The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You
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"Let's hear him out. Sometimes all people need is a good listener. We might even be able to solve his problem. If not, don't worry. I promise I'll say no."
— Shiki to Neku regarding 777 (Shiki, Day 3)

Shiki Misaki (美咲 四季 Misaki Shiki) is one of the main characters of The World Ends with You, as well as one of the game's playable characters. She serves as Neku Sakuraba's partner during his first Reapers' Game.


In The World Ends With You, Shiki is first encountered with the appearance of her best friend Eri, who has long red hair which flares up at the ends, and brown eyes. Shiki also dons Eri's clothing. She has a brown newsboy cap which has three buttons on the right side (although due to sprite flipping, she incorrectly lacks buttons when she looks right). Her attire consists of a yellow and white stringed hoodie vest; the piece is layered over a pink crop top, which is worn over another black crop top. Her neck is adorned with a puzzle piece pendant. The outfit is paired with an olive-green miniskirt that goes extremely far past her hips; over her hip is a brown fanny pack. Her knee-high boots have yellow stripes running down the sides. She wears a a yellow wristband on her left wrist, and she has a silver ring on her pinky finger.

In reality in her true body, she is a young woman with short brown hair, matching brown eyes and eyeglasses. (As of the TWEWY anime revealing her clothes and in an interview with the character designers) She wears a green cardigan over a beige dress with black straps that fades to tan with oak-leaf patterns and she she completes the look with black leggings and half rimmed glasses while wearing sandy-brown converse-like shoes with no shoe laces

Shiki in the RG.

In NEO: The World Ends with You, Shiki has thicker rimmed glasses. She wears a black undershirt with yellow lining, and over it, a long white one-piece shirt that has a salmon pink puzzle-piece pattern, referencing her necklace in the first game. On top of this, she wears a loose green cardigan. She wears black leggings and has a Mr. Mew purse. Her sneakers are pale yellow with green on the bottom and yellow soles with pinkish-red laces.


"Fashionable and fabulous at fifteen, Shiki knows clothes. While she puts on a cheerful face to lend Neku some much-needed moral support, deep down she harbors a secret... She never parts with her homemade stuffed animal, Mr. Mew; to survive, Neku can never part with her."
— Game manual description

Shiki is a talented seamstress, even making her own clothes and Mr. Mew, her stuffed cat doll. She is interested in fashion and wishes to become a fashion designer one day. She has such a keen eye for detail, that she even notices one of Neku's buttons on his shorts are loose, and quickly fixes it for him. It is heavily implied Shiki, Eri, or both of them had a preference for the brand D+B. In NEO: The World Ends with You, Shiki and Eri open up their own clothes line together, Gatto Nero, which has a store within 104. This brand has grown to take Shibuya by storm becoming a favorite among its inhabitants notably including Shoka Sakurane.

When Shiki is first met within the story, she has just taken on the appearance as Eri. Because of this, she spends most of the first week acting as what she sees Eri as. This causes her to act incredibly bubbly and upbeat, always trying to make the best of a bad situation. Near the end of the first week, Shiki begins to become her true self again and stop trying to be Eri, although even prior to that, her real traits can still be seen.

Shiki is still incredibly compassionate. Shiki tries to the best of her abilities to help others and her kindness becomes the catalyst for Neku changing his perspective of other people as 'just holding [him] back'. Shiki's kindness is evident throughout the first week, where she always suggests that Neku and she make use of their abilities to help other people: for instance, purging Noise possession and freeing people from the negative emotions overwhelming them. She is also excited when Beat suggests working together, along with him and Rhyme, despite being 'rival' Players. Rhyme, Beat and Shiki quickly became fast friends, which suggests Shiki has a particularly affable nature.

Neku after Shiki annoys him.

She tries to befriend Neku but her cheery attitude clashes with his rather cynical view about other people at the time. In the early parts of week one, the two frequently argue when he shuts down her efforts to get to know her partner. In the Japanese version, Shiki tries to get him to know her on a first name basis when they first meet, resulting in offending Neku. Nevertheless, Shiki continues to make the effort to work alongside Neku since she believes in them both and is determined that neither of them get erased. Even after Neku attempts to erase her at Uzuki's command, Shiki quickly forgives Neku and even attempts to shift the blame to herself.

However, Shiki is also very outspoken and rarely hesitates to vocalize or complain about things which annoy her. When she is upset, she can be stubborn and headstrong, even if she doesn't mean to. Shiki sometimes does something with good intentions, but comes across as plain rude to Neku, such as when she took off Neku's shorts to fix his button against his will, despite his protests. While she viewed this as a kind action, trying to help him, Neku saw it as an invasion of privacy. She can also be viewed as disregarding Neku's feelings occasionally; for example, when Neku says he does not care about wearing trendy clothing and will wear what he wants, Shiki tells him, "Ugh, no, you can't do that!" As time goes on, Shiki becomes less controlling and learns to respect and value Neku's feelings and boundaries more.

Shiki standing up for herself.

Shiki is an incredibly loyal person, as seen by the very fact she sticks by Neku even after he upsets her greatly - such as when he tries to kill her, or lashes out at her after Rhyme's death. This is also displayed with how she waited three years to be reunited with Neku following the events of the original game. She is loyal to her best friend, Eri, too, despite the fact of her deep jealousy and that their last words were ones of anger. She frequently consults her phone in the early days of the first week, addressing the phone's wallpaper that is a picture of herself and Eri, speaking to it as if she is talking to Eri.

