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"Tradition? Tradition is garbage! CRUNCH! I'll add it to the heap! This is my Game. And I only allow two things. Flawless calculations... and beauty!"
— Sho Minamimoto on the second game, Week 2, Day 1

Sho Minamimoto (南師 猩 Minamimoto Shō) is the secondary antagonist in The World Ends with You and a main character in NEO: The World Ends With You. In the first game, he was a Reaper Officer, but in the sequel, he becomes a player and joins the Wicked Twisters.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In The World Ends with You, Minamimoto is a tall tan-skinned young adult with grey spiky hair hanging down and amber eyes. At the beginning of the game, he wears a black short-sleeved coat with an undone belt and yellow buttons, ripped grey jeans, black platform shoes, a black and grey cap with two silver buttons on the front, a red bandana, and a silver necklace and earring and bracelet. As he experiments further with taboo his outfit changes - he starts off with black taboo markings on his left hand, and after reviving in Week 3 it continues to grow over his body. The only clothes he keeps from his initial outfit is his ripped coat exposing his chest, his shoes, and his bracelet. His jeans are now fastened with a belt - the buckle is his Noise form, Leo Cantus. As the Taboo spreads further, Sho's hair begins spiking up. His clothes can be collected as Gatito threads: Pi-Face's Coat, Pi-Face's Jeans, Pi-Face's Cap, and Pi-Face's Bandanna.

In NEO: The World Ends With You, Minamimoto wears black laced platform boots with a red inside and white buttons, grey pants, a black shirt with a white zipper, a grey checked coat, his cap, and his necklace. Noticeably, he doesn't have any Taboo markings on him.

Personality[edit | edit source]

"An 18-year-old whose cruelty is second only to his intelligence. His reputation as a Reaper has gained him notoriety in spades--along with a prestigious promotion within the Reapers' ranks."
— Game manual description
Minamimoto07 (1).png

At 18, Sho Minamimoto is the youngest Game Master of the Reapers in Shibuya and the second Game Master Neku battles. It is revealed that he excels in all areas of leadership except one—cooperation with others. More of a mathematician than a brawler, Sho loves to speak in mathematical terms and cannot refrain from making a calculation or from telling a math joke during conversation, to the point of obsession.

Arrogant and willing to show it in whatever way necessary, he ceaselessly tries to prove his value and his strength. He has a strange habit of gathering together junk heaps when playing the part of game master, claiming that they are a precisely calculated form of art; this can be viewed as performance art reflecting his views that "The world is garbage" and lacks any beauty.

In Another Day[edit | edit source]

In the parallel universe of Another Day, Sho Minamimoto is known as Dr. Pin and is seemingly the son of the Tin Pin founder Ken Doi. Sho is far less cruel to Neku and his companions. He gives them advice on their quest to reclaim their pins and offers them his own exclusive Player Pin for them to use, in which Ken Doi was quick to point out that the pin was easily destroyable. He later rejoins the group after making a new Slammer for Shooter Dan.

Story[edit | edit source]

The World Ends with You[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Much of Minamimoto's history is a mystery, although he may have been a survivor of a Reapers' Game who won and chose to become a Reaper. At some point, he began to lust after the Composer's position for unclear reasons.

Sanae Hanekoma, a Fallen Angel, taught Minamimoto how to refine Taboo Noise. Minamimoto was Hanekoma's backup plan to ensure Shibuya's survival in case the Composer does not change his mind.

Minamimoto prepares to shoot Joshua.

Seeking to become the new Composer for quite some time, Minamimoto was aware of Joshua's form in the RG. Minamimoto was hoping to kill Joshua, believing the Composer would be vulnerable in the RG, but was unaware the Composer still had some power, even in the RG. Minamimoto chased Joshua in the RG. Joshua and Minamimoto end up in the Udagawa Back Streets, where Neku Sakuraba is admiring one of CAT's murals. Joshua shoots at Minamimoto, barely missing. Minamimoto retaliates with a repeated fire, but Joshua stops the bullets midair and drops them to the ground, prompting Minamimoto to flee back to the UG.

Week 2[edit | edit source]

Sho Minamimoto is selected as Game Master for Week 2, though he has little regard for the rules of the Game. For most of Week 2, he does not issue missions or report to the Conductor. He also begins creating Taboo Noise, erasing Reapers and Players alike. He personally meets Neku and Joshua on several occasions, mostly in order to insult them. Each time Sho approaches, Neku receives a severe headache for reasons unknown (It is thought that because Sho and Joshua were both present when Neku was killed, seeing them both in the same place stresses his mind and puts it on the brink of relapsing and remembering what happened to him. However, since Joshua has taken this memory, he cannot recover it on his own, and was stuck with just a headache).

