The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You
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A view of the 104 Building from the crossing

The Scramble Crossing is a location in The World Ends with You and NEO: The World Ends with You. It is based on the real world pedestrian scramble in Shibuya, Tokyo.

In the first game, it is connected to Statue of Hachiko, 104 Building, Center St. Entrance, and Shibu Dept. Store. It is a bustling area and is the starting point of the Reapers' Game; thus, Neku Sakuraba wakes up here at the beginning of every week of the Reapers' Game.

In NEO, it is connected to the West Exit Bus Terminal, 104 Building, Center Street, Tower Records and Shibuya Hikarie, while the Hachiko area is integrated into the Scramble Crossing area. It has the Taiseido book store, Hachiko Café and Justice Burger.


In The World Ends With You Solo Remix, Coco's Secret Reaper Shop is available, below the entrance to Statue of Hachiko. She is available on every Day of Every Week (Except Shiki, Day 1), including Another Day. This shop was removed in Final Remix due to the removal of In-App Purchases.


  • When having a battle at the Scramble Crossing, the Q-Floor in the background of the top screen will show an advert of the number one brand in the area.
  • The lyrics of Shibuya Survivor make a reference to how many people walk across it on average daily: "500,000 people a day, 2,500 cross at a time"


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