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Summon Rhyme is a positive psych exclusive to Rhyme, which is obtained after defeating Mitsuki Konishi on Week 3, Day 7. It is activated by tapping on an empty space or enemy. Rhyme will fly in from the top left corner and hit the target once, then fly off.

Rhyme is one of the only offensive pins classified under no class, which means there is no limit to the number of Rhyme pins in a deck. Extra Rhyme pins may be obtained by defeating Konishi again, or by purchasing it at Shadow Ramen in the postgame.

Rhyme cannot hit enemies caught in Sweeper.


This psych has an efficiency rating of 120%, third-highest in the game, making Rhyme an excellent puck passing pin for postgame play, and will work on all Pork City floors.

Summon Rhyme vs. high-efficiency positive psychs (Massive Hit/Vortex Saber/Grave Marker/Lance Lunge)Edit

Rhyme is much more practical to use than Massive Hit pins. The other pins are slightly weaker than Rhyme but are still useful when comboed with a Sweeper pin.

Summon Rhyme vs. Burst RoundsEdit

The postgame Burst Rounds pins, Kaleidoscope and One Grain, Infinite Promise, deal significantly more damage than Rhyme, but cannot damage Brassbanfrog or Fifenfrog. However, if the player's partner is powerful enough to damage these two noise, it is acceptable to use Burst Rounds as the primary puck passer over Rhyme.

# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Lasts Boot Reboot Info
Pin 262c262RhymeUnbranded - P Summon Rhyme T Attack 951203545 uses04Touch empty space to summon Rhyme's squirrel Noise to that location, where she will attack any enemies present.
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