Sync Rate is one of the characters stats. It is shown in-game in Neku's partner side of the screen, but it is really a shared stat (like their Max HP) between the two characters in a pact. It affects, and is affected by, both characters.

What Sync Rate AffectsEdit

Sync Rate affects how long the Light Puck can last before it disappears when no one passes the Puck, and, more importantly, how long you can hold the puck before your multiplier starts draining away. With a 0% sync rate, you must pass the puck virtually instantaneously just to get past a X2 multiplier, but with an increased Sync Rate, you have much more time to pass the puck, and when you do, the multiplier increase is almost always better.

In Solo Remix, Sync Rate is what decides whether the player can invoke a Fusion, and what level the Fusion is when invoked. 100% permits basic Fusions, 200% level 2, and 300% level 3 Fusions.

What Affects Sync Rate Edit

Sync Rate drops when your characters get damaged in battle. Wearing Threads of a popular brand in that area of Shibuya will alleviate the effect. Sync Rate will also drop if Neku runs away from battles often; If Neku runs away with a 3-bar signal, no percentage of Sync is lost. This is basically a warning. If Neku runs away with a 2-bar signal, Neku's partner will get upset and their Sync Rate will drop by 20%. If Neku then runs away with a 1-bar, his partner will be furious (except for Joshua, who gives Neku the silent treatment and makes Neku mad at him), then he and partner's Sync Rate will drop by 40%! The Phone Signal increases if Neku can win each battle/Reduction.

It is also affected by Food in many ways:

  • Always boosted temporarily during digestion of any food
  • Boosted after digestion of certain foods. This secondary Sync Rate gain is not affected by character's personal likes and dislikes.
  • May be affected by the like/dislike of the food by each character:
    • Loves it: 2x
    • Likes it: 1.5x
    • Okay with it: 1x
    • Dislikes it: 0.75x
    • Hates it: 0.5x

The foods that result in secondary increase of the Sync Rate are the following:

 Digestion bonus amountDigestion bytesPriceSold by
Sync Bar100120000
3x Tektite; 9x 50 Yen
Pharmacy - Shibu-Q Heads
Insta-noodles5061x 100 YenRamen Don - Dogenzaka
Bouillabaisse405580WildKat - Cat Street
Minestrone304420Burger Shop - Shibukyu Main Store
Burger Shop - Shibukyu Stationside
OJ203210Burger Shop - Shibukyu Main Store
Burger Shop - Shibukyu Stationside
Mexican Dog - Spain Hill
Cola102210Burger Shop - Shibukyu Main Store
Burger Shop - Shibukyu Stationside
Mexican Dog - Spain Hill
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