiki's best friend. Shiki has a picture of her and Eri on her phone.
  • Sota - Sota is a player, and is Nao's boyfriend and partner. He is very protective of Nao, but has a kind heart.
  • Nao - Nao is a player, and is Sota's girlfriend and partner. She is a pure-hearted girl.
  • Mina - Mina is a teenage girl. She likes to be helpful, and is a big fan of the Prince.
  • Ai - Ai is a teenage girl. She has a crush on Makoto, and won't let anyone get in the way of her romance with him.
  • Makoto - Makoto is the one held responsible for making the Red Skull pins popular, and also starts a shop called "Shadow Ramen".
  • Shuto Dan - Shuto (also known as Shooter) is an avid Tin Pin Slammer fan, and is the Number One ranked seed. He teaches Neku how to play Tin Pin Slammer.
  • Itaru "Yammer" Yokoyamada - Yammer is also a big Tin Pin Slammer fan, though not as skilled a Shooter. He uses modded Pins of questionable legality during matches.
  • "Shrimp" - "Shrimp" is Makoto's boss, and relies on Reaper Creeper to make almost all his decisions.
  • Eiji Oji - Or also commonly referred to as "The Prince of Ennui", Eiji is a popular individual in Shibuya. He has a blog named "F Everything" (in which 'F' means 'Fabulous'). This blog is popular among the mainstream of the RG and which is said to receive about 100,000 hits per day.
  • Pin Prof - The Pin Prof is a legendary Tin Pin Slammer player.
  • Vice Wizard of Slam - The Vice Wizard of Slam is one of the creators of Tin Pin.
  • Wizard of Slam - The Wizard of Slam, Shinji Hashimoto, is The Producer of Tin Pin Slammer.
  • Tsugumi Matsune - Tsugumi Matsune is a mysterious girl that appears at the end of Solo Remix and in A New Day. She serves as a tie-in to NEO: The World Ends with You.


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