The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You
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"So fight like your lives're on the line. Figuratively speakin', seein' as you're already dead... Nyeheh!"
— Kubo to Rindo and Fret

Tanzo Kubo (久網 旦蔵 Kubō Tanzō) is a major character in NEO: The World Ends with You, and is one of the elite Shinjuku Reapers. His role is monitoring work, and he is in charge of handling details such as certification of the Players' defeats.

In truth, Kubo is an Angel sent to erase Shinjuku as "the Executor." Through manipulating Shiba Miyakaze, he succeeded, and then decided to inflict the same fate on Shibuya.


Kubo has an olive complexion, sideswept dark hair and brown eyes. He has a large nose and a small goatee. He wears a light grey jacket over a white v-neck shirt, textured dark grey pants, and black shoes with gold buckles. He seems to wear either a bracelet or wristwatch on his left wrist. Kubo often carries a light black clutch purse in his left hand as well.


Kubo is condescending and mocking towards almost everyone, even the other Reapers, making him much disliked. The only person he respects is Shiba Miyakaze.



Kubo started a clandestine Game with Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu, which ultimately led to Shinjuku's destruction. Kubo was recruited by Hazuki Mikagi to "cleanse" Shinjuku. To this end, Kubo was planted among the Shinjuku Reapers and manipulated them into bringing about an Inversion, particularly by granting special powers to Shiba Miyakaze and flattering him into believing he was the Executor.

After the Shinjuku Reapers moved to Shibuya, Kubo decided to "cleanse" that city as well.

NEO: The World Ends with You[]

Week One[]

Kubo first appears to Rindo and Fret on their second day of the Reapers' Game to see the new team. He mocks them for not understanding the mission, and condescendingly explains the format of the Reapers' Game. He reveals they're dead, but Rindo and Fret don't realize it. When he leaves, Fret hopes that not all Reapers are like him.

Week Two[]

To be written.

Week Three[]

After the erasure of Shiba, Kubo emerges and heralds the emergence of the Soul Pulvis from Rindo's Player Pin. He reveals that he is an Angel and the Executor, and that he engineered the creation of the Soul Pulvis as a backup plan should Shiba fail to destroy Shibuya. In the second iteration of these events, Kubo destroys Rindo's pin so that he cannot rewind time any longer (even though doing so would only make the Soul Pulvis stronger). At this point, though, Hazuki Mikagi decides to "exorcise" Kubo, erasing him so fully that he ceases to exist even if time is rewound and is even wiped from everyone's memories. The results of Kubo's actions, however, still exist.


久網 Kubō uses the kanji for long time and network.

旦蔵 Tanzou is daybreak + ownership.


  • "Here's an idea: did youse try reading it for starters?"
  • "Gramps? Ouch! Guess Mommy never taught you to respect your elders."
  • "Nyeheh! Not bad! You've got moxie, kid."
  • "Nyeheh. Maybe youse missed the memo, but this is s'posed to be a team game."'
  • "That said, if youse really want out, there is one way. I told youse how teams compete to earn the most points, right? Well, if ya top the table, then we'll grant you whatever you wish for. All youse gotta do is win. So aim for the stars, my would-be winners!"
  • "Although, word to the wise here: youse might wanna bolster your ranks first. After all, ya won't get much done as a duo!"
  • "... Anyways. Try not to fall too far behind the pack. And worse comes to worst, youse can go down in a blaze of glory. So gimme somethin' fun to watch this week, will ya?"
  • "Plot twist, kid! Believe it or not, I'm an Angel from a much higher plane than this here UG."
  • "What- ya think goin' back in time'll save the city? Well, I hate to break it to ya, kid, but as long as you've got that pin, my Noise are inevitable! They'll devour Shibuya all over again, just like they did this time."


  • Tetsuya Nomura on Kubo: "Kubo is a character that wasn't in the original scenario. Around the middle of development, I requested that a character like him be included, and that's how he came to be. To tell you the truth, I wanted to add two characters, but the scenario writer had a troubled look on their face, so I decided Kubo would be enough. The reason I wanted to add Kubo is because last time, we had a strong villain like Kitaniji among the Reapers. This time there was no one like that, and the characters were all very clean-cut, so I asked them to include a character with strong vices like Kubo. Even though I forced him into the game, Kubo still wound up with a surprisingly large role. When I asked the staff about it later, they seemed pretty excited about writing the scenario."


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