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One of the great features of the wiki is the Recent Changes newsfeed. This means you can follow the changes to the wiki in a news bulletin format. An excellent way to keep track of new information added to the wiki, questions asked and answered. Best of all, get to see vandalism before it's fixed! And be the one to fix it ^^

How to sign up:

  • Get a free newsreader
  • Download FeedDemon if you want it on your desktop (fast and customizable)
  • Sign up for Google Reader if you want it online (access from anywhere)
  • Sign up with Bloglines, another online feed reader.
  • When using FeedDemon, it's recommended to "Synchronize this folder with Newsgator" (right click on folder containing the feed to choose this option)
  • Enjoy!

Vandalism[edit source]


There's a new page that talks about how to deal with vandalism. Please check it out.

Help Wanted[edit source]

Please go here: Category:Help Wanted to see where you could help! Or add any other game knowledge you feel like sharing.

Style Guidelines[edit source]

  • Try to write pages in 3rd person; it makes them more objective, and objectivity is a good thing in a wiki (talk pages are exempt).
  • If you are going to put information in and it is information that is viewable from inside the game, copy the information exactly as it shows. Don't put "1.0 seconds" if the screen shows "1.0s".
  • When making templates, try to be clear and concise by adding documentation and explaining how it works, if possible.

Semantic MediaWiki[edit source]

We are using Semantic MediaWiki on this website. Please read more about it, it's very powerful and not too hard to use.

Categories[edit source]

They are used to help create nice table of contents, and for people who like to use Browse function.

The current category tree is shown on the right of this page (on the main page, only Content subtree is shown).

no pages or subcategories

This is work in progress, please make suggestions. You can add new categories and make changes; if you do, try to link new categories to the proper location in the category tree, and not directly to the top "Content" category. For example, you could create a new category for Special Reports, and link it to two Categories: Story and Collecting (but probably not directly to the Content).

Each page and each category should belong to at least one category. Don't forget each page and category can (and often should!) be a member of more than 1 categories!

We are using mw:Extension:CategoryTree on this site.

Editing Tools[edit source]

This page will list resources that can be used to improve this wiki. This includes websites with nice icons that we can reuse here, images from the game, editing tools, and anything else you can think of.

Images[edit source]


Basic Editing[edit source]

Advanced Editing[edit source]

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