Partner Pin - Shiki

Beginning in Solo Remix, Shiki's attacks were tied to the newly introduced Partner Pin. When no Fusion is available, this pin is displayed in place of the Fusion Pin in the top right corner of the screen, and with the exception of Co-op mode from Final Remix, a gauge is used to indicate how many uses remain.

Pin StatsEdit

  • The pin's attack power is determined by Shiki's Attack statistic plus an additional 29 points.
  • The Efficiency of the pin is 40% for a normal combo hit and 55% for a finisher. Shiki's default combo consists of 2 normal hits followed by a finisher. (S) Combo Plus adds an additional normal hit before the finisher. Finishers have a larger hit box and can damage adjacent enemies.
  • The pin has 6 uses by default and 9 after obtaining (S) Gauge Extender Shiki. Unlike most of Neku's pins, Shiki's pin consumes 1 use upon starting a combo and subsequent combo hits are free of cost. So long as Shiki keeps attacking without interruption, no additional uses are consumed until after she uses the combo finisher. 
  • The initial boot time is about 3 seconds and the intial reboot time is about 10 seconds. These are reduced to approximately 1.5 seconds and 7.5 seconds respectively after obtaining (S) Quick Boot Shiki. The pin won't start rebooting if Shiki is mid-combo even if the gauge is depleted.
  • The pin is activated by tapping an enemy. Attacks from this pin are targeted and will generally not miss unless the enemy is killed or otherwise leaves the battle area. Multiple locks can be placed consecutively even if Shiki hasn't completed the previous attack and it is also possible to alternate between multiple enemies mid-combo, much like the Thunderbolt psych.
  • After obtaining (S) Hyperdrive, the speed at which Shiki can execute combos is greatly accelerated.
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