This is the page for the boss Reaper Beat. Information on the character Beat can be found here.

Reaper Beat is a recurring boss during week 2 of The World Ends with You. During Neku's confrontations with Reaper Beat, it is not necessary to defeat him - Neku and Joshua need only to survive for 30 seconds.

Strategy Edit

Neku and Joshua do not have to defeat Reaper Beat, only survive for roughly 30 seconds. If the player does not wish to defeat him, they need simply to dodge Reaper Beat's attacks and to heal when necessary. If the player does wish to defeat Reaper Beat, Neku and Joshua must have a high attack and defense stat. The player has to concentrate on dealing maximum damage and keeping up with Reaper Beat's speed. The reward for this uneasy feat is a 10% chance of Reaper Beat dropping the Pin I Live For Food - Reaper Beat's exclusive pin.

If you defeat Reaper Beat on Week 2 Day 4, or Week 2 Day 3 an alternate cut-scene will appear; instead of Neku and Joshua, Beat will admit defeat, but Rhyme's Pendant will still be given to Beat.

Defeating Reaper Beat on Ultimate with at least 70 drop rate is an efficient way to collect Dark Matter. All the player need to do is challenge his blue Noise Symbol at 104 Building in Shiki, Day 4 (after beating the game) in 3 Reduction Battles.