Resonance increases the pin ATK of a represented brand by 20%, which is the equivalent of being the #3 brand in an area. This is a boost that is separate from trend and SOS modifiers. For example, a brand that is #1 one in an area will have pin ATK multiplied by 2.0, then by 1.2, granting a pin ATK of 240% of the original. Due to rounding, the damage output may be a few HP less than expected, but is usually only -1 HP for most pins.

There are thirteen Resonance psychs, one for each brand.


Most Resonance pins are only available during the postgame, though some are available on week 3 such as Pegaso. Since Resonance increases pin ATK and not efficiency, few Resonance pins are worth the slot. These pins are generally from brands that feature high pin ATK:

  • Wild Boar raises Dope Line from 225 to 270. This translates to 450 extra damage on normal difficulty with a 5X puck.

# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Lasts Boot Reboot Info
Pin 011c011D+BD+B A A Resonance: DB ---0---Increases the Attack of any D+B pins Neku is wearing.
Pin 034c034Natural PuppyNatural Puppy A A Resonance: NP ---0---Increases the Attack of any Natural Puppy pins Neku is wearing.
Pin 059c059Pavo RealPavo Real A A Resonance: PR ---0---Increases the Attack of any Pavo Real pins Neku is wearing.
Pin 080c080Mus RattusMus Rattus A A Resonance: MR ---0---Increases the Attack of any Mus Rattus pins Neku is wearing.
Pin 103c103Jupiter of the MonkeyJupiter of the Monkey A A Resonance: JM ---0---Increases the Attack of any Jupiter of the Monkey pins Neku is wearing.
Pin 117c117Hip SnakeHip Snake A A Resonance: HS ---0---Increases the Attack of any Hip Snake pins Neku is wearing.
Pin 137c137Sheep HeavenlySheep Heavenly A A Resonance: SH ---0---Increases the Attack of any Sheep Heavenly pins Neku is wearing.
Pin 150c150Tigre PunksTigre Punks A A Resonance: TP ---0---Increases the Attack of any Tigre Punks pins Neku is wearing.
Pin 165c165Dragon CoutureDragon Couture A A Resonance: DC ---0---Increases the Attack of any Dragon Couture pins Neku is wearing.
Pin 179c179Lapin AngeliqueLapin Angelique A A Resonance: LA ---0---Increases the Attack of any Lapin Angelique pins Neku is wearing.
Pin 193c193PegasoPegaso A A Resonance: PG ---0---Increases the Attack of any Pegaso pins Neku is wearing.
Pin 206c206Wild BoarWild Boar A A Resonance: WB ---0---Increases the Attack of any Wild Boar pins Neku is wearing.
Pin 229c229GatitoGatito A A Resonance: GT ---0---Increases the Attack of any Gatito pins Neku is wearing.

Effects Edit

Resonance Only increases attack, not uses or effects that aren't attack related. There isn't a Resonance Pin for Unbranded Pins.

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