Rhyme is the name of both the Character and the pin. This article is about the Character Rhyme.

Raimu Bito (尾藤 来夢 Bitō Raimu?), nicknamed Rhyme (ライム Raimu?), is a character in The World Ends with You and serves as Beat's partner during Neku's first Reapers' Game.


"Rhyme's earnest and hard-working attitude proves a big help to Neku and Shiki early on, as well as to her partner, Beat. She has an addiction to adages and no shortage of smiles, and without her, the others would be lost."
— Game manual description

While Beat acts aggressive and impulsive, Rhyme balances him out with her calm demeanor. She is always wearing a smile and is kind to everyone she meets. Always optimistic and reasonable, Rhyme manages to keep everyone organized when she's around. Her young and pure heart is impossible to hate and gives her great love and loyalty. She has no dreams except to help Beat achieve his (becoming the best skateboarder in the world).

It is interesting to note that in the Japanese version, Rhyme refers to herself with "ボク" (boku), a masculine pronoun which is normally used by boys. Rhyme's real name is Raimu Bito.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Rhyme - Alt Artwork

When her brother Beat ran away from home, Rhyme soon followed. However, both siblings died when Beat tried to save her from being hit by a car and had to play the Game. Beat and Rhyme met up with Neku and Shiki on the second day of the first week. Though they planned to team up, Neku's antisocial tendencies combined with Beat's competitive spirit kept both teams separated. Nevertheless, both sets of Players developed a close bond and agreed to assist each other. Later, on the third day, Rhyme and her brother completed the mission by erasing a small Noise that Neku and Shiki had missed due to being distracted by their conquest over another, stronger Noise.

On the fourth day, though, the mission became far simpler-- a simple movement to another area with no time limit. Unfortunately, the Reapers used the lowered guard of the players to lay a trap; Beat, while fooling around, was almost erased by a powerful, hidden shark Noise. Rhyme, in the ultimate act of love, pushed her brother out of the way and was erased instead, leaving only her favorite pendant.

Her lingering Soul was bound to a pin by Sanae Hanekoma, from which her Noise could be summoned. This is obtainable in Week 3 Day 7.

Her memories and love of Beat were stated to be Beat's Entry Fee, though Beat first assumed it was Rhyme's instead (which comes as a shock to him). She does recall that she had a brother and worries about him, but cannot connect this to her partner, who she believes to be a kind stranger. This fact tore Beat apart inside and so he resolved to win the game and restore Rhyme's memories.

She lived at the end of the Game and was seen with Beat, Neku, and Shiki. However, Mr. H's reports stated that since she technically lost the game, her entry fee was non-refundable, and so all of her previous dreams and ambitions were likely erased forever. Because Beat won, however, her memories and love for him were returned.

She is the only Player to have had both a human physical form and a noise form. Reapers (particularly Game Masters) and Mr. H are the only others known to have this distinction.

Another DayEdit

She and Beat were a stand-up comedy duo who performed at A-East. However, she broke things off because Beat had no confidence in his material and settled for the audience laughing at his panicked facial expressions. When he chose to take up Tin Pin instead, she joined the Black Skullers, hoping getting rid of the distraction would help him focus on comedy again.

Non-canon appearancesEdit

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop DistanceEdit

Rhyme Scan
"Sometimes memories just need a little help getting out."
— Rhyme explains to Sora that she isn't bothered by losing her memories.

Rhyme makes an appearance in Dream Drop Distance. She appears in Sora's version of Traverse Town, missing most of her memories and lacking her partner Beat. However, her voice actress changes from Hitomi Nabatame to Ayana Taketatsu in the Japanese version, and Kate Higgins to Ashley Rose in the English version. When the Dream Eaters attack her, she is temporarily removed from existence by Joshua to save her.

Rhyme later appears in Riku's version of Traverse Town, remembering everything about herself and helping Beat fight off weaker Dream Eaters to allow Riku the time needed to slay the Spellican.



Rhyme is Beat's younger sister. As her memories of Beat and her love for him were her brother's entry fee for the game, Rhyme has no idea that Beat is her older brother. However, she still trusts him and is quite close to him. As a noise, Rhyme is integrated into Beat's character images for most of Week 2 and the beginning of Week 3. She seems to be attuned to Beat's emotions, often mimicking his attitudes during conversations. It is never made clear just how much of Rhyme's consciousness is active in the noise form; regardless, Beat is very protective of her.


She is impressed by Neku's mastery of psychs, and is much more patient with him than Beat is during the first week. She forms a quick friendship with Shiki and Neku, although prioritizes her relationship with Beat (ditching Neku and Shiki during a conversation when Beat runs off). She also provides some intel about the Game to Neku and Shiki.

Shiki Edit

Rhyme and Shiki quickly become friends on Week 1, Day 2 and connected between their partners' similarities and their shared interest in fashion (as Shiki is quick to point our Rhyme's pendant). Shiki is very distraught over Rhyme's death and blames Neku for not showing the same empathy for Rhyme and Beat.


The kanji of Rhyme's Japanese name, Rai-Mu Bi-Tou, translate literally as coming, dream, end, wisteria. This may be a reference to her hopefulness and tragic end. As well as her nickname, Rhyme, could be a reference to names of beings in the game being attuned to sound or music. It is also possible that Beat and Rhyme's nicknames together could be references to the major elements in rap music.


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