Taboo Sho Minamimoto is a boss in The World Ends with You. His Taboo form is battled on Week 3, Day 6. It should be noted that the player can still continue on with the game without getting a Game Over even if they lose.

Abilities Edit

  • Taboo Defense: Taboo Noise only take full damage from attacks that are made by characters holding the Light Puck, part of a Cross Combo, or Fusion Attacks. All other attacks deal significantly reduced damage.
  • Teleport: Sho will teleport any time he is touched with the stylus, becoming invincible during the teleportation.

Strategy Edit

Because of Sho's teleportation, any pins that require touching, pressing or slashing across or near an enemy are useless during this battle. Combined with his Taboo Defense, this makes powerful single attacks during the moment Neku has the puck the most efficient way to damage Sho, such as any Burst Rounds pin. When Neku does not have the puck, he should instead focus on dodging Sho's powerful attacks. Microphone attacks are also highly useful during this battle, as they do not require touching the screen at all. Sho is not immune to knockback, so Lightning Rook can be used for filler damage, but Blue Blood Burns Blue should be removed from the player's deck if attempting to defeat Sho during the storyline. Splish Splash Barrier can be useful to provide Neku with a respite from Sho's attacks, but if the player is more confident with their timing Healing or Cure Drink pins can accomplish recovery more quickly. Neku should also use Beat's Fusion attacks if possible, as they will penetrate Sho's Taboo Defense.

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  • Like his non-taboo self, Minamimoto's HP is 5926, which are the next four digits in Pi.