Shiki is quite observant, often picking up on small details and emotions that overlook. For instance, she notices Rhyme's pendant and praises her brother - not realizing that this is Beat - for being so thoughtful to be able to buy such a rare gift for his little sister. She enjoys people-watching the diverse population of Shibuya, and the various perspectives that come with it. This observancy makes her also quite resourceful: she is able to solve problems as they encounter them, such as finding the exit in A-East on Day 3, and the ability to interfere with decision-making in the Realground on Day 5.

Shiki talks about her self-hatred.

Despite her cheerful attitude, Shiki feels inferior and useless to others, making her extremely jealous of her friend Eri. It is eventually revealed that Shiki hated herself. She had such low self esteem that she lacked self-compassion. She tells Neku she was "never pretty or smart" and that there was nothing special about her at all. Additionally, Neku lashing out at her, despite her best efforts, causes her to further blame herself for their communication difficulties, worsening her self-esteem. Shiki's struggle with feeling inferior to Eri made her become obsessed with her identity to the point her identity became the most important thing in her life.

Shiki realizing the meaning of her entry fee.

On Day 6, after being mocked by Higashizawa over her self-loathing at the end of the previous day, Shiki is thrown into such a state of despair that she does mind letting herself get erased; when Neku tells her they need to do the mission, Shiki replies, "...So what? There's no point... Even if I come back to life... I'll still just be me." After Neku discovers Shiki's secret, he encourages her and she feels reassured in who she is, becoming more cheerful, especially after hearing how much Eri missed her and how Neku likes her the way she already is. Shiki then chooses to embrace her own identity, making a promise to herself not compare herself to other people so much, and she becomes determined to live again.

In Another Day, Shiki is an avid player of Tin Pin Slammer, like everybody else in the alternate universe. She joins Neku to help him find the stolen pins during the Tin Pin Tournament. While she seems to have inexplicably kept Eri's appearance, Another Day's Joshua explains that she does in actual fact look like her Realground self, and the player simply sees what they expect, even though it isn't the truth. He also hints that he is aware of the real-world development process of The World Ends with You, and obliquely claims that creating battle sprites of Shiki's RG appearance exclusively for the semi-canon bonus chapter would have been a lot to ask of an already-taxed development team, for not much added value.

The Animation[]

As with many characters in The Animation, Shiki acts like she did in the original Japanese script than the English localization. This noticeably causes her to act more polite; she never really acts rude to Neku or becomes seriously angry at him like the English game. She also seems a bit more upfront and honest with Neku, revealing that the players of the Reapers' Game are deceased. In the game, even after learning Neku has amnesia, Shiki never reveals this truth or asks him personal questions about his death, potentially to spare his horror and feelings as they already know erasure is a reality.

She could also be seen as being more clever than her game counterpart; in The Animation, Shiki prevents the Noise from appearing by fixing Mina and Ai's argument using imprinting, which Neku suggested in the game, and is able to deduce that Neku's amnesia is caused by his memories being his entry fee. She also overcomes her self-esteem and jealousy issues slightly earlier than her game version (due to the order of the days being switched around). Instead of Neku giving Shiki a talk about how she needs to live her life like the game, Shiki is able to proceed with less motivation from Neku.



Eri (left) and Shiki (right).

Shiki mentions she hangs out in Shibuya all the time, implying she does not live in the ward and that she lives somewhere else in Tokyo. As such, Shiki knows Shibuya very well. In particular, she has a lot of knowledge about the various fashion outlets in Shibuya. At some point, she attended a Hachi Fest festival.

When Shiki was creating Mr. Mew, a classmate named Eri approached her, leading the two to become close friends, despite Shiki feeling inferior to her. Eri was exceptional at designing clothes and Shiki helped make Eri’s designs a reality, which led Shiki on the path of creating clothing using her sewing. At some point, the girls took a photo together and Shiki made it her phone wallpaper. Shiki mentions she took each day for granted and never thought of her lifestyle as truly living, a constant cycle of waking up, going to school, talking to Eri, coming home to eat dinner, watching TV and then falling asleep.

One day, Shiki was frustrated because she could not come up with a clothing design she was happy with. Eri tried to cheer Shiki up by saying Shiki is not meant to be a designer - meaning, that she believed Shiki had a destiny as a world-renowned seamstress. However, this backfired and hurt her feelings because Shiki thought Eri was criticizing her skills. Realising her best friend was hurt, Eri planned to clarify and apologize to Shiki the very next day but it was too late.

The following day, Shiki tragically died in an unspecified accident, thinking Eri insulted and thought poorly of her talents. To enter the Reapers' Game, she was forced to sacrifice her physical identity as her entry fee. Shiki took up Eri's appearance while in the Underground. When Shiki woke up in the Game, she "freaked out" at seeing herself in Eri's body, although it was a happy and excited one because Shiki finally felt pretty. Additionally, Shiki would even emulate Eri's personality, acting bubbly and cute. However, Shiki eventually become self-conscious again because she knew that if she won the Game, then she would have to give up Eri's body, and after Higashizawa taunted her over her jealousy issues, she came to believe she would never change. It is likely Shiki was under-selling how much of herself was the 'real' her, however - given that her attitude on Day 7 and when she returns in Week 3 is much in character with the Shiki seen throughout the game.

Week 1[]

Neku running past Shiki Misaki.

Shiki is one of the three partners who Neku runs past in the opening while he flees from the frog Noise. Shiki meets Neku on the very first day of the game at the Statue of Hachiko, where she tells him to make a pact with her. She explains the situation (including how to form a pact and the basics of the game) to her partner and teaches him how to use his first battle pins. No reference is made to how Shiki knows the rules for the game, or how the other players (aside from Neku) also know the rules, or at least enough to play. Though Neku is at first resistant to her, she constantly remains a source of positive support for him and teaching him of the value of friendship. The two then make it to 104 to complete their first mission.

