Item 324

Number 324
Name Sleek Silk
Sticker affects
Description Craftsmen poured heart and soul into this lustrous silk, woven the traditional way: from thread lovingly collected from silkworms.
Tips Materials like this transform certain items into awesomely powerful new items. This is the ideal fabric for gorgeous, luxurious clothing.
How to get Sold by:
  • Shibukyu Main Store/Mus Rattus IV FSG Lv.4 (¥2500*3) for 10x Rare Metal/1x 10 Yen
  • Shibu-Q Heads/1F (W2D4) for ¥12000
    Plot event: W1D6 reaper @Center St. Entrance
Comments [[comments::Required for Sun Emperor/Goth Bondage Coat for SOS/LASS setups. The Sleek Silk obtained on W1D6 is enough to trade for either, so there shouldn't be a need to purchase it in the maingame.]]