The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You
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"hey, rindragon! hope you're not too tired from exams x_x
yeah, some days it feels like nothing spawns but trash...
i'll let you know if any rare monsters pop up on my radar!"
— Swallow's texts to Rindo

Swallow (スワロウさん Suwarou-san) is a character in NEO: The World Ends with You. They are Rindo's online friend for about three years, who he met through the FanGO app. Swallow's identity and gender is unknown - they are represented with an icon of a barn swallow. Despite being friends for three years, Rindo doesn’t know what Swallow looks like.


Swallow is kind to Rindo, often helping him out with Fantasy GO. When Rindo is in the Reapers' Game, Swallow agrees to give Rindo pointers if he's struggling with puzzles.


NEO: The World Ends with You[]

Swallow's first appearance is when Rindo walks to 104 to meet Fret. They promise to tell Rindo about any nearby rare monsters.

When Rindo and Fret are eating at Dogenzaka, Swallow sends Rindo a photo of a "nutkin" they found in the middle of the Scramble Crossing. Rindo tells Fret about them, and Fret decides to take Rindo to the Scramble to find Swallow. There, Rindo and Fret enter the Reapers' Game.

After Rindo and Fret find all the skulls on Day 1, Rindo texts Swallow about the Game. After defeating Drum 'n' Stinger, Rindo asks Fret if his RNS App is buggy since he can't message anyone but Fret. When Fret leaves, Rindo can text Swallow, who encourages Rindo and tells him to get home safe. On Day 2, they let Rindo ask them for help if he gets stuck - while Rindo texts Swallow, a bored Fret starts scanning and gets ambushed by Noise.

At the end of Day 2, Fret says they're "absolutely screwed" since they can't contact anyone. Rindo realizes he could text Swallow and asks Swallow if its buggy for them, which goes through. Rindo tells Swallow it doesn't look like he'll be quitting the Game anytime soon.

Over the next several days, Rindo keeps Swallow updated on his progress in the game. Rindo begins to suspect Swallow is also in the UG and finally asks Swallow if they're playing the Reapers' Game. After a bit of silence, Rindo learns on Week 2, Day 4 that Swallow is playing the game. Swallow refuses to give information about who they are and what team they are on, mentioning that they might have to fight each other so it is better if they don't know who they are. They wish each other well as the game continues.

During the Final Day, it is revealed that Shoka Sakurane was Swallow, as she says so to Rindo before being erased, as well as apologizing for not responding, explaining that her account was suspended when she was demoted back to a Player, before she is erased by the Noise.


  • "sorry, i just saw this! i wish we could have met up!"
  • "omg! next time then for sure. like an0ther always says, "don't miss your chance!""

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