Shiki being telekinetically choked to death by Neku.

During the second day, Shiki meets Beat and Rhyme, whom she quickly makes friends with and learns several tips from. However, Neku's antisocial behavior makes Beat mad and the two leave. At the end of the second day, a Reaper named Uzuki Yashiro convinces Neku to kill Shiki to escape the Game by falsely accusing Shiki of being a Reaper sent to spy on Neku. Shiki pleads with him to not kill her, trying to convince him of the truth - that Uzuki is lying - but Neku does not listen. She was quickly saved by Sanae Hanekoma, who educates the two on being a team.

On the third day, the two awake in a completely dark concert arena in A-East. Shiki does not hold Neku's deeds from the previous day against him, understanding that he was only playing the Game the way he understood how. She is sympathetic about learning Neku has lost his memories, wishing that Neku had told her sooner so she could have better understood him. Shiki and Neku work together to defeat a giant bat Noise. Neku is noticeably far less hostile towards her.

Shiki having difficulty understanding Neku.

On the fourth day, Shiki teaches Neku about the value of fashion in Shibuya and in the game. She then outlines her passion for designing and sewing clothes. However, she also offends Neku by telling him he can't wear what he wants, and later, pulling down his shorts to fix a button. Later that day, Rhyme is erased. Shiki is hurt and shocked by Neku's lack of expressive emotion, wondering if he actually feels sad, not knowing that Neku is simply coping with his grief through repression and withdrawal. Shiki insists she is Neku's friend which annoys him, prompting an argument between them in which Neku tells her she is not and that he only sticks with the group to survive. Shiki calls him "inhuman" and "no better than a Reaper".

On the fifth day, Shiki apologizes to Neku, saying she crossed the line by what she said. Shiki and Neku work together to salvage the friendship between two girls Ai and Mina. Shiki tells Neku her belief that it's okay to lie sometimes, saying that not all secrets are bad ones. When Shiki meets the Game Master Yodai Higashizawa, he mocks her, taunting her about the jealousy in her heart, saying she will struggle with her feelings even if she is restored to life. It is at this point that Neku discovers both he and Shiki are dead and the Reapers' Game is a trial for a chance to come back to life.

Shiki and Neku spot Eri in Shibuya.

After her encounter with Higashizawa, Shiki becomes unsure and unfocused for the sixth day, noticably much more quiet and pensive. Later, Shiki and Neku walk in the Scramble Crossing crowd. Shiki is indifferent to the mission and has lost the will to live because she believes she is not as great as Eri. Shiki also claims she was never pretty or smart, and there was nothing special about her. Surprisingly, they both find a girl who looks exactly like Shiki. Shiki becomes overwhelmed by emotions, and runs away.

Neku catches up with her and confronts her, so she confesses that the girl from the crowd is actually her best friend Eri, and the person he sees is not her real appearance—it is really Eri's body. Forfeiting her appearance as a fee for the game, it is revealed that she has always envied her friend, who she felt was better than her in every way, from her beauty to her talents. Shiki realizes she valued her identity was the most important thing in her life, which is why it was replaced as her entry fee. Over the past week, Shiki was initially happy about the body swap and tried to emulate Eri's personality, but in the end, this only made her feel more hollow. Shiki recalls that Eri told her that she is not meant to be a designer, to which she assumed that Eri got tired of her.

Neku comforting Shiki.

Shiki is cut off by Neku, and he tells that she will always be herself and that she will never Eri. Neku continues saying that she needs to live her own life and that she was "lucky" to be jealous of Eri, as that gave her something to shoot for. Shiki thanks him for his words, and decides to focus on the mission. After Shiki and Neku erase some more Noise, when the crowds watches the 104 commercial, Shiki finds Eri again, and notices that Eri is talking about her. She doubts about listening, as she is scared to find what Eri truly thinks of her.

When she hears that Eri is planning to stop designing clothes, she gets to wonder why and to listen. She realizes how much Eri actually loved and needed her, as she tells Mina that Shiki was an excellent seamstress, a good friend and that she can't continue with her designs without her. She also affirms that she will forever regret offending Shiki by accident, and that she wished to clear the misunderstanding between them. Realizing how lucky she is to have such a caring friend like Eri and how much Eri needed her, the jealousy disappears from Shiki and her spirit is renewed, giving Shiki motivation to return to life and become a team with Eri again. Both Neku and Shiki agree to win the game in the next last day.

Shiki and Neku saying goodbye.

On the final day, Shiki and Neku need to defeat the Game Master. If they win, she promises to wait at the Statue of Hachiko every day until he shows up, holding Mr. Mew so he can recognize her. Shiki is also happy when Neku finally addresses her by her real name for the first time instead of "stalker". She and Neku go on to defeat Higashizawa. Unfortunately, they learn from the game's conductor Megumi Kitaniji that only one of them can move on, and Shiki is chosen. She protests, but Neku urges her to leave and meet up with Eri. Shiki is concerned if Neku will still be her friend once they are restored to life, but Neku reassures her and encourages her to meet him at Hachiko after the game concludes. Tearfully, Shiki leaves for the RG—only to be taken as Neku's entry price for his next Game (regardless, Shiki could not be brought back to life due to the Composer's absence).

