The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

For the boss, see Shiba (Enemy)
"Attention, sheeple of Shibuya: a new Game has finally begun!"
— Shiba

Shiba Miyakaze (三谷風 椎葉 Miyakaze Shiiba) is an Officer of the Reapers, one of the Shinjuku Reapers, and both the Conductor and the Game Master of the Reapers' Game at the start of NEO: The World Ends with You.


Shiba has slicked back blond hair and brown eyes. He wears a black suit jacket with no shirt underneath. He wears his sunglasses on top of his head, with a golden butterfly necklace, a silver ring on his left index finger and a watch with a brown strap on his left wrist. He wears black pants and black zip-up boots.


Because of his talented skills, Shiba currently ranks number one among the Reapers in the Shibuya UG, having worked his way to the top within a year of his arrival, even despite the fact that he originally came from outside Shibuya. He also serves as the master of the Reapers' Game, arbiter of its rules, and encourages its Players to keep things hot by creating intense Reapers' Games.

His psychic powers far surpass those of his fellow Reapers, ensuring that none dare disobey him.

Unknown to the Players, he's also the leader of the Ruinbringers, having created the team with the express purpose of prolonging the Game indefinitely. As such, Kaichi "Susukichi" Susuki and Tsugumi Matsunae work for him.



Shiba discusses how the rest of the Shinjuku Reapers died.

Shiba originally came from Shinjuku. At some point in time, he used to be friends with Hishima Sakazuki but they had a falling out. At some point, Shiba received powers from an Angel named Tanzo Kubo and his relationship with his peers was never quite the same after, becoming more distant from the other Reapers, and it is suggested this is why him and Hishima had a falling out.

When Shinjuku was Inverted, he arrived in Shibuya. Within a year of his arrival, he climbed to the top and drastically changed the rules of Shibuya's Reapers' Game under his and the other Shinjuku Reapers' control.

NEO: The World Ends with You[]

Shiba is both the Conductor and Game Master at the beginning of Rindo Kanade's Reapers' Game, which is the 104th game with Shiba as a Conductor.

At the end of Week One, Shiba forces the players to play again due to the Wicked Twisters receiving mysterious third party aid to defeat the Ruinbringers and does not count it as a valid win. He then erased Fuya Kawahara and the Deep Rivers Society for being in last place, praising their valiant efforts on their final day.

At the end of Week Two, the Wicked Twisters nearly defeat the Ruinbringers, but the Ruinbringers recover due to being Reapers, and so Shiba congratulates the group for coming close, revealing himself as their leader. He does not count their efforts as a win, erases Motoi Anazawa and the Purehearts for being in last place, and forced the Twisters and Variabeauties into another Game.

During Week Three, Shiba announces a Sudden Death Game in his attempt to rid of the two surviving teams present. He set the Plague Noise into Shibuya to attack all who exists in both the RG and the UG, and became more hostile and provoking the players in each passing day.

Shiba showed his anger towards Shoka's actions and Ayano Kamachi's betrayal at attempting to protect Shoka by fatally infecting the latter with the Plague Noise. He then taunted Shoka on Day 2 in his announcement that 'he prepared something extra spicy' for her, leaving both the ex-reaper and her mentor to fight it out to the death.

By Day 3, in retaliation for Twisters' efforts in exploiting the Plague Noise's weakness with UV lights at the start of the week, he set an infectious Plague Noise on the Variabeauties that ended with Kanon Tachibana's and her whole team's demise. Happy that the Twister's only allied team gone, he praised this as a raging success on his Day 4 announcement and stated he would 'throw a sizzling-hot party' for the Wicked Twisters, leaving Kubo to take on the task of ending them.

At the start of the Day 5 live video, Shiba was disappointed that the team survived but was elated to hear that Neku Sakuraba had joined the Game. He then used the Noise to create fake versions of Ayano, Fuya, Motoi and Kanon in his efforts to hurt the morale of the Twisters.

On the final day, the players are tasked with defeating him which they do, although Rindo discovers Kubo is behind it all and is forced to Replay. He has to spend a lot of his powers trying to convince Shiba he is being used by Kubo, having brought Hishima to persuade the game master to postpone their match in order to confront Kubo and the Soul Pulvis that emerged from Rindo's pin. Despite fending the collective noise with his powerful psychs, Shiba was no match for their overwhelming strength in numbers and met his demise soon after Hishima was erased.

In Rindo's final Replay to save everyone, Hishima and Tsugumi came along with the Wicked Twisters to persuade Shiba to side with them to save Shibuya. After hearing Tsugumi's account of Shinjuku's destruction and how Kubo manipulated him with his lust for power to the point that he pushed even his most trusted allies away, Shiba then received a past vision from Tsugumi of his own demise at the hand of the collective noise in the previous altered timeline. Shiba then eventually agreed to help Rindo and group to save Shibuya after having confirmed the team leader's agreement to resume their match afterwards.

Soon after Shibuya was saved from destruction, Shiba admitted his exhaustion at using his powers to protect the city and knew how weary Rindo and his group are after having fought against the Phoenix Cantus, which was no easy feat. Unable to feel himself up to continuing the Game and finding that the Wicked Twisters winning by default would be distasteful for him since they technically defeated him in a previous timeline, Shiba then proposed that they 'call it a draw' and informed them of how to return to the RG. He also offered Shoka to return to becoming a Reaper since the Shinjuku Reaper's rule states that an ex-reaper will inevitably face erasure at the end of the week, and was willing to give her the rest of the day to decide.

In the ending, Shiba tells Tsugumi about how he plans on rebuilding Shinjuku to atone for his mistakes. Tsugumi, Hishima and Kaei decide to join him in his endeavours, in which Shiba appreciates their company as his relationship with them have begun to mend in their jests.


Miyakaze (三谷風) means "three, valley, wind". The "three" may be a reference how Shiba forces the Wicked Twisters to play three Reapers' Game.

Shiiba (椎葉) means beech (specifically Castanopsis) leaf.


  • "Greetings, sheeple of Shibuya! Got some red-hot news for ya:"
  • "And with that, I bid you adieu."
  • "The rest of you might wanna light a fire under your asses."

Battle Quotes[]

  • "Shall we begin?"
  • "That's enough for now."
  • "Keep your eyes on me!"
  • "Time to turn up the heat!"
  • "I've got you now!"
  • "Is that all you've got?"
  • "Let's start over."
  • "Oh, so close!"
  • "Color me unimpressed."
  • "Where are you aiming?"
  • "Crumble!"
  • "A gift, from me to you!"
  • "How about an encore!"
  • "The action's heating up!"
  • "No... this can't be!" (defeated)


  • In the manga, it is mentioned one of Shiba's favorite foods is plum paste.
  • Shiba using "sheeple" only occurs in the English version of the game. In the Japanese version, he simply calls them the citizens of Shibuya.
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