Swag is the catch-all for items that are neither food nor threads. It includes:

  • Quest items
  • Wallets
  • Stickers
  • Music
  • Manuals (book-like items that describe different aspects of gameplay)

A Swag List can be seen here.

Stickers[edit | edit source]

Stickers are items that permanently increase the players abilities. They are sometimes rewards in the main storyline, and they can also be obtained by clearing extra walls in a day. Many are also Quest items from various stores.

Sticker Types include:

  • Attack up: Increase the Attack of a character.
  • Defense up: Increase the Defense of a character.
  • Fusion level up: Increase the maximum fusion level of Neku's partner to do more complex and powerful Fusions.
  • Pin Slots: Increase the number of pins that Neku can wear at one time.
  • Movement: Allow the use of certain movement types, like Neku Dash, Shiki's jump and dodge, and Joshua's dodge and levitation.
  • Chain Battles: Increase the number of possible battles chained together.
  • Difficulty Settings: Allow the changing of the difficulty setting of the game.
  • Phone menu options: Allow the access of new areas of the phone, like the Tin Pin Slammer Multiplayer.
  • Hollow Leg: Allow players to eat as much as they want without having to wait until the next day; in other words, this removes the "byte" limit.
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