Week 2[]

Shiki is not present during the second week, since she is being used as Neku's entry fee for the second week but continually serves as the main driving force behind Neku's determination to win the Reapers' Game. Neku brings her up on several occasions to Joshua, as well as during his encounters with Beat.

Week 3[]

Shiki awakens deep within the Shibuya River on the last day of the third week (after Neku wins his third game by defeating Konishi; since Shiki was Neku's entry fee, she is returned to the UG), where Neku and Beat are passing through to find the Composer, after Neku and Beat break enough rules to disqualify themselves. Upon finding the Reapers' hideout, the Red Skull pin she had gained during her Game is activated by Kitaniji, and without her Player Pin she is mind controlled.

A possessed Shiki attacks Neku.

She is then forced to Neku and Beat aiding Kitaniji in battle. (Note: In the DS version, she attacks Beat on the top zone and uses her standard attacks with Mr. Mew to fight Beat). After Neku defeats the Conductor, she continues to attack, sending multiple Mr. Mews at Neku. She is blocked by Beat, who is knocked out in the attack. Neku takes the opportunity to cut her Red Skull pin in half. Shiki loses consciousness along with Beat, and Neku goes to fight the Composer alone. Shiki and Beat wake up shortly after and rush after their friend just in time to find him about to fight Kitaniji once more.

Shiki becomes Neku's friend.

Together, the trio fight the Conductor. Joshua then enters and is forcibly fused with the Conductor, stealing away both Beat and Shiki. Fortunately, all three partners manage to sync up with Neku while he fights alone, giving him enough power to defeat the Conductor and save them. Sadly, Joshua then reveals himself as the Composer. Joshua decides to spare Shibuya, and Shiki, Neku, Beat, and Rhyme all meet up at Hachiko, where they happily reunite.

This Day Ends with You![]

In This Day Ends with You!, Shiki is an avid player of Tin Pin Slammer, like everybody else in the alternate universe. She joins Neku to help him find the stolen pins during the Tin Pin Tournament. While she seems to have inexplicably kept Eri's appearance, Another Day's Joshua explains that she does in actual fact look like her Realground self, and the player simply sees what they expect, even though it isn't the truth. He also hints that he is aware of the real-world development process of The World Ends with You, and obliquely claims that creating battle sprites of Shiki's RG appearance exclusively for the semi-canon bonus chapter would have been a lot to ask of an already-taxed development team, for not much added value.

A New Day[]

In A New Day, a false Shiki created by Coco appears as a player in Expert Mode. She partners with Rhyme this time around, and she doesn’t appear to be any different from the first game’s Shiki. She still keeps Eri’s appearance. Neku and Shiki wonder why that it is her entry fee was her appearance yet again. Shiki suggest that it is perhaps due to how much she admired Eri, but Neku points out the inaccuracy and says that Shiki envied Eri, which this 'fake' Shiki plays off as her forgetting. After Rhyme is erased, Shiki disappears after the ensuing battle.

The real Shiki calls Neku after he escapes Coco's Shibuya. She says one of the seams on Mr. Mew ripped and felt like something bad was happening. She and Neku then agree to go shopping later to buy materials so they can stitch up Mr. Mew.

NEO: The World Ends with You[]

Prior to the events of NEO, Shiki co-founded the Gatto Nero fashion brand with Eri and serves as its designer. Shiki was very distraught when Neku mysteriously disappeared. While she is not present in Shibuya during most of the game, Coco explains that her work has been keeping her away for the most part.

Neku and Shiki reunite after three years.

During the final day of Week 3, Shiki is contacted on short notice to repair Tsugumi Matsunae's Mr. Mew, which had been damaged during her previous encounter with the Wicked Twisters and is unable to transfer her Soul back to her body until it is repaired. After Tsugumi is restored, Shiki continues to cheer on Neku, Beat and the Wicked Twisters while they prepare for the final confrontation with the Dissonance. Despite not being able to visibly see Neku, she tells Beat - who she can see, since he did not physically die - she can tell he is there. After the Wicked Twisters successfully defeat Phoenix Cantus and save Shibuya, Neku is restored to life once again and the two share a tearful reunion at the Hachiko statue.



Shiki fighting Noise with Neku.

Neku is Shiki's first partner in the Reapers' Game. At first, Neku dislikes Shiki, finding her behavior in his own words "obnoxious", and he acts coldly towards her and only staying with her to survive. He nicknames her "Stalker" because she follows him around wherever he goes. When Shiki talks, Neku generally only responds when he becomes irritated by her chatting. Early on, he seems to show little regard for her, and even goes so far to nearly kill her when the Reaper Uzuki Yashiro offered him a way out of the Game in exchange for doing so.

Despite the incident, Shiki continues to treat him the same and does her best to understand him. As time progresses, the two develop a friendship as they become closer and open up to each other. When they spot Eri, Shiki's best friend in the Realground who strangely looks exactly like her, Shiki starts to run from Neku, but he stops her and gets her to tell the truth about her past. Neku learns that she was not happy with who she was, and always felt jealous of Eri, so when she entered the game her entry fee was her appearance, teaching her that she shouldn't be jealous. Through this experience, Shiki and Neku grow closer. When they learn that only Shiki will move on to the RG, and that Neku must play the Game again, Shiki states that she will wait in front of Hachiko everyday until Neku returns.

There is some amount of irony at the beginning of the second week when Shiki is taken as Neku's entry fee. While this is a bluff on the part of the Conductor — because only the Composer can restore life to Players — Neku finds the entry fee credible enough to stake all of his efforts on Week 2 on getting Shiki back, which possibly strengthened his feelings for her. Shiki is highly embarrassed when she finds this out at the end of Week 3.

