The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

This page contains evolution charts for each brand. For details about how pins evolve, see the main Pin article. See also the evolution table page for a table format.

  • Battle PP* (BPP) - [BLUE in progress bar]
Fight and defeat the Noise in battles to earn Battle PP.
  • Shutdown PP* (SDPP) - [GREEN in progress bar]
Power down your DS and leave the game turned off. You'll earn Shutdown PP based on how long you haven't played.
In Final Remix for the Switch, the game needs only to be inactive, either through sleep mode or the home menu.
  • Mingle PP* (MPP) - [RED in progress bar]
Connect to other TWEWY players and wireless Nintendo DS games and apps. You receive Mingle PP for every connection you make.
Play your friends in Tin Pin Slammer to also receive Mingle PP.
In Final Remix for the Switch, Mingle PP no longer exists. The new conditions for evolution are as follows:
  • In every situation where a pin does not already evolve from SDPP, Mingle evolutions usually use SDPP (Some exceptions include Murasame, Rakuyo and Frozen Cool, all of which use BPP to evolve).
  • In cases where the pin already evolves from SDPP, Mingle evolutions use BPP instead.
  • In cases where the pin would therefore evolve both through SDPP and BPP, the pin will be mastered through a combination of SDPP and BPP. Pins will evolve with 80% or more of their required type of PP (rather than 51% in the DS version); anything less will result in mastery.

These charts are also available as a compact, printable version.

Note that Eden's Door of Gatito brand evolved into the unbranded 1 Yen in the Japanese version. This was changed as the game was localized: Eden's Door evolves into another Gatito pin (One Jump from Eden) in the US/EU version. This means that in the US/EU version, there's no way to change the brand through evolution.

These charts are based on the data from this wiki; if you find any mistakes, please notify editors in the official Disord.

A couple notes on how to read these charts: A white pin number usually signifies a pin which cannot be evolved from another pin. The three exceptions to this are where those pins have the least yen value of their evolution chains. All pins with white numbers may be found in the shops, in battle, or are given to you as part of the plotline.

A pin with a golden star next to it will not evolve into anything.

D+B Evolution Chart


Natural Puppy Evolution Chart

Natural Puppy.graph.png

Pavo Real Evolution Chart

Pavo Real.graph.png

Mus Rattus Evolution Chart

Mus Rattus.graph.png

Jupiter of the Monkey Evolution Chart

Jupiter of the Monkey.graph.png

Hip Snake Evolution Chart

Hip Snake.graph.png

Sheep Heavenly Evolution Chart

Sheep Heavenly.graph.png

Tigre Punks Evolution Chart

Tigre Punks.graph.png

Dragon Couture Evolution Chart

Dragon Couture.graph.png

Lapin Angelique Evolution Chart

Lapin Angelique.graph.png

Pegaso Evolution Chart


Wild Boar Evolution Chart

Wild Boar.graph.png

Gatito Evolution Chart


Note: The chart above is for the US/EU version.

Unbranded Evolution Chart


Note: The chart above is for the US/EU version.

Gatito+Unbranded Evolution Chart


Note: The chart above is for the Japanese version. In the US/EU version the "approaching eden set" completes a cycle.