The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

Shark Noise are a type of enemy in The World Ends With You. They include Noise numbers 61-63.

Noise 61.PNG Noise #61 - Swing Shark

Noise 62.PNG Noise #62 - Bebop Shark

Noise 63.PNG Noise #63 - Fusion Shark


Shark Noise typically move by swimming around the battlefield with their fins exposed above the surface, causing damage on contact. They attack by diving into the ground, with not even their fins showing, then appearing behind Neku/his partner and attempting to crunch down on them. Shark Noise will also consume other Noise to boost their own power, with their bodies changing colors accordingly. #63 can jump out of the water and "splash" Neku with energy balls that deal damage on contact.


  • A Swing Shark was depicted as being responsible for eliminating Rhyme from the Game in Week 1
  • Like Drakes, Woolies and Rhinos, only one Shark will appear in each reduction
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