The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

The puck, or light puck, is a DS-only combat mechanic that boosts the power of the character holding it. The battle starts without the puck in play. After a puck passing hit, known as a finisher, the puck begins in play at 2.0X and may be increased up to a maximum of 5.0X.

Amongst players of the Reaper's Game, the puck is the harmonized teamwork and synergy of a team, and it is a vital component to win the game's trials and missions.


When the puck is in play, it will amplify one finisher by the value shown, then pass to the other character. Under normal conditions, this pass will take 1.6 seconds to complete. Regular hits that do not pass the puck will not be amplified. Depending on the time between obtaining the puck and delivering the finisher, the puck multiplier may be modified:

  • Blazing: +0.5X
  • Quick: +0.2X
  • Average: +0.1X
  • Slow: No bonus
  • Late: -1.0X

If enough time elapses without a pass, the puck will disappear. The duration is increased with a higher sync rate and threads with Hold That Puck. Note that a lower sync rate will decrease the timing windows.

The HP recovery of Cure Drink and Healing psychs are affected by the puck. The HP recovery of Aqua Barrier, Dark Barrier, and Subconscious psychs are unaffected.

When fighting Taboo Noise, there is a 75% final ATK penalty if the character does not hold the puck.

Puck Power[]

Threads with Puck Power increase the starting multiplier of the puck by 0.5X per level. This ability is stackable, and affects both characters.

Puck Power 1 [I] (+0.5X)[]

Puck Power 2 [II] (+1.0X)[]

Puck Power 3 [III] (+1.5X)[]

Threads with Puck Power 2 or Puck Power 3 are considered to be very powerful, and are among the top threads in the game. The two highlighted threads are main game recommendations due to their low BRV requirement.

Naraka is obtainable on W2D3. Both Neku and Joshua should wear it so that the puck begins at 3X. An extra one should be purchased for Beat.

D+B Ring is superior and may be obtained on W3D3. A required material, Adamantite, is available on W3D2. (W3D2: allow Jelly Neocoustic on Hard to spawn Jelly Germanic). It is expensive if Stunning Crystals were purchased on W2D6 @Shibu-Q Heads/3F, costing ¥77700 for one ring, and ¥132900 for two rings (¥22500 to reach FSG Lv.4 @D+B Molco to unlock the offer; ¥55200 for materials). To unlock the offer for exactly ¥22500, alternate buying Stronger Cap and Denim Blouse because those two items cost exactly ¥7500, which is D+B Molco's FSG level increment. Cowboy Boots (Red) are bought @D+B 104; this is also where D+B Ring's ability is unlocked.

Lavender Lotus is for people who are patient enough to grind for both the cash and the high BRV requirement. It is possible to obtain it in the main game; however, it is highly recommended to use two D+B Rings instead, as they are far less expensive to purchase and equip. Due to how FSG levels work, it's not feasible to purchase this until W3D5. Bel Airplane's FSG Lv.5 requirement (to unlock the ability) is ¥250000, but the FSG level increment is ¥50000. To buy a Lavender Lotus with the least amount of cash, you must buy 18x Swing Bishop (the least expensive item) to raise FSG to Lv.4, then buy the Lavender Lotus. This costs a whopping ¥242700 if all Swing Bishops are sold.

Postgame setups usually aim for one thread with Puck Power 2 and one with Puck Power 3. This starts the puck at 4.5X, then one blazing return makes it 5.0X, the highest possible. Pi-Face's Coat and The Dead Slammurai are usually the two threads used to achieve this.

Faster Puck[]

Threads with Faster Puck decrease the nominal 1.6 second travel time of the puck between characters. Faster Puck 1 decreases travel time by 15%, while Faster Puck 2 decreases travel time by 25%. This ability is stackable, and affects both characters.

Faster Puck 1 [I] (-15%)[]

Faster Puck 2 [II] (-25%)[]

Threads with Faster Puck 2 are potent offensive tools, allowing more amplified hits and faster puck multiplier increments. Even though they do not provide significant stat boosts, the ability is powerful enough to merit inclusion in postgame setups.

The highlighted threads are main game staples. Peach Turtleneck is available with its ability unlocked on W1D4 @104 Building/Mus Rattus I. Green Warm-ups is available on W1D6 @Cadoi City/Mus Rattus III (Unlock its ability by spending ¥4000, then another ¥4000).

Purple Sneaks is exceptional due to its low BRV requirement, inexpensive cost, and unique categorization. It is available on W1D5 @Molco/Tigre Punks. If four are purchased (one for Neku and each partner) for ¥20400, its ability will immediately be unlocked. In fact, Purple Sneaks obsoletes virtually every other piece of footwear and is even powerful enough for postgame inclusion.


The informal name for a setup that takes advantage of Faster Puck is Slapshot, due to the rapid speed at which the puck is passed. When Puck Power and Faster Puck is combined, the setup is named X/Y, where X is the total Puck Power level and Y is the total Faster Puck level. When using these setups during the maingame, it is advised to continually consume food in order to increase each character's stats to an acceptable level.

2/6 Slapshot[]

This main game setup is inexpensive and requires only 32 BRV. All threads are obtainable by week 2, day 3. Puck passing time is almost instantaneous. Both Neku and the partner are wearing:

  • Green Warm-ups
  • Purple Sneaks
  • Naraka
  • Any top/headwear/bottom

5/4 Postgame[]

This is a partner postgame setup used for time attacking. All the good puck enhancers are thrown on the partner, allowing Neku to use threads with superior ATK.

  • Pi-Face's Coat
  • The Dead Slammurai
  • Purple Sneaks
  • Biker Gloves

Non-Canon Appearances[]

In Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Neku and Shiki pass a puck on Sora's storyline, and Beat and Rhyme pass the puck on Riku's storyline.