These subterranean sneaks can appear anywhere. Watch their timing and whack 'em!
— Noise Report

The Shrew Wave is a gold shrew Noise with grey claws in The World Ends with You.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Tunnel Dweller: The Shrew Wave is able to move between the top- and bottom-screens at will via holes in the ground. However, it can only attack when it is protruding from one of these holes; if forced out by attacks, the shrew Noise will try to crawl over to one of its burrows to resume its attacks.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Claw Slash: The Shrew Wave pops its head out of one of its holes to perform a double-clawed downwards slash on the player if he's nearby.
  • Shrew Bomb: The Shrew Wave pops its head out of one of its holes and drops a bomb just outside the hole. After 3 seconds, the bomb will explode, causing serious damage within a certain radius.


Shrew Waves can only be harmed while at least partly above the ground; even Fusion Attacks will miss while they are underground. Attacks with knock-back can force these Noise out of their burrows until they can crawl back into one of their holes, leaving them extremely vulnerable to attack. Dash or use a well-timed block to avoid taking damage from their bombs.


The Shrew Wave's name is a play on the music genre "new wave", with "new" replaced by "shrew".