The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

"Handing out pins for your grandpa in the scramble... That's aces, dawg. We'll wear your pins. It'd be an honor. Hang in there, Mick. We'll be rootin' for you."
— Sota to Makoto

Sota Honjo (本庄 爽太 Honjō Sōta) is a Player in the Reapers' Game, along with his girlfriend Nao. While his death is a mystery in the game, the anime shows him and Nao were killed in a car crash near the end of Week 1.


Sota has a slender but slightly muscular build. He has slightly darker skin although it is unclear if it is natural, a tan, or him being ganguro. He has teal green eyes. He has slicked back blonde hair with a very high ponytail at the top. He wears sunglasses on his head, a black collared vest, a low-cut white shirt with some black stripes which shows his mid-riff, and blue pants. He has a brown belt with a large white buckle with a black symbol resembling a plus sign on it. He accessorizes with two necklaces, two earrings on his ear, a white wraparound of sorts on his arm, and a white watch.

There are some differences between the game and the anime. Because sprites are flipped in the game, it is not clarified if his accessories (earrings, wraparound and watch) are supposed to be on one side or if they also exist on both sides. In the anime, it is shown all of them are only on his left side. In the game, his pants are shown to be shredded on the thigh, however, his pants appear undamaged in the anime. While the area under his thigh is not shown in the game, the anime shows his pants are rolled up and do not cover his ankles, and he has some dark blue loafers. He has no visible socks. In the anime, his belt has lost its brown color, appearing more blue or black.


Sota is tenderhearted and helps Neku Sakuraba realize that he should open up to others. Sota is very protective of Nao. He refuses to snipe out other Players to get ahead in the Reapers' Game. It is shown that he can be blunt and harsh when annoyed, such as when he tells Makoto Miki to "stop mumbling, loser!" if the player does not choose the right meme.


Main Story[]

Sota is first encountered with Nao, as living humans, by Neku and Shiki on Shiki, Day 6 as they attempt to help Makoto Miki promote the Red Skull pins. At first, Sota gets the wrong impression that Makoto was trying to hit on Nao, but Makoto claims his grandfather has "totally gnarly" arthritis and is sad because no one wants to wear his pins. Sota and Nao are fooled by the lie and end up taking the pins anyway.

During the Tin Pin Slammer Challenge on the second day of Week 2, they are encountered as Players. When Neku loses the challenge, Sota goes on to win it after Joshua secretly breaks Shooter's pin launcher, therefore completing the mission for that day.

Later, on the fourth day, Neku and Joshua run into both Sota and Nao again. Here Neku tells them about Shiki being his entry fee. Sota convinces Neku not to give up hope, and that he must truly care about Shiki to go through so much for her. This exchange also leads the Composer's decision to spare Shibuya.

On Day 6, when the Taboo Noise attack players and reapers, Neku and Joshua witness Nao being erased. They jump in to save Sota from the same fate, although they know this is impossible, as a player can only exist in the UG for seven minutes without their partner. Sota disappears with just enough time to tell Neku not to blame himself.

Another Day[]

Sota is Neku's barber since he was a "little squirt" and he can be played in Tin Pin twice.

The Animation[]

Sota and Nao appear in the first seven episodes of The World Ends with You The Animation in some form or another.

In the first episode, they are seen walking across the street when Neku wakes up.

In the second episode, Neku and Shiki find Sota and Nao sitting down. Nao comments that the water Eiji Oji promotes is delicious, making Sota wonder as it's just water. Nao mentions she only got it because Sota waited in line for her and she thanks him. Shiki scans Nao to find Oji's location.

In the third episode, a news broadcast is shown announcing their deaths. They are revealed to be in their late teens, as well being caught in a car accident. They were noted to be "unconscious", meaning they died in the hospital.

In the fourth episode, they are gathered with the other players outside 104 Building. Neku recognizes them as the people on the broadcast the previous day.

In the fifth episode, they flee from a Taboo Noise attack and meet Neku and Joshua, warning them to stay away from the area. Joshua tells them that only one partner gets to come back to life, while Neku tells them his partner was taken as his entry fee. Sota and Nao hear a weird sound and continue fleeing.

Sota and Nao motivate Neku.

In the sixth episode, Sota and Nao find a lone Neku at Cat Street. Nao tells Neku that it seems they may be the only players left. Sota sits beside Neku and tells him not to feel guilty that his partner was taken as his entry fee because it shows how much he cares about them, and that it's very unlikely Neku's partner would hold it against him. Because there is no mission for today, Sota and Nao leave.

Sota telling Neku to survive before dying.

In the seventh episode, Nao is erased from existence by a Noise. Sota cries as Neku and Joshua arrive too late. As Sota fades away as well, he grabs Neku's wrist and encourages Neku to survive.

In the final episode, Sota and Nao are both revived and they cross path with Neku's group.


  • "No worries, man. She was your entry fee, yeah? That means you really care about her. No reason to feel guilty for that. And I'd play the Game a million times for Nao. Whatever it takes to get us back to the RG, dawg." (to Neku about Shiki)
  • "Forget blame, man! Plus, I don't care if only one of us gets a second chance. I still ain't sniping other Players."
  • "Nao! Stay with me! We're finishing this thing together! Nao! Nao! Dammit... DAMMIT!"
  • "You two survive. Get your old partner back. I hope all three of ya get back safe." (final words)


  • His name can also be written as ホンジョウ ソウタ. The Japanese version of the game also includes this translation for convenience when he wins in the tournament.
  • Because the game and The Animation have a lot of differences, it is unclear if Sota and Nao are canonically alive. He may be considered dead in the game canon and alive in the anime canon.
    • In NEO, the player can scan a woman who mentions there is a new Def Märch album, suggesting that its band members are now canonically alive, possibly meaning Sota and Nao are now canonically alive as well given that it seems to coincide with The Animation. However, it is possible that any of its members could have been replaced and that the characters who apparently died in the game canon remain deceased in its canon.


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