The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

Note: wiki about the Japanese version of the game:

Changes from the Japanese version to the NA/EU version[]


  • In Japan, a "Wonderful World Edition" Nintendo DS Lite was produced, marked with the Reapers' skull symbol and the name of the game.

Subarashiki Kono Sekai: It's a Wonderful World Nintendo DS Lite

Voices & text[]

  • The game is titled It's a Wonderful World (Subarashiki Kono Sekai) in Japanese.
  • Tin Pin Slammer is called Marble Slash in Japanese. At the start of a game, the announcer says "Slash in!" instead of "Slam on!"
  • Most text translated from Japanese to English.
  • The large sign on the 104 building at the start of the game reads "YOU HAVE 7 DAYS" in the English version, but "TIME LIMIT WITHIN 7 DAYS" (sic) in the Japanese version.
  • In the Japanese version, the difficulty flavor text (Face the Noise, Erase the Noise, Hush the Noise, Crush the Noise) is just the difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard, Ultimate).
  • The names of some of the days are slightly changed:
Week:Day English name Japanese name
1:1 Reaper's Game Reaper's Game (死神のゲーム Shinigami no Gēmu)
1:2 Don't Kill Me Don't Kill Me (私を殺さないで Watashi o Korosanaide)
1:3 Who 2 Trust Trustworthy People (信頼できるヒト Shinrai Dekiru Hito)
1:4 Erased Erasure (消滅 Shōmetsu)
1:5 Empty Urban Legends Empty Urban Legends (空虚な都市伝説 Kūkyo na Toshi Densetsu)
1:6 Superiority/Inferiority Pride and Inferiority Complex (プライドと劣等感 Puraido to Rettōkan)
1:7 Wakeless Dream Wakeless Dream (醒めない夢 Samenai Yume)
2:1 Rulez Rules (ルール Rūru)
2:2 Reapers Reapers (死神 Shinigami)
2:3 Roamin' the Streets Drifting the Streets (ストリートを漂流 Sutorīto o Hyōryū)
2:4 Pinned Badge (バッジ Bajji)
2:5 Turf Territory (テリトリー Teritorī)
2:6 Beast on the Prowl Dashing Beast (疾走するケダモノ Shissō Suru Kedamono)
2:7 Clash of Desires Clash of Desires (欲望のさめぎあい Yokubō no Samegiai)
3:1 Sensible Senseless Common Sense, No Common Sense. (常識、非常識。 Jōshiki, Hijōshiki.)
3:2 Style Style (スタイル Sutairu)
3:3 The Composer The Composer (コンポーザー Konpōzā)
3:4 Indelible Guilt Indelible Guilt (消えない罪悪感 Kienai Zaiakukan)
3:5 Vanishing Point VANISHING POINT,
3:6 Stride STRIDE
3:7 Game GAME
Secret Another Day: This Day Ends With You! Another Day: It's A Wonderful Day. (アナザーデイ すばらしきこの一日。 Anazā Dei Subarashiki Kono Ichinichi.)


The soundtrack had some music tracks replaced as follows:

Japan International
Satisfy The One Star
Make or Break Emptiness And
psychedelic Twister-Gang-Mix
NOISY NOISE Transformation
imprinting Three Minutes Clapping
Fighting for Freedom Deja Vu
  • The lyrics for Owari-Hajimari, and Lullaby for You were changed from Japanese to English.
  • Slash and Slash was renamed Slam Brothers in international versions. The song is titled Slash Brothers in the Japanese version of the game though, the soundtrack is the only one that titles it Slash and Slash.
  • Rush Hour is an "unused" song that is not used in both versions of the game. The song is still purchasable from AMX or Towa Records in-game, but does not appear in any other game context.
  • Both soundtracks would be eventually combined for the international version of The World Ends with You -Solo Remix- for mobile devices, and subsequently Final Remix on the Switch.


  • Pins that changed from Japanese/English
    The Udagawa mural, Towa Records sign, and the Brainy Cat pin have changed slightly to remove religious symbolism.
  • Japanese version had four pins (Polytan, Gemaga, Nindori-kun, and Famitsu) which were references to Japanese gaming magazines (Dengeki, Gemaga, Nintendo Dream, and Famitsu respectively). Their icons and descriptions were changed to Fuji Yama, Daruma, Sushi, Shinobi in the NA/EU version. The stats of the pins did not change.

Game mechanics[]

  • (Confirmed) Character or Noise attack/defense have changed slightly. Some enemies, mostly Boss Noise and Taboo Noise, do more damage in the Japanese version. Enemies such as Grizzlies also do more damage in the Japanese version.
  • Mingle PP rewards have increased in the US/EU version.
  • Espers from 20 to 50 MPP each
  • Ordinary People (AKA Civvies) from 3 to 20 MPP each
  • Aliens from 20 to 100 MPP each
  • Many items' stats improved; below is just one example.
  • Angel Feather: from ATK -24, HP +600 in the Japanese version to ATK +30, DEF +30, HP +2000 in the US/EU version
  • Eden's Door evolved into 1 Yen in the Japanese version - a devastating punishment for evolving the Holy Field pins incorrectly. In the US/EU version it evolves back into One Jump from Eden.
  • There's one more ESP'er Rank after "Demon," the "God" rank. In JP it was earned at exactly 65,535 ESP'er Points. This was reduced in NA/EU to 10,000, but was erroneously left as exactly 10,000 points instead of being changed to at least 10,000; the rank reverts to "Demon" at 10,001 and beyond.