In his first meeting with Joshua and Neku, he expresses surprise at one of the player's presences and says that this brings him one step closer to his desired result. Although Neku believes this refers to him in some way, it is later revealed as likely due to his recognition of Joshua (the Composer) as a Player, meaning that on Day 7 he could get a second chance to kill Joshua.

After Minamimoto is defeated by Neku and Joshua, he releases a powerful Level i Flare psych, which was supposed to erase both himself and both Neku and Joshua, though Joshua shoves Neku off of the building and escapes himself to an alternate reality.

Week 3[edit | edit source]

Sho's Taboo form

Minamimoto returns partway through the third week, emerging from a Taboo Noise refinery sigil in a new body with far greater powers, claiming it "surpasses the Composer's." Later on, he makes his way to the Shibuya river to challenge the Composer. After a brief encounter with Neku and Beat, he is sent along by Mitsuki Konishi.

Minamimoto "crunched" under a pile of objects from Joshua's attack.

After Neku and Beat defeat the Game Master, they find Minamimoto further along the tunnel, crushed under a car and a soda machine, presumably by Joshua, apparently dead. Later it is revealed that in the RG before the game even started, it was in fact Joshua who killed Neku in search of a Proxy, and that Minamimoto's target had been Joshua, the Composer, the whole time. Joshua explains that Minamimoto was obsessed with taking over his position as Composer and had somehow discovered what his Realground self looked like even though he had suppressed his vibe. Joshua also comments that the only reason he kept Minamimoto around was because he found Minamimoto entertaining.

However, all previously seen Players, Reapers, and Noise disappear entirely upon being "killed" (erased), whereas Sho's physical body remained, thus leading to the conclusion that he was just knocked out. But it should also be noted that he would have needed to be erased before the start of A New Day.

It is also revealed in the secret reports after the game is completed that Minamimoto's Taboo Noise experiments were actually aided secretly by Hanekoma himself. The Taboo Noise Refinery Sigil that was to revive Sho upon his death was flawed, and would not have worked had Hanekoma not gone to Udagawa and fixed it.

A New Day[edit | edit source]

Sho does not appear for the majority of A New Day. However at the very end the Reaper Coco uses a new Refinery Sigil to revive Minamimoto again with the intention of making him Neku's partner in a new Reapers' Game.

Another Day[edit | edit source]

In the alternate universe of Another Day, Sho is known as "Dr. Pin," and seems to be the apprentice/son of ramen chef and former Tin Pin founder Ken Doi. This Sho appears much less malicious than his counterpart, and freely gives advice to Shooter, Neku, and company. Though the pins he develops are rather lacking, he does create a new Launcher for Shooter, taking on the appearance of his Taboo form in the process, giving him a more wreaked appearance (noting that he must have had some difficulty while creating the Omega Launcher).

NEO: The World Ends with You[edit | edit source]

"He calculates every possible future using his own unique formulas and acts in accordance with the values he discovers, but he remains a mystery to all around him. He seems to have his sights set on something greater than Rindo and the gang."
— Minamimoto's character profile

Minamimoto returns as a Player. Early on he rescues Rindo, Fret, and Nagi from a "tight spot" and forcibly joins the Wicked Twisters. His ulterior motives are beyond the Twisters.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Joshua[edit | edit source]

Before the Reaper's Game, Minamimoto knew of Joshua's identity as the Composer and was able to recognize the Composer in his Realground form. After failing to kill the Composer, Minamimoto fled into the Underground. The only reason Joshua leaves Minamimoto alive is because he "really knew how to heat up a Game."

During the second week as the Game Master, Minamimoto had extensive interactions with Neku and Joshua, repeatedly following (and mocking) them after missions. At one point, Minamimoto saved Joshua from Taboo noise (only because he wanted to defeat Joshua personally on the last day).

On the final day, Minamimoto is ironically crushed by one of his "art projects" thanks to Joshua's intervention.

Mitsuki Konishi[edit | edit source]

Sho had met Konishi and nicknamed her the "Iron Frostiness" at some point. During week 1 the two interacted at the meeting, only for Sho to mock the rules and the meeting (as well as the Game Master and their boss the Conductor) and Konishi chastizing him for his mocking attitude. Konishi however has great respect for Minamimoto's genius.

On the final day, Konishi and Minamimoto interacted, and they agreed that if Sho became Composer, Konishi would become the new Conductor; in exchange, Sho could travel further into the Shibuya river.

