These shape-shifting foxes absorb human souls to grow in power, marked by additional tails.
— Noise Report

The Psychedelifox is a fox Noise in The World Ends with You that has a green body, dark-yellow body markings, and a yellow/green tattoo for its tail.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Teleport: The Psychedelifox's main tool of mobility. While Psychedelifox does not run around, it will teleport around the screen ever few seconds while idle; even into mid-air where it will levitate.
  • Sacred Fire-Tails Lv3: Psychedelifox can collect the green flames created through Foxfire, which allows it to grow a tail and attain new abilities. When it attains its maximum number of tails, three, after using its abilities with the three tails, the tails will be reverted back to one.
  • Petrified Statue: If a non-simultaneous attack would erase the Psychedelifox, it instead transforms into an indestructible statue-like form and remains stationary while glowing on the opposite screen. Although it cannot be damaged on the screen that it has turned to stone, any damage on the opposite screen will quickly erase it.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Foxfire: The Psychedelifox howls to summon a green flame that causes Attack Break upon contact with the player. If the Psychedelifox howls while there is still a flame on the ground, then it will slowly move towards the fox Noise and encircle it. If the Psychedelifox touches any of the flames, it is absorbed to add a tail to its Sacred Fire-Tails. The player can destroy the flame to prevent this.
  • Art of Transformation: The Psychedelifox has the ability to transform into many things. With more tails, the more things it can transform into.
    • Mimic J Popguin: The Psychedelifox transforms into a J Popguin that slides at the player, causing damage on contact. No tails requirement.
    • Mimic Thrash Mink: The Psychedelifox transforms into a Thrash Mink and shoots a penetrating wedge-shaped projectile at the player. No tails requirement.
    • Moyai Drop: The Psychedelifox disappears briefly, only to transform into a giant stone head (likely meant to be the Moai-like Moyai statue seen in-game) that falls on top of the player. This requires three tails.
    • Mushroom Form: The Psychedelifox transforms into a red mushroom with white spots (likely meant to be a fly agaric). Unlike its other forms, this leaves it immobilized and defenseless. Luckily for the fox Noise, this transformation is rarer than the others and very brief. No tails requirement.


A Psychedelifox starts with only one tail, but this can increase to three if the player allows it; as the number of tails grows, so too will its abilities. To prevent this, the player should destroy the flames that appear before the fox Noise can absorb them. Its ability to teleport, along with the multiple forms it can take, can easily disorientate a player. Attack with positive (close-ranged) psychs (as it is resistant to negative (long-ranged) psychs), and once it has turned to stone, finish it off on the opposite screen.


The Psychedelifox's name is a play on "psychedelic music" (a musical style that attempts to mimic the effects of mind-altering drugs) and "fox".


Its ability to turn into a mushroom is the subject of the first question of the Week 3: Day 3 Reaper Review.

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