In the ending, Shiki meets up with Neku, Beat and Rhyme in front of the Statue of Hachiko, as promised. In A New Day, Neku is the first person she calls when Mr. Mew's seam breaks and she asks him if they can go shopping together for materials to fix him.

In NEO, the two eventually reunite at Hachiko Statue. Shiki weeps with joy and Neku is glad to see his old friend at last.


"I was never pretty... or smart... There was nothing special about me at all. I hated myself. I wanted to change, to be somebody else... To be Eri."
— Shiki to Neku (Shiki, Day 6)

Eri devastated by Shiki's death.

Shiki is best friends with Eri, as the two of them bonded through making clothes together. Shiki became jealous of Eri's good looks, popularity, and skills as a designer. This jealousy was one of the driving factors behind her appearance during the Reaper's Game and Higashizawa's interest in her. Later, on Day 6, Shiki and Neku learn that Eri had just as much respect and admiration for Shiki.

In the anime, Shiki attempts to comfort Eri by wiping away her tears as she cries over missing Shiki. She reassures Eri she will return to her, but tragically, Eri cannot hear her or feel her touch. Eri is seen during Week 2 buying flowers to take to Shiki's grace, which she regularly visits.

In NEO, Eri and Shiki have opened their own clothing brand together, Gatto Nero. Shiki is often away as business trips as a result, hence her absence for most of NEO.


Although Beat mistakenly believes Neku and Shiki to be Reapers when they first meet on Day 2, they quickly warm up to one another, with Beat and Rhyme offering advice on how to use their mobile phones and tips on the Reapers. On Day 3, Beat suggests they all work together to help each other win, to which Shiki enthusiastically agrees. When Rhyme is erased, Shiki is extremely worried about Beat's wellbeing, and wonders what becomes of him. They do not see each other until the final day of Week 3, when Shiki is 'restored' after Konishi is defeated. She is pleased to see both Beat and Neku.

In the ending of the game, she is seen running to meet Beat, Rhyme and Neku at Hachiko, and jumps to join a joint high-five.

In NEO, Beat tells the Wicked Twisters he told Shiki to stay out of the UG, along with Rhyme, suggesting the two remained friends over the last three years. When Shiki appears on the final day, the two engage in friendly back-and-forth, further strengthening the likelihood they were close in the RG.


Shiki asking Rhyme about her dreams.

Shiki and Rhyme became friendly on Day 2 shortly after meeting one another, along with Beat . On Day 4, Shiki asks Rhyme about Her Pendant, which Rhyme explains to be a gift from her brother. Shiki recognizes the pendant as extremely rare, having been unable to get ahold of one herself, and praises Rhyme's brother for being able to do so - all the while being unaware that the brother is Beat, since Rhyme also does not remember. When Rhyme is erased on Day 4, Shiki is distraught.

In A New Day, Shiki and Rhyme are partners in the game.

Mina and Nao[]

Shiki is friends with Mina and Nao in Another Day. They are all part of the Eiji Oji fan group, the White Angels.


Shiki's stuffed animal, Mr. Mew, is her sole method of attacking in battle.

Shiki's psych involves her animating Mr. Mew through Groove Pawn, a Psychokinesis-type pin. The stuffed animal comes alive and becomes a ferocious, clawing beast that attacks enemies. She also seems to be capable of duplicating Mr. Mew. This has only been done during her fusion attacks with Neku and in the storyline, but not in battle as a special attack. While Shiki seems to be able to command Mr. Mew, her control is indirect at best; she states that he "does his own thing" in Shiki, Day 4. Her ability to animate objects only works on Mr. Mew.

In the DS version, Shiki can use Mr. Mew to attack both ground and airborne enemies in either direction. Reversing the direction she attacks while in the middle of a combo results in a counter, dealing double damage. She can block attacks with her arms by pressing down or B. If she manages to pull off a complete ground combo, Shiki gains brief invincibility as she cheers herself while Mr. Mew is performs an upper cut hitting multiple enemies. Through him, she has the ability to jump and attack airborne enemies in mid-air by pressing up on the D-pad or X, dealing double damage when the finisher connects. Reversing the direction she attacks in while in the middle of a combo results in a counter, dealing double damage. She can also guard against attacks by pressing down or B.

In Co-op in Final Remix, she gains the ability to have Mr. Mew do a dropkick and to spin Mr. Mew around like a lariat.

ESP Cards[]

In the DS version, Shiki gains Fusion Stars through her ESP Cards (also known as Zener cards). There are three ESP Cards displayed face down at the top of Shiki's screen. The player has to randomly guess each card at the end of the combo map, starting from the right to the left. Guessing the right card moves the cursor to the left. Guessing the wrong card keeps the cursor in place, requiring the player to retry. If the wrong card selected was one of the facedown ESP Cards, there'll be a quick glimpse of where that card is. Difficulty settings change the amount of available cards: Easy or Normal mode chooses from Waves, Circle, or Cross. Hard mode will add the Star (a filled star) card, and Ultimate mode will add the Square (a hollow square) card.

Fusion Stars[]

Guessing the correct card without a mistake earns Shiki two stars. Guessing incorrectly then guessing the right card later earns only one star. If the player chooses the wrong card and it is revealed being in another place, guessing this card at the first try will still earn two stars. Although there is a bit of randomness in Shiki's fusion star generation (the first card always has to be guessed), she can potentially generate two at once; only Beat can generate more than two stars per combo, but this is often difficult to pull off.