Megumi Kitaniji[edit | edit source]

Kitanji and Minamimoto have at the very least an understanding. Kitanji adopts a laissez faire attitude allowing Minamimoto to run the game without missions during week 2. Also Minamimoto calls Kitanji "Megs" which Kitanji shows no signs of anger to in the game (in the manga he is less than pleased).

Shuto Dan (Another Day)[edit | edit source]

In the Another Day storyline, Sho is a much more friendly individual (and is believed to be Ken Doi's son). Shooter refers to Sho as Dr. Pin. While early on he sought to join Shooter's "Tin Pin spirits," Dr. Pin assisted the group by offering a pin he created (later proven to be a dud) and at the climax of the storyline, he assisted them by creating and handing over the recently developed Slammer Omega (at the cost of looking like his Taboo form in the main game). Shooter looks up to Sho as he believes that Sho is Dr. Pin. As such, Shooter goes to him whenever he needs advice. Sho also gives him Slammer Omega after Shooter's old Slammer breaks.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Minamimoto is able to summon Taboo Noise. Hanekoma states in early Secret Reports that Minamimoto was taught the techniques to summon Taboo Noise by a "Fallen Angel." It is later revealed that the "Fallen Angel" was in fact Hanekoma himself. Minamimoto uses his abilities at the beginning of his battle against Neku and Joshua.

When he enters the battle himself, he transforms into Leo Cantus (レオカンタス Reo Kantasu, Latin for "singing lion"), his Noise form. Leo Cantus is an anthropomorphic (humanoid) lion. Unlike most Reapers in Noise form, Minamimoto transforms by absorbing Taboo Noise and is treated as one—he exists on only one screen, leaving the other partner to deal with the Taboo Noise he absorbed. Destroying all of the Taboo Noise causes him to revert to normal for a few seconds before he switches screens and repeats the process.

Also, unlike most Reapers who enter Noise form, Minamimoto's wings shatter prior to the fight with him, suggesting that he is no longer a Reaper. Also of interest, most Reapers only have two wings, while Minamimoto had six, a possible reference to the Seraphim (the highest ranking angels of God). As a Reaper's powers are contained in his wings, it can be assumed from the number and size of his wings that his powers as a Reaper were extremely advanced. After his defeat, Minamimoto is revived through his Taboo Noise refinery sigil, becoming a corrupted version of his former self. The corrupted portions of his skin, especially around his midsection, bears some resemblance to the Leo Noise symbol upon closer inspection. The Leo Noise symbol can also be seen as his belt buckle, similar to Higashizawa. Though he no longer summons Taboo Noise, he is vastly more powerful in this second form and recovers some HP upon time.

In both forms, he attacks primarily using energy bursts (with a cry of "Infinity!") and will teleport to evade attacks. Additionally, in his Taboo form, he will do so when struck or touched at all with the stylus, rendering psychs that require direct stylus contact with the enemy (e.g. Shockwave, Thunderstorm) useless or inaccurate.

Items[edit | edit source]

The following is all of the Minamimoto-related items that the player can get in the game:

