Room of Reckoning

Room of Reckoning, the Throne of Shibuya

The Room of Reckoning is a location in The World Ends with You, located at the end of Shibuya River, connected to Trail of the Judged. It is described as The Throne of Shibuya. The battles against Anguis Cantus, Draco Cantus and Final Time Attack all take place here. No noise can be found while scanning.

Synopsis Edit

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Third Week Edit

Neku arrives in The Room of Reckoning following his encounter with Megumi Kitaniji. Neku calls out for Hanekoma, however Kitaniji arrives, not knowing who Mr. H is, proceeds to outline his plan involving the Red Skull pin as well as offer Neku two choices. Every decision results in Kitanji taking Neku's player pin and breaking it. Due to the fact that Neku is in possession of a second Player pin, he stays immune to the effects of the Red Skull pin.

Following that, Beat and Shiki arrive and battle alongside with Neku against Anguis Cantus. Afterwards, Joshua arrives and starts the battle against Draco Cantus. With its successful defeat, Kitanji perished his last act telling Neku that Shibuya's fate was in his hands.

Shortly after Kitanji's death, Joshua briefly explains the game for Shibuya's fate, his role as composer and then reveals the last memories that Neku was missing, the ones that depict how Neku died. Enraged at his own murder, Neku lashes out against his friend where upon Joshua offers to play one final game: a duel between the two. With Neku unable or unwilling to fire, Joshua chuckles and fires.

Neku awakens later on in Scramble Crossing and finds out that Shibuya has been saved.

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