  • Fusion-S1.png Level 1: Neku and Mr. Mew attack all enemies. (Solo Remix adds Shiki throwing Mr. Mew and him growing into a giant)
    • Shiki: "Ready to die?"
    • Neku: "Then die!"
  • Fusion-S2.png Level 2: Shiki and Neku ride Mr. Mew, while Mr. Mew attacks.
    • Shiki: "Neku, come on!"
    • Neku: "Right behind you!"
  • Fusion-S3.png Level 3: Mr. Mew grows to Godzilla-like proportions and fires lasers from his eyes, while Shiki and Neku stand on his shoulders.
    • Shiki: "Go, Mr. Mew!"
    • Neku: "Get 'em, Piggy!"

Tin Pin Deck[]

In Another Day, Shiki's pin deck is shown during a Tin Pin Match against her. As she can only be fought once, there is no rematch and only one of her decks is known.

Pin #1: Tin Pin Thrift | Weight: 7, Spin: 5, KO Length: 4, Stinger x 7, Bomber x 4, Hammer x 4, Hand x 1
Pin #2: Tin Pin Thrift | Weight: 7, Spin: 5, KO Length: 4, Stinger x 7, Bomber x 4, Hammer x 4, Hand x 1

Solo Remix[]

In The World Ends with You -Solo Remix-, all partner characters saw their combat abilities altered into usable Partner Pins. Shiki's pin uses targeted attacks that are activated by tapping an enemy and which function similar to her original ground combo. Her various other abilities are replaced with abilities that upgrade the pin's usability or improve the pin's attack mechanism. See Shiki Partner Pin for full details.

Final Remix[]

Shiki's co-op moveset in Final Remix.

In The World Ends With You: Final Remix, Shiki, like all other partners, keep their pin usage style from The World Ends with You -Solo Remix-. Shiki, Day 2 and onwards another player can control Shiki with a second Joy-con in Co-op mode, giving her two extra moves on top of her partner pin.

Fusion Cards[]

Shiki's card minigame in Remix.

In Remix versions, Shiki’s Fusion attacks are powered by a card minigame. A card with a symbol is shown on top, and the player must pick the two matches from a set of cards displayed. The cards will flash for a second before displaying a card with a cat. There will be 4 cards at first, then five, then six for the rest of the mini-game. A multiplier bonus is given for picking out both matches with no incorrect picks.



The following is all of the Shiki-related items the player can get in the game:


There are several Threads that give bonuses when worn exclusively by Shiki. Listed in order of their item number, they are:


Shiki will react differently to certain foods, giving her more or less Sync than the food's description states. She dislikes fatty and fast foods and likes healthy foods and sweet foods. Shiki has the least hates with 5, shares with Joshua for most dislikes with 8, has the least neutral foods with 6, ties with Joshua for most likes with 13, and has the most loves with 10.

Shiki’s line eating food she loves with a 200% sync multiplier is “It’s delicious!” Her 10 loved foods, listed in order of their item number, are:

Shiki’s line eating food she loves with a 150% sync multiplier is “So yummy!” Her 13 liked foods, listed in order of their item number, are:

Shiki’s line eating food she's neutral on with a 100% sync multiplier is “Food's food.” Her 6 neutral foods, listed in order of their item number, are:

Shiki’s line eating food she's dislikes with a 75% sync multiplier is “Eugh!” Her 8 disliked foods, listed in order of their item number, are:

Shiki’s line eating food she hates with a 50% sync multiplier is “You finish it.” Her 6 hated foods, listed in order of their item number, are:


The word "Shiki" translates directly to thread, reflecting on her talent for sewing, and her knowledge of trends in Shibuya. She is the only Player in the game who visibly cares about fashion and trends beyond their effects in battling Noise. The kanji Shi-ki Mi-saki translate literally to: four, seasons, beautiful, blossom.


