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The information below contains information exclusive to The World Ends with You The Animation and may be non-canonical to the original game.

"Rhyme and Beat" is the ninth episode in The World Ends with You: The Animation.

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Differences from the Game[edit | edit source]

  • In the game, day three is spent dedicated to chasing down Uzuki in a game of tag, as she was made substitute Game Master for the day by Konishi. In the anime, this does not occur and it's mainly Neku and Beat exploring the city looking for Konishi.
  • In the game, Neku and Beat begin day three at Scramble Crossing, while they begin it at Miyashita Park underpass in the anime for no apparent reason, possibly Konishi taunting Beat as she may know where he died.
  • Day 3 in the anime essentially adapts Day 4 of the game, in which Beat tells Neku how he and Rhyme died.
  • In the game, it is implied that Beat and Rhyme were killed during daytime, with Beat mentioning he and his parents fought in the morning and the scene in the game is bright. In the anime, Beat and Rhyme died during the night.
  • The anime does not explain why Beat fought with his parents. In the game, it is mentioned it was often over Beat's school grades, and they would berate him and compare him to Rhyme.
  • Eri is seen trying to buy red skull pins, which was not shown in the game.
  • Noise Rhyme is trapped in a birdcage in the anime, while she converted into a pin in the game prior.
  • Day 4 in the game is spent doing a puzzle created by Kariya in order to escape the Underpass. In the anime, Neku and Beat simply leave to fight Uzuki and Kariya.
  • In the game, Kariya and Uzuki are fought at Towa Records, while they are fought at Scramble Crossing in the anime.
  • Konishi is seen watching Kariya and Uzuki get possessed by their O-Pins which was not in the game. Additionally, Konishi is seen having the supernatural ability to appear out of shadows a whole 3 days earlier, which the game tried to use a plot twist on day 7.

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