"Reaper officer and twisted genius, Minamimoto summons forth Taboo Noise to fight for him!"
— Noise Report

Sho Minamimoto is a boss in The World Ends with You.


  • Inverse Matrix: Sho's first move in the Boss Fight that allows him to summon Black Noise to attack the Players. This is done as the fight progresses to make sure he is not alone.
  • Zetta Slow: A Variation of Teleporting, usually before contact with a hit on him is made.
  • Factorial: Sho fires an energy blast out of his hand which divide into 8 similar blasts around the screen.
  • Sine / Cosine / Tangent: Movements that can deal heavy damage to a Player.
  • Infinity: A Variation of the Factorial where it spreads in a Circular Formation quickly, however there is a second variation that only fires very minimal in a single direction which only applies when he shouts "Die, Radians!"
  • Transform: Transforms into Leo Cantus or into Reaper Form.
  • So Zetta Slow!!: A Variation of Zetta Slow as Leo Cantus where after teleporting or before teleporting he can attack the player.
  • Infinity!!: A Darker inversion used by Leo Cantus where the screen he's on glitches slightly before picking up the Player and slamming him/her down.
  • Level i Flare: Sho's finishing move that erases players without fail. It is not done within the boss fight itself.


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