  • "You! Forge a pact with me! Listen! If we forge a pact, we can beat the Noise! You wanna be erased? Hurry up! There's no time! Make a pact with me! Please!"
  • "Next time, try listening."
  • "Neku, huh? Cute name."
  • Neku: "Why are you following me!?"
    Shiki: "Why are you making yourself so hard to follow?"
  • "I'm not a stalker!"
  • "Whew... We did it... But you heard her... Day 1 is nothing. What if the missions only get harder? We've got six more days... Are we gonna make it? I...I don't want to be erased..."
  • "Stop that. I'm just trying to be nice."
  • "Listen to yourself... We're partners, Neku. But I don't understand you! Let me in! Tell me what you're thinking!"
  • "Please, STOP walking off without me!"
  • "Arrgh! My name is Shiki. Can you say "Shiki"?"
  • "WHAT!? How can you live in this country and not know Hachiko?"
  • "Hey! What are you saying! Shut up! Don't lie! Neku...She's making all of this-- I didn't spy! I swear! Don't, Neku. Don't kill me..."
  • "Excuse me? Which one of us has been acting dumb?" (after Neku tells her to not do anything dumb like wander off)
  • "But what do memes do?"
  • "Shibuya is every girl's war zone."
  • "Ugh, no, you can't do that! They call it a fashion statement for a reason! How you dress sends a clear message. Look, you've got potential. You could be sooo much cooler. And I KNOW fashion. C'mon, it's so easy to be trendy. Well, I'm not going to force you. But your clothes... They're, um... Not, like, bad, but... Ahh! Nothing, nothing! Just forget I brought it up."
  • "Yup! I want to make clothes for a living. Nice clothes make people happy. And that makes me happy, too."
  • "Your shorts. Take them off! I'll fix the button. Oh, grow up. What, are you going commando? You're invisible! No one's watching. Now! Pants! Off!"
  • "How can you just write her off like that!? Don't you care? Aren't you SAD!? We could have done something! How dare you! You think NOT teaming up would have saved her? How can you be so COLD? Beat and Rhyme were our friends! What happened to her... We're all responsible! It was our fault, too..."
  • "Neku... How c-could you... You didn't feel anything when Rhyme was erased? Not even a little sad? That's inhuman... You're inhuman, Neku. No better than those Reapers!"
  • "Aww... See how nice it is to have friends? Sure, you may butt heads now and then, but life is more fun that way."
  • "Neku...You don't lie to MAKE friends. I agree, that wouldn't be right. But sometimes, you need to tell a fib because you ARE friends. Not all secrets are bad secrets."
  • "How dare you! Rhyme protected Beat! You call that weak? Take it back!"
  • "I thought I'd changed. But I'll never change. I'll just go on hurting."
  • "When I got to the UG and I saw myself... I freaked. But it was a happy kind of freaked. Because this is what I always dreamed of-- a new me. I hated who I was. All I wanted was to like myself. To be cute, and smart, and perfect... like Eri."
  • "At first... I didn't get it either. I was so excited to be Eri that I even acted like her-- all bubbly and cute. But it was just an act. Inside, nothing changed. I'm still the same person I've always been. Then I realized. I'll never be Eri. Deep down, I never wanted to be. I was just jealous. The Reaper was right. What I value most is ME!"
  • "The truth is, I'm scared! I keep trying to sound brave, saying we need to win the Game, but... I'm scared of getting a second chance! What if it's like the Reaper said? I don't want to come back to life it means being jealous of Eri all the time. ...I don't want to be that person."
  • "Neku... You think I'm OK the way I am?"
  • "Finally... the end is in sight. It's been crazy, huh? Our time in the UG. But I learned something about myself-- how lucky I was. I took each day for granted. Woke up, went to school, talked to Eri. Came home, ate, watched TV. Then conked right out. It was so... NORMAL, I never thought of it as living. But this week woke me up, made me feel more alive... than I ever did when I really was."
  • "That's right. I was jealous. That's how lucky I am! It takes an amazing friend to make you jealous. So you can just get ready to lose! I swear I'm getting my life back! Eri's waiting in the RG, and you... are NOT gonna get in my way!"
  • "Once you see the real me, will we still be friends?"
  • "Huh? I was your entry fee? Then... ! Wh-whoa! So I'm your... I'm the... Whaaat? Oh, NEKU... Talk about embarrassing... I mean, this isn't like you at all!"
  • "Blue and Pink!? Sure, they go.. but I didn't know they went LIKE THAT!"
  • "I'm going, too. If something happens, I want to see... I mean stop it."
  • "...You hear me? Ugh! You are such a chicken. Buck buck buck buck buck buh-KAWWWK! Unbelievable!"

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

  • "Omigosh, I was so just kidding. You get out much?" (to Riku)

Battle Quotes[]

  • This won't be hard. - Begin battle
  • We can do this, Neku! - Begin battle
  • Not good! - Begin battle at low HP
  • There! - Combo finisher
  • Die! - Combo finisher
  • Take off! - Combo finisher
  • Why don't you back off? - Combo finisher
  • Got it! - Catching the puck
  • What a rush! - Catching the puck at 5x power
  • Here it comes! - Activating the partner pin in Solo or Final Remix
  • We won't make it... - Low HP
  • Neku, you okay? - Neku recovering from knockdown
  • No! Not like this! - Game Over
  • We did it! - Noise erased
  • Was that close or what? - Noise erased at low HP
  • Talk about seamless! - Noise erased
  • Losing's not an option! - ★-rank victory
  • Nice! - Finishing a combo and passing the puck
  • Huh? - When using (S) Backlash
  • I wasn't feeling it. - E-Rank Victory

Non-Canon Appearances[]

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance[]

"A girl who has been forced into the Reapers' Game. Her constant companion is a stuffed animal named Mr. Mew. A stranger in a black coat tricked her into leading Riku into a trap."
— Shiki's character file

Shiki in Dream Drop Distance.

Shiki makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Heather Hogan reprises her role as Shiki. She first appears in the Traverse Town world being attacked by Nightmare Dream Eaters before being saved by Riku. She makes a joke that Riku is her night in shining armor and finds his closed off behavior similar to Neku. Shiki then leads Riku to Young Xehanort who Beat later explains tricked Shiki into bringing him Riku with the promise that he would take her back to Shibuya. Shiki feels remorse for her actions and apologizes.

Sometime later, she is able to find Neku in the alternate version of Traverse Town and they receive a mission to defeat the Dream Eater Spellican. However, they have great difficulty defeating it since it is able to create more Dream Eaters. To help, they enlist the said of Sora. However, he is unable to defeat it in time and it escapes. He then leaves in order to hunt it down in another world so that their mission is cleared. Before he leaves, Shiki invites Sora to visit Shibuya some time.

Other Kingdom Hearts Titles[]

Shiki Union X.png

Shiki appears as a costume that the player character can wear in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. She also appears in several medals:

Shiki, Neku, and Joshua also make a brief appearance at the start of Kingdom Hearts III along with Sora's memories.

The Animation[]

AnimeTemplate.png "It's like... it's the same place, but only we are in a different world."
The information below contains information exclusive to The World Ends with You The Animation and may be non-canonical to the original game.