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The kanji for Minami-moto Shō translate literally to: South, expert, orangutan.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Any tree can drop an apple. I'll drop the freaking moon!"
    Written on a junk heap. Joshua describes it as meaning, "...saying he is better than gravity." They both make a reference to the myth that Isaac Newton founded the basic principle of gravity after an apple dropped from a tree branch above him.
  • "Any sound can shake the air. My voice shakes the heart!"
    Written on a junk heap. Joshua describes it as meaning, "...saying he is better than air." It is a reference to the Mach number, in which a sound can create a sonic boom if an object is fast enough. In other words, when an object is faster than sound, it is considered "supersonic."
  • "So zetta slow!"
    "Zetta-" is a prefix used for metric SI) measurements, and is equivalent to 1021, or one sextillion.
  • "Factoring hectopascals!"
    Pascal is a SI unit for pressure and thus, cannot be factored. Literally, he's claiming that the Players are an impossibility.
  • "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally!"
    A mnemonic for the order of operations: Parenthesis; Exponentials; Multiplication; Division; Addition; Subtraction.
  • "Some Old Horses Can Always Hear Their Owner Approaching/Slabs Of Ham, Celery And Horseradish, Tons Of Asparagus"
    These are mnemonic for SOH-CAH-TOA!, it was the text when he said, "SOH-CAH-TOA!" It refers to trigonometry. It is a mnemonic for trigonometric functions: Sine = Opposite/Hypotenuse; Cosine = Adjacent/Hypotenuse; Tangent = Opposite/Adjacent. It is also a play on the Japanese slang "sou ka" for the phrase "sou desu ka," meaning "really...?" or "I see..."
  • "Attention, all yoctograms/zeptograms!"
    "Yocto-" is a metric (SI) prefix that is equivalent to 10-24, or one septillionth. Literally, he's claiming that all of the Players in his Game are insignificant. In NEO, Sho calls his team zeptograms. Zepto- is equivalent to 10-21 showing that he hold his team in a slightly higher regard.
  • "Radian"
    The Radian is the standard unit of angular measure, used in many areas of Mathematics, including Trigonometry, which uses the above-mentioned SOH-CAH-TOA. It describes the plane angle subtended by a circular arc as the length of the arc divided by the radius of the arc.
  • "FOIL; First, outer, inner, last!"
    FOIL is an acronym for expanding quadratic equations in their factorized form: (x+a)(x+b). It's also a scramble for LIFO, which in turn is an acronym for "last in, first out," a term used both in accounting and computing for describing a method of working with the order the items are produced/arrive and are gone/sold. It could be referred also to this: FOIL is an algorithm used in computer science in the field of artificial intelligence and more specifically in the field of Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) for learning rules of first order logic describing a predicate from a knowledge base and a set of examples, called the training, which may have both examples positive and negative. This algorithm is very similar the coverage algorithm, used to learn rules propositional logic. Literally, he, as the Composer, wants the Players to follow his directions exactly as they are laid out.
  • "You fractals have no future! QED. Class is dismissed!"
    A fractal is a geometric figure that is made up of smaller versions of itself.
    Q.E.D. is an initialism of the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, which translates as "which was to be demonstrated" or "as was to be expected." The phrase is traditionally placed in its abbreviated form at the end of a mathematical proof or philosophical argument when what was specified in the enunciation—and in the setting-out—has been exactly restated as the conclusion of the demonstration.

Non-canon Appearances[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance[edit | edit source]

In Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Sho Minamimoto is an opponent the player faces in the mini-game Flick Rush; he is present in the Tin Pin Tournament along with 777, B.J., and Tenho. His team consists of a Tyranto Rex, Necho Cat, and Sudo Neku. Minamimoto is the final opponent in the Tin Pin Tournament, but he is not actually seen in the game.

The Animation[edit | edit source]

"A cruel and destructive Reaper with a penchant for calculation. Made a name for himself thanks to his impressive feats."
— Minamimoto's description in The Animation's official website

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sho is dubbed "Pi-Face" by Neku and Beat and is called that on several occasions. Fittingly enough, Sho's HP in his regular form is 3141 (the first four digits of Pi), and his Week Three form has 5926 HP (the next four digits of Pi). Sho is also called the "Grim Heaper" by Neku, a play on Sho's Reaper status and the garbage piles he builds during Week Two.
  • His attack against Joshua at the end of Week 2 is referred to as a Level i Flare. The i is in italics, referring to imaginary unit i. In the Final Fantasy games, there is a spell called Level x Flare which casts a specific spell on characters with a level at a multiple of x. As i is equal to the square root of -1, it is a factor of 1, which is a factor in all real numbers; and because i is the most basic imaginary number, it is also a factor of all imaginary numbers. In Final Fantasy terms, a Level i Flare would target a creature with any level, real or imaginary, in any area/plane possible. The Regular "Flare" Spell is generally one of the strongest spells in the games it appears in, inflicting huge amounts of non-elemental damage to the target. In the Secret Reports, this is expanded on, in which the Composer is only limited by his or her imagination.
    • To put it more simply, i is a non-real number. You can interpret this as the psych being "unreal." It can also be interpreted as imaginary since power comes from imagination in this game.
  • Like the other two Game Masters (Higashizawa and Konishi) including Kitaniji, Sho's name has the kanji affiliated with his noise form hidden inside it. In this case, one of the kanji in Sho's name is a radical in the kanji affiliated with his noise form (the 師 [moto]) is part of the Japanese kanji for lion (獅).
  • Sho is the only one of all the antagonists in the game to have four threads that the player could obtain: his cap, coat, jeans, and bandanna.
  • In Neku's death scene, Sho is shot in the right arm by Joshua. In Sho's sprite where he holds a megaphone, he is incidentally holding it in his left hand, the non-affected one.
  • Sho has proved to be a fan-favorite and his quote "So Zetta Slow!" has become an internet meme.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Sho Minamimoto/Gallery


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