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Teenage City Riot (stylized as TEENAGE CITY RIOT) is a song by multinational hip-hop/funk band ALI. It was going to be the opening theme for The World Ends with You The Animation, but was replaced by Twister - Animation OP ver. - following drummer Kahadio's arrest on fraud charges.[1][2] It was announced as the opening theme on November 23rd, 2020.

ALI's drummer, Kahadio (real name Kadio Shirai), was arrested for an advance-fee fraud scam in early April 2020.[3] On April 8th, 2020, just over 24 hours before the premiere of The Animation, it was announced that Teenage City Riot would be replaced. Its use in the first episode was replaced with Calling - Animation OP Ver. -. In the second episode onwards, the show's opening animation uses TWISTER - Animation OP ver. - instead of Teenage City Riot.. In the wake of the news, official media releases featuring Teenage City Riot (such as tweets, links, and the second and fourth promotional videos) were deleted or otherwise taken down.[4]. As Teenage City Riot had never been played in full, it has become a sort of lost media.

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