"A stylish girl focused on always staying fashion-forward. She carries her handmade cat plushie with her wherever she goes."
— Shiki's description in The Animation's official website

Shiki Misaki in The Animation.

In The Animation, Shiki's story remains mostly the same with a few details omitted. She first meets Neku in "The Reapers' Game" when she shoves him out of the way of a frog Noise's attack. She no longer looks at her phone throughout the first few days so it is not used as evidence against her in support of her being a spy for the Reapers. Shiki obtains a keypin from 777 as a reward for freeing Futoshi from the Noise that were possessing him which she uses to unlock a wall later.

In "Shiki", Shiki and Eri's history is revealed a couple days sooner and Shiki is the one who reveals to Neku that all the Players are dead instead of Higashizawa.

Shiki trying to cling onto Neku as she becomes his entry fee.

In ""Erased"", Shiki no longer points out that Neku has said her name for the first time as in the game, since Neku already said it during the Swing Shark attack. When she is taken as Neku's entry fee, she has a more unpleasant and painful experience when she disappears compared to the game.

In "The Hour of Reckoning", during week three, when Shiki is revived and becomes possessed by Kitaniji, she is no longer attacked by either Beat or Neku as in the game.

Shiki meets Neku in her real body.

In "It's a Wonderful World", Shiki gets to meet Joshua and learn the truth of the Reapers' Game from him. She introduces herself again to Neku at Hachiko and the group goes on a walk together. As in the game, her face is never seen and at one point, she even walks backwards so the viewer does not see it.


Shiki laughing while listening to her phone

  • Shiki was originally conceived to be Neku's rival as the leader of an opposing team (similar to Kanon Tachibana) instead of his partner, but her role received a major rewrite. Her weapon was also once darts, but this was scrapped because children playing the game might imitate her.[1]
  • At the end of a battle, Shiki will hold her phone to her ear. This is strange as there is no one to call in the UG. It's possible that she is listening to music on it, but she can be seen dialing, and every few seconds she shakes as though with laughter.
  • Shiki is Neku's only partner to not largely go by a nickname (although Neku calls her "Stalker" before getting to know her).
  • Shiki's success with Gatto Nero may be due in part to her having won the Reapers' Game. It is stated in the Secret Reports that creations of Players who have won the Game have an immense affect on society due to the high Imagination of a winning Player.[2]
  • Shiki's appearance doesn't change into her real appearance in This Day Ends with You!, despite not being in the Reapers' Game. When Neku talks to Joshua, he tells a parable about people's visions being filtered by their desired realty. He gives an example of "a certain young lady still look[ing] like somebody else," claiming that Neku has a filtered view on Shiki's look.[3] He also later comments that it would be a waste to create assets that would only be used once.[4]
  • Shiki's nickname in Another Day, "Green" is said by Joshua to be based on the color of her skirt. However, it also reflects her true form's main color (the green jacket). She is also associated with the color green in NEO: The World Ends with You.
  • A NEO guidebook reveals her birthday is October 12th. Based on a sign in the Shibukyu Main Store battle arena that reads "10/8", it is possible TWEWY takes place around October 8th- just a few days before Shiki's birthday. While this may not be the intention of the developers as "10/8" can also be read as August 10th, it may suggest she missed her birthday in the RG while deceased.
  • Shiki and Neku placed seventh on Nintendo Power's list of gaming's top couples in their February 2011 issue.
  • The entirety of Shiki's real face is left unseen until NEO: The World Ends with You. All official depictions of her Realground appearance before the release of the sequel never showed anything above the bottom half of her glasses. Even the final episode of the anime adaptation, which aired a month before the game's release, did the same as the original 2007 title, saving the reveal until NEO.
  • Shiki was designed by Miki Yamashita in NEO: The World Ends With You. In the concept arts from official artbook, she is shown wearing Eri's fanny pack, instead of her Mr. Mew purse seen in the final version - however, she is still wearing what appears to be Eri's ring on her pinky finger in her final design. Other concept arts include minor changes, such as her one-piece white dress having a white hoodie.
  • Yamashita has stated that Shiki was designed to look "fashionable in her own right, though not yet sophisticated" and that her style of dress hasn't changed since the previous game, but was made more modern.[5]


  1. Character comments made by Tetsuya Nomura from the original guidebook for The World Ends with You.
  2. Secret Report 7, The World Ends with You. The "he" used in these passages is a general pronoun.
    We Angels do not consider it a loss if a talented Player elects to return to the Realground, as their superior Imagination will inspire other humans.
    Upon returning to life, the exceptional Player's creative activities soon make their mark upon society. His art, music, and other output become a part of culture, spreading and persisting through time, refining people's Imagination even without personal contact with the Player.
  3. This Day Ends with You! (Another Day)
    Joshua: Say, did you know? We all perceive the world around us differently, filtered through the lens of our desired reality.
    Neku: Huh!? (Is this kid high?)
    Joshua: So if you're wondering why a certain young lady still looks like somebody else... it's because you refuse to perceive her as she really is.
    Neku: Young lady?
    Joshua: The only thing stopping you from seeing what she really looks like... is you. So you see, it's your fault.
    Neku: I need to look harder?
    Joshua: That's right. Let go of your preconceptions.
  4. This Day Ends with You! (Another Day)
    Joshua: When you're drowning in a sea of work with not enough time, why pour your soul into assets that get used all of... what, once? Really. Have some compassion.
  5. Interview with Tetsuya Nomura, Tatsuya Kando, Hiroyuki Ito, Tomohiko Hirano, Gen Kobayashi, and Miki Yamashita. Originally published December 23rd, 2021 in